True Blood “Timebomb” The Explosive Power of Ideas — Changing Worlds, One Idea at a Time

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Imagine, if you will, a world in which the power of an idea could radically change the way we think…what we know, what we think we know, about ourselves, about each other and about the mysteries and miracles of understanding, forgiveness and mercy. What if? What if there really were supernatural beings, living right alongside with us … would we accept them? Reject them? Would we take the time to understand them? Would we judge? This episode has gotten people talking … talking about some pretty deep stuff… things like choice and consequence, tolerance and acceptance, victory over pain and loss, grief and injustice. Whoa. Some heavy duty stuff for a little show about vampires in Louisiana. Whoops. Did I just say a little show? Make that a great, big, ginormously delicious show about love and sex, trust and betrayal, and the power of *Ideas* which transcends what we might normally expect from television…and then some!


Godric. This character is aglow with a quiet fire, with wisdom, grace and an iron will to do what is right … no matter how unpopular his ideas may be. He stands firm and with a gentleness borne of someone who feels no doubt that he is choosing the right path, he teaches without arrogance and he shows us the painful burden of bearing the weight of 2000 years of living and all that has taught him about treating others with respect and dignity. Allan Hyde verges on the mystical in his portrayal of Godric and I have been profoundly moved by this character. You can deeply feel the sorrow of Godric‘s life … and he shines a healing Light from every broken place in his spirit. He makes you believe that his world is very real and it is very easy to understand the fierce loyalty and love he inspires in those around him, most particularly Eric. There is a heartfelt beauty in the relationship between Godric and Eric which is an unexpected *gift*… and there is so much more I want to know about their backstory. I am grateful to the writers (in particular Alexander Woo for this episode!) for crafting this particular storyline between a vampire and his maker. It is important to note that the polar opposite is true in the relationship between Lorena and Bill … and I am very glad that Bill was able to break free from her when she “released him”. This seems like new territory in vampire mythology (at least in my admittedly limited understanding) and I love the possibilities which arise when there are no hard and fast “rules” which bind any being to an existence without the possibility of choice. How tragic an existence that would be!

Yup. This episode (and this season) has gotten my mind whirling with ideas and my spirit is filled with renewed hope and astonished wonderment. All in all, a very wonderful thing to have experienced as a result of watching truly inspired actors bring the words of incredibly gifted writers to Life. Familiar characters are faced with many choices and the consequences of those choices … and we see these beloved characters as kindred spirits in so many ways, yearning to follow them on their journey… hoping for Love to ultimately conquer all. Alas, I know that is only supposed to come true in fairy tales … but, I still *believe* that there is a bit of truth in every fairytale … and there is more than just a bit of truth in the stories True Blood is telling us this year.

sookie-being-kidnappedThe episode begins as we find Sookie (Anna Paquin) re-buttoning her dress with trembling hands following Gabe‘s brutal attack. She looks in amazement at Godric (Allan Hyde) , who has just rescued her and watches as he dispatches with Gabe in one brutal twist of his neck. He tells Sookie, “You should not have come.”

Sookie hears someone coming and wonders aloud if it is Bill (Stephen Moyer) …Godric says, “No…” and closes his eyes, saying, “I am here my child..down here…” Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) rushes down the stairs and then stops still in front of Godric, speaking his name and falling to his knees in reverence and relief. Godric tells Eric he was a fool to send humans after him…and Eric, with his head bowed, tells him, “I had no other choice … these savages … they seek to destroy you.” Eric looks up at his maker, who tells him that he is well aware of what the Fellowship had planned for him. He also tells Eric that Hugo (lying on the floor, beaten and unconscious) is the one who betrayed them. Sookie finally speaks, telling Eric that Gabe is with the Fellowship and was aware of the trap which had been set for her. Eric asks Godric how long it has been since he has fed and he replies that he requires very little blood anymore. Suddenly, alarms sound amid flashing lights…and Godric tells Eric, “Save the human. Go on…” Eric protests, telling Godric that he is not leaving his side…Godric insists that he can take care of himself. Sookie tells Eric that they have to go…Godric tells Eric, “Spill no blood on your way out.” Eric looks at Godric, seeming conflicted by his urgent desire to bring Godric to safety and his equally strong will to obey his maker. He finally rises and follows closely as Sookie ascends the stairway.

