Can True Blood surpass the 5 Million mark for the Season Finale?

August 13, 2009 by  

true_blood_season_2_poster_groupSunday’s episode ratings soared to an amazing 4.43 million viewers which is more than the previous week at 4.27 million. These numbers only reflect the viewership of Sunday‘s 9 PM slot on HBO, but when you factor in encore presentations, DVR settings and HBO-On-Demand, True Blood reached the 11 million views mark! HBO is ecstatic at the numbers True Blood is pulling in this season, which is a 38% increase weekly from last year’s first season.

True Blood’s second season premiere drew in 3.7 million, which made it the most watched show on HBO since the Sopranos in June of 2007. Since the Season One DVD set has been released sales in the US alone have rocketed to $42 million!

The show is brilliantly written and created by Alan Ball and a talented crew who seem to create ever more drama and mayhem with each new episode.   Sunday nights feel like happy hour with us craving to see what is going to happen next. Alan Ball‘s marvelous adaptation of Charlaine Harris‘ novels has brought Sookie Stackhouse, and the delightfully, somewhat dysfunctional folks from Bon Temp, Louisiana, into our living rooms and into our hearts week after week.  Die hard fans feel as if they have been invited to watch the chaotic lives of the characters and feel their joys and sorrow along with them.  HBO’s heavy marketing push of True Blood has, beyond doubt, paid off for this series and the numbers prove it.

We are all eagerly awaiting the fate of so many of our Bon Temps friends so that I think the morning after the season 2 finale the numbers will exceed expectations.  True Blood fans are loyal as the buzz every Monday morning in offices proves it.

I have already pre-ordered my Season Two DVD set on since I will need something to keep me warm through the winter months while I anxiously await the tenth installment of the Sookie Stackhouse novels that is due out  in May of 2010 and the return of Season 3 of True Blood on HBO!

True Blood airs each Sunday on HBO.

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