Some Words About True Blood’s Stephen Moyer and My Horse, Scotty

March 7, 2010 by  

Once upon a time, in the throes of Truebie mania, I began writing a blog rather ironically called iwanttowritefortruebloodblog.  In the header of this blog was a screen shot of Stephen Moyer as Bill Compton.

In one of my blog articles, I described how my inspiration for a particular post came as I was driving to see Scotty. Scotty is my horse.

My lovely Niece-in-Law very sweetly asked me if the guy in my blog post header was my boyfriend, Scotty.  I giggled. Well, actually, I LMFAO, to use the trendy vernacular.

I thought, perhaps, I needed to clarify things a bit, so in this article I present a thesis based on empirical observation and logic to distinguish between my horse Scotty and True Blood‘s Stephen Moyer – just in case it isn’t obvious.

Hot Scott (AKA Scotty, AKA. Be My Hero) is a horse (Equus Caballus) . He is a Standardbred (pacer). He is 7 years old (about 28 in human years). He has brown/black hair and brown eyes and stands about 5 feet to the top of his shoulders (approximately 5’6″ in human terms). He is a gelding. His genetics are primarily American.

The guy in the my blog header is Stephen Moyer – he is a human (Homo sapiens sapiens). He is 40 years old (10 horse years). He has blond hair – allegedly – and blue eyes and stands about 5’10” to the top of his head (maybe 16hh in horse terms). He is an entire (I presume, since he has progeny) and his genetics are English. I was going to say “Stallion” instead of “entire” but, sadly, I’m not qualified to give that appellation.

If Scotty was a human, he’d probably look a lot like Orlando Bloom (pictured). Scotty IS very cute. Note also that Orlando is owned … er…I mean engaged to an Australian girl. As you can see Orlando Bloom does not look like Stephen Moyer.

If Stephen were a horse, he’d probably look like the horse pictured below . This horse does not look anything like Scotty, as you can see.

My theorum is thus proved:
Stephen Moyer does not = Hot Scott.


(Photo credits: HBO Inc.; Pieta Manning; People Magazine; Entertainment Daily; Wikimedia)