jason-shot1Meanwhile, we find Jason (Ryan Kwanten) on his back in the dirt, examining the wet red stain on his chest (I guess those paintballs must pack quite a convincing punch!) and says, “I’m alive! God saved me. I’m saved”. Sarah (Anna Camp), in a towering temper, tells Jason, “Oh for heaven’s sake! Grow a brain cell! Paintballs!” Uhhh, excuse me for saying so, but Sarah might be in need of a few more brain cells herself!! Jason, finally realizing that he is far from dead, is not a very happy camper. Finally … I think he is beginning to see the Real Light of Day. Sarah bemoans the fact that she let him into her house, her bed and her heart. And a yadda yadda yadda. (Sorry folks, sweet Sarah was hot to trot for Jason from day one and looked for every excuse to betray her supposedly cherished values … which just goes to show that guys aren’t the only ones who make bad choices while thinking below the belt line…) Finally, she tells him that she gave him everything for a lie…and scornfully tells Jason that he is worse than Judas. In an all-time classic Jason Stackhouse response, he tells her, “Why? What’d he do to you?” Hilarious! Sarah definitely did not see the humor and shoots him right between the legs! Apparently those little suckers sure don’t tickle and Jason rolls around in agony. He tells her he is sorry and wants to know what he can say to keep her from shooting those paintballs at him again…she continues her rant, telling Jason that he came to prey on her and then ran like a coward. Jason tells her that he did run…but not from her…from her husband and his “crazy weapon collection.” He wonders why she “told him”… and she tells Jason, “I didn’t tell him anything, he’s the one who told me!”. Jason is now totally lost as to what the heck Sarah is going on about and asks her, “Wait! Told you what?” Then, as clear as mud, she tells Jason, “There are wolves in our hen-house. We must defend our flock.” He is still floundering and she finally spits it out, “We have your sister.” Things begin to clear up quite a bit for Jason and he wants to know if they have Sookie in the church. He tells her that Sookie has nothing to do with any of this. Sarah completely flips her lid and tells Jason, “You Stackhouse‘s. You’re nothing but a bunch of heartless, newlins-wife-w-guntwo-faced, vampire effers” Well, this is finally the last straw for Jason (hallelujahs!!)… and he grabs the paintball gun away from her as she stumbles to the ground, telling her, “Don’t you ever talk about my sister like that! If I find out any of you so much as touched her, I’m gonna come back here and it won’t be with no effing paint gun!!” He then drives off in her jeep, leaving her by the side of the dirt road. When she stands up and begins to pathetically brush the dirt off of her Sunday-go-to-meeting dress, I found myself hoping that we have seen the last of Miss Sarah and her seriously screwed-up moral judgments…but, I have a bad feeling she will not just curl up and go away. No, I get the feeling that she is going to want some payback…and not in a pleasant way either…

Back at the FotS church, alarms still sounding, Steve Newlin (Michael McMillian) speaks to his congregation from the loudspeakers…”Brothers and Sisters! We are on lock down!”… asking everyone to evacuate the building, except “men and able-bodied women”… instructing the security personnel to provide them with silver and stakes. He tells them that the Soldiers of the Sun are on the way to protect them…

Eric and Sookie, meanwhile, are trying to make their way out of the church… Eric tells Sookie, “I could have you out of here in seconds”… Sookie says, “There’s kids out there…” Eric tells her that “none of these humans would think twice about hurting us” while Sookie wonders why he didn’t bring Bill with him. Eric replies that Bill‘s attachment to her is “irrational…it clouds his judgment. He would kill every child in this church to save you.” Sookie asks, “Why aren’t you?” (Hmmm. Is this the beginning of “who loves Sookie more?” Arrgghh! ) Eric tells her that he is following Godric‘s orders and getting her out, that’s all. Sookie asks him, “He’s your maker, isn’t he?” Eric looks her in the eye and says, “Don’t use words you don’t understand.” Sookie insists, “You have a lot of love for him…” to which he replies, as only Eric can, “Don’t use words I don’t understand”. Classic!! Eric continues to watch the door, figuring out a way to get out…he makes a move to walk over toward the men guarding the exit…and Sookie urgently whispers to him, “Eric! No!!” He walks over to her, bending very close to her ear and whispers, “Trust me.” (Okay, I think I just melted into this chair. Whoopsie. Back to our regularly scheduled program now …) He begins walking over to the exit, hunching over… and in his best impression of Dorks from Dallas [Editor’s Note: This bit was hysterical, definitely a party favorite for Mr. Skarsgard], he says, “Hey ya’ll! How’s it goin’? Steve sent me over to man the exit here”…with a goofy and (what he probably thinks is a) non-threatening grin. “I think I can take it from here…” One of the guards looks dubious and says, “By yourself?” Eric aka Big Goofball says “Uhh, Yep.” The guard looks him over again and says, “Big and all, but there’s a vampire on the loose…” Eric says, “Ohhhhh.” The guard wants to know where his stake is … and in my very favorite line, Eric says, “Ohh Dang … I forgot.”… rolling his eyes and aw-shucks-ing all over the place.

Silly, silly, silly… but I loved every single minute of it. It is hilarious to imagine that Eric would think he is doing a good impression of a human…and it was too much fun watching the Dread Viking Vampire Sheriff being a big ole goofball. Especially considering how convincing he was at ripping Royce into shreds earlier in the season, it is a very welcome diversion to see other colors in Eric‘s palette. Thank you, Alex, for all the many ways in which you have made Eric Northman a character I absolutely love.

Eric continues trying to coerce one of the guards into handing over their stake… finally resorting to putting the glam-whammy on one of them, who begins to hand it over… but one of the others decides that Eric IS a vampire … and as he begins to try to stake Eric, Sookie yells out, “Stake!!!” Eric disarms all of them and is about stake one of the guards right in the neck when Sookie stops him, saying, “Eric, you don’t have to kill him.” Probably reminded of Godric‘s command as well, he viciously throws down the stake in frustration. He opens the exit door to take Sookie to safety and sees a whole posse of “Soldiers of the Sun”…and the guard tells Eric that they will never make it though since they have wooden arrows. Sookie then says, “Eric! Through the sanctuary…” and as they walk through the church, Eric wonders aloud where the exit is … when suddenly, Steve Newlin speaks to them from the altar… saying that there are several exits … but “for you, the easiest one takes you straight to hell.” Soldiers of the Sun (SotS) come streaming into the church from all sides, carrying huge silver chains and wicked looking stakes. Sookie pleads with Steve to let them leave … telling the SotS to save themselves … reassuring them that no one has to die. Steve is really just warming up to his audience now and calls out, “The war has begun, you evil whore of Satan.” Steve Newlin the Drama King.


Steve tells Eric and Sookie that the vampires cast the first stone by killing his family. He says, “the lines have been drawn. You’re either with us or against us. We are prepared for Armageddon.” I continue to find Steve Newlin to be one of the most frightening and repulsive characters I have ever encountered … and Michael McMillian is doing one hell of a bang-up job portraying this evil man because he is totally convincing… in fact, it is chilling just how real this character seems to be. You can feel the sadistic malevolence just rolling off of him in waves … and it is scary to think how persuasive and seductive such a person could be, convincing people that there is any justification whatsoever for his brand of religious insanity.

Sookie tells Steve that the vampire they were holding prisoner has gotten away and that he has undoubtedly sent for help. Steve tells her that he is not concerned with Godric, saying (with a note of fanatical glee) “Any vampire will do for our grand celebration…and we got one right here…” pointing right at Eric. Eric looks at Sookie for a few seconds and reassures her, “I’ll be fine.” Steve grins like a total lunatic as Eric approaches him in submission, with his head bowed. You have just got to wonder what is going through Eric‘s head at that moment. For me, it simply speaks of Eric‘s devotion to Godric and his determination to follow the will of his maker. Steve is pleased as punch at this turn of events and cackles maniacally as he calls out, “Brothers and Sisters, there will be a holy bonfire at dawn!!”.

Can you even imagine an entire group of people being so filled with fear and hatred that they could celebrate watching another being as they are burned at the stake? This completely boggles my mind. I just cannot even imagine it.

Over at the Hotel Carmilla, another being with evil intent is hard at work … Lorena (Mariana Klaveno) has trapped Barry the Bellboy (Chris Coy) against the door… telling Bill, “Look dear, room service has sent a gift for us.” Barry objects strenuously and Lorena comments that his heart is pounding and thanks him, since he will be so much tastier that way. Ick. Bill seems to be reaching out for Sookie, calling out her name … which Lorena finds highly annoying. She says, “That bothersome human. Just like an alarm clock you can’t switch off. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Then 10 minutes later, blah.” She turns to Bill, smiling seductively (she thinks) and tells him she will give him first bite of their most unwilling meal aka bill-tv21Barry. Bill snarls at her, telling her he is not hungry. Lorena tells him, “Oh come now, your appetite was… as I recall… Insatiable.” She continues, saying, “this human-act you do for your girlfriend is charming and all … but we both know better…don’t we?” Barry begs her, “please, I don’t want to die” as Bill growls at her to let him go. She tells him she will let him go… soon … as she bares her fangs and begins to feed on Barry, who cries out in terror and pain. She stops feeding on Barry, with a confused look on her face, saying, “this one’s different. I’ve never tasted …What are you??” Bill has taken advantage of her distraction and lowers the boom on her head with a plasma flat screen television…not once, but twice!!! Ding Dong the Witch is Dead!? Don’t think we can get that lucky, but she is most definitely down for the count! Yaaayyy!! Bill grabs Barry and hightails it outta the door.

In another room at the Hotel Carmilla, Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) and Hoyt (Jim Parrack) are making love for the first time amidst the rose petals … and Hoyt wants to know if she is okay, worried that he might be hurting her. In true Jessica style she tells him to shut up and keep on going! Suddenly, Bill rushes into the room and Jessica screams in mortification and hides under the sheet. Hoyt, bless his sweet little ole heart, tells Bill, “I don’t know what you heard..but those were screams of pleasure…” asking Jessica “Right??” She just dives back under the sheets again. Bill, ever the true gentleman, looks away discreetly, but in a definitely fatherly tone, he tells Hoyt, “If you truly care for her, you will take her to your car this very moment and drive her back to Bon Temps before the sun comes up.” Hoyt asks, Now?” “NOW!” Bill commands him and flees from the room.

Meanwhile, at Merlotte‘s, Tara (Rutina Wesley) and Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) are chilling out together as Lafayette‘s reads her Tarot. When he turns over The Lovers card, she asks him, “Isn’t that good?” and Lafayette tells her that The Lovers card in this position calls for a sacrifice in matters of the heart …” He tells her she is going to have to make a choice. Tara is still hopeful, commenting that it might still turn out well. Lafayette asks her if she wants to see her future … and just as he is about to turn over the card, Eggs (Mehcad Brooks) bursts in the door … calling out for Tara to help him. We then see that the card Lafayette has turned over is Justice. Hmmm. Let’s hope that the people/creatures who have been wreaking holy hell on Bon Temps are the one’s who will get the justice they deserve. Lafayette then sweeps the cards from the table, with a comment that he’ll just go and clean a grill or something, leaving them alone to talk. Eggs is obviously distraught and tells Tara that he has blacked out once again and has a sick feeling that he has done something bad. Geez, ya think? I am sure Daphne would agree with that assessment. (Even though I am sure she would have done the Same or worse at Maryann‘s command…) Tara tries her best to comfort him and they leave with arms wrapped around eachother. It seems like the wheels are finally turning in her head and I sincerely wish she would realize that the common denominator in all of the recent madness and chaos is Maryann. While she still has a heart beating in her chest!

Back at the FotS church, armed guards stand watch with chains and stakes as Jason hauls butt into the parking lot in the “borrowed” jeep. Jason tells them that he is with the Fellowship and they have to let him in to the church … but one of the guards tells him, “Sorry Bro, we’re in lock down. There’s a vamper inside.” Jason tells them that is exactly why they sent for him, telling them that he is a “cadet with the Light of Day Institute” and he came “strapped”, holding up his paintball weapon. They seem less than impressed at first until Jason points at the silver ring that he is wearing and says “Honesty.” One of the guards says, “Dude! Honesty!” and they give each other a little fist punch, clinking the rings together. He escorts Jason into the church, telling him that they have the vamper surrounded and that the vamp has a “fangbanger chick with him”, obviously referring to Sookie. The guard unfortunately notices that Jason is carrying a paintball gun … but then Jason smashes him over the head with it and knocks him out, proving that it is a pretty effective weapon after all. Jