True Blood Stew

September 23, 2010 by  

Theo Alexander, True Blood, Talbot

Theo Alexander as Talbot in True Blood Season 3 Episode 2

Chilled carbonated blood? One of the many treats on offer at the King of Mississippi’s table in True Blood episode 2 of Season 3, but not for me, thank you. There are many other more pleasing methods of getting some blood in one’s diet, dear Talbot. Though I praise your incorporation of rose petals in the blood bisque and the blood gelato certainly made me smile, I am more of a traditionalist of sorts.

The French classic coq au vin is particularly delightful when the sauce is deepened with blood. Though not documented until the 20th century legends speak of the dish being served to Julius Ceasar. True or not it is much more interesting to think of the royal cook, being handed a tough old cock by the bitter and recently conquered Gauls, working to make it palatable by creating this slow cooking, blood laced stew.

Boar, a hearty game meat that I am sure older True Blood vampires such as Russell and Eric have seen many a time roasting on the hearth or on a spit, makes a mean stew with blood as an ingredient.

Dating back to medieval peasant tables Black Pudding (in France Boudin Noir – I just love that name), a sausage made of pig’s blood and grains and spices, still finds it’s way to the breakfast plate in much of the British Isles. It has its place on the tables of many other countries including Germany, Poland and Sweden (blodpudding) which also has blood pancakes and a blood soup – svartsoppa.

If the real thing does not entice you I will share my favourite cocktail which has its own unique history – though not one so ancient. As the elders of the vampiric goth scene in New York City tell it: dating back only to the mid 1990s the Blood Bath was the inspiration of a creative bartender at the infamous goth club Mother in New York. It is comprised of a hearty red wine, 1/2 shot of chambord and a splash of cranberry served chilled. I have also had it with a splash of soda but have taken to having it without.

So here’s to the incorporation of the red nectar in your diet  – whether it be the real item or in name alone. Considering the long history of it in the human diet it seems vampirism is not so far from humanity after all.

Photo credit: HBO, screencap: James