True Blood Talk on Australian Radio Station Triple J

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True Blood Net Writer Defends Vampires:

True Blood promo posterRecently, my husband, who is a fan of Aussie radio station Triple J, was listening to it on his drive home from work. Guests on the show included members of the band Warpaint, and Liz Cambage of the WNBA. One of the many topics of the day was the current vampire trend, and The Doctor (DJ) requested to speak to fans of HBO’s True Blood and vampires in general. People rang up to say they were fans; there was also some discussion as to why people like vampires, or why they don’t. Being the opportunist that my husband is, he insisted I send Triple J a text.

So I did.

And this is what happened (the whole podcast goes for over thirty minutes; the vampire talk starts at around 18 minutes, and my call comes in after the 29 minute mark):

For more info on the True Blood themed Halloween party in Melbourne, “Club Fangtasia”, click here.

Source: Triple J/Rachel Tsoumbakos

(Photo Credit: HBO, Inc.)

  • Why is it so hard for people to understand that you HAVE to read the books to understand the concept of Sookie’s world? It’s more than vampires involved.

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  • Anonymous

    Eric! Eric! Eric!  blah! blah! blah!

    No wonder that team in the Us is such a loser!

    Also, get your facts right!  Eric had long hair S1 then short. 

    I’m an Aussie and ashamed.

    • Diana Edwards

      Dearest Lizzie,

      We appreciate your time here, and understand that you are a diehard Bill fan, but there is no need to insult our staff, or anyone else, for that matter. Everyone makes mistakes. We realize you may not be happy with this season, as it seems to be focusing on Eric, but we have no control over that. Please check your hostility at the door.

    • Yes, I must admit I stuffed up saying he had long hair in Season 1, I knew it as soon as it came out of my mouth, but you can’t go back and fix it in radioland {sigh} But considering it was my first time on radio, and I was also cooking dinner during the interview, I think I did okay 😉