True Blood takes a bite out of DVD sales

August 28, 2009 by  

true-blood-dvd-2As the second season of True Blood starts to wind down, fans still can’t get enough of the first season. August 16th was the end of the week and marked True Blood as the top selling TV show on DVD. Sure it was a slow week with only 90210’s first season being released on DVD. Fortunately for True Blood, the new series didn’t even reach the top 30 in sales. True Blood sales brought in an additional $1.59 million, bringing the DVD franchise closer to $46 million in total sales. That is a huge number, even so when they had competition during the week. Mad Men was reported as falling off the list for a few weeks, but surprisingly made a comeback during the week. The AMC TV series had the second best sales for a TV show with $1.17 million. True Blood is still holding its ground, making it the 11th best selling DVD of the season. The only other TV show in the top 50 is Kiefer Sutherland’s hit 24 at the number 50 slot. Though the hit HBO series has been raking in the sales, the show is still trailing in actual units sold for the week. The Flight of the Conchords second season has been listed at a much lower price on The price is almost $20 lower than both True Blood and Mad Men. So make sure you visit your favorite retail outlet or this week to pick up a copy of True Blood and keep their numbers rising. Next week we’ll see if True Blood can hold their spot and add to the total of overall sales.


(Photo credit:  HBO Inc.)