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true_blood_season_2_stephen_moyer_with_korbiMore True Blood upcoming episode questions with more answers from various sources including a funny fact from behind the scenes for season 2 of Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV series. What I will do, just for you, is put the funny little tidbit first. This way you can read it and after you read and decide to continue the rest are SPOILERS!

Kelly in Amsterdam, Netherlands: Please give us some scoop on Alexander Skarsgård from True Blood!
Not only is Alex the show’s leading eye candy, but he also serves as the show’s official Swedish-English translator. Costar Kristin Bauer, who plays Eric’s “serial killer baby” Pam,[just a little sidenote from me, Andrea, I don’t see Pam as a serial killer a man eater maybe.] tells us, “They keep writing me lines [to read in] Swedish, and Alexander calls and says the Swedish on my phone. Hopefully he’s not lying to me about what I’m saying. That’s what my boyfriend does—he’s from Africa, and he’s teaching me Afrikaans, and I don’t know what I’m saying, but he laughs.”

Now for the rest which are True Blood SPOILERS!

Jerry in New Orleans: What’s coming up on True Blood?
In the next episode, Sookie (Anna Paquin), Bill (Stephen Moyer) and Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) encounter trouble when they arrive in Dallas and find out that someone from the Fellowship of the Sun was sent to abduct Sookie. The plan fails. And believe it or not, Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) invites Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) into his home and feeds off his blood to recover from the wounds suffered when Eric abducted him.[ who would not?] Strange bedfellows, indeed.

SOURCE: Latest From Kristin

If you think Tara’s new beau, Eggs (Mechad Brooks), seems too good to be true, you’re right. He’s got a secret. A very, very, very old secret that will soon be revealed. How will Tara react when she learns who Eggs really is? “I’m curious to know if it freaks her out,” says Rutina Wesley (Tara). “With everything else going on in Louisiana, she’ll probably be like, ‘I like you, whatever…‘[uh-oh is he the minataur, that would be a fun boyfriend.]

SOURCE: TV Guide Magazine via spoilertv.blogspot

Now the latest on True Blood From Korbi:

Any scoop on summer scripted shows like “True Blood“? They seem to be dragging out Lafayette’s fate. I guess the next episode we get somewhere finally? -kellek
Um, sort of. Seems to me Lafayette wasn’t made a Vampire, since he will end up drinking Eric’s blood in order to heal his wounds… but I’m still not super clear on the whole Vampire deal. Do Vamp’s ever suck on each other for strength? What I know for sure is that Eric’s blood brings our boy Lafayette back to fighting form[yeah and is Eric in for it then,bad ass or not Lafayette is a survivor and can hustle ANYONE ]. We’ll see the happy-go-lucky guy we loved last season once again.

What’s up with Eggs and Tara? Is it over? -Kate
Ha, oh hells no.

I love the idea of Hoyt and Jessica on “True Blood”! -P
Hoyt loves the idea too. Jessica’s into it as well, but I don’t think she’s exactly a one man kind of vampiress… not just yet anyway.

Am I imagining the overwhelming sexual tension between Jason Stackhouse and the preacher’s wife on “True Blood”? Is something going to happen with that? -Maria
No to the former. Yes to the latter. Keep watching, you’re not waiting for nothing.

Sookie and Eric! Is Alan Ball going to completely ignore that storyline from the book series? -Paula
Nope. When I spoke to Stephen Moyer about what’s coming up with S&E, he got a little jealous. I think he was joking… for the most part.

I read on Twitter that you weren’t a big fan of last week’s “True Blood” episode. It was a little disappointing compared to the first two. – Jan

No worries, they step it back up this coming Sunday…

SOURCE:  Latest From Korbi via spoilertv.blogspot

(Photo credit: with Korbi and Stephen Moyer at the SAG Foundation’s “True Blood” event.)

  • smluvr

    Alexander Skarsgård the leading eye candy?!?! I don’t think so. Stephen Moyer in my pick for eye candy. I hope Mr. Ball continues on the Sookie/Bill theme. Mr. Skarsgård looks like he has been on a three day drunk most of the time in his shots.

    • Nia

      Thanks smluvr, there are too many little girls out there hot for
      Eric. I would take the amazing Bill/Stephen any day. He has the most smoldering, sexy eyes. Not to mention his beautiful body, and how he uses it. Made to melt any girls heart. Go team Bill.

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  • I will be so-o-o ready when they release season 2 on video(pre-ordered) since I DON’T HAVE HBO!!! I have just been watching, these little clips…Looks, great! Geez, it started with me, renting the first couple of episodes, from NetFlix…Now, I am hooked…esp. on Vampire Bill…I’ll be knee deep, in True Blood videos!cool…