True Blood’s Stephen Moyer Feared Injury Would End His Career

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Stephen Moyer as Bill ComptonVampire Bill Compton might not always like what he is but at least he has the ability to heal quickly. His human portrayer, actor Stephen Moyer, is not so lucky. True Blood fans surfing the web in recent weeks may have seen the actor in photos sporting some new footwear. A new fashion craze perhaps? Not quite.

Caution: Life Ahead

Moyer has had to wear a medical boot on his foot due to an ankle injury he suffered. Contrary to popular belief, acting can be a hazardous profession especially on television and film sets where time is tight, there is heavy equipment abound, and wires that run everywhere.

But also hazardous to humans is something that is referred to as life. Moyer found that out first hand after stepping off a curb and injuring his ankle. The injury occurred while the actor was on his honeymoon in Italy with his wife and co-star, Anna Paquin (Sookie Stackhouse). As if having to live with that memory isn’t enough, Moyer expressed to Britain’s Marie Claire that he thought it might end his career:

“It was scary because you think, ‘everything’s going to stop, and I won’t be able to earn a living.”

No More Bill?

To most of us an ankle injury is a painful temporary annoyance at best and wouldn’t stop us from working. But television is another story. While we have witnessed truly amazing things on True Blood, the infamous Bill and Lorena head-twisting sex scene comes to mind, an ankle injury would be too human for a vampire to hide. A limp really would ruin that nice speeding effect the vampires are given on the show.

So in order to make sure actors stay in tip-top shape, shows such as True Blood and others try to safeguard their cast legally. Stephen Moyer confirms this saying:

“If you’re doing an acting job you have to sign a contract to say you won’t ski, ride horses or bungee jump in case you injure yourself, but I was just stepping off a curb.”

As wonderful as we know our True Blood cast is it is easy to forget that they are all still human. But we’re glad Stephen is still our Bill. No one can say “Sookie Stackhouse” quite like him.  We’ll be seeing more of Bill Compton soon enough.

Season four of True Blood began filming on Monday in Los Angeles.

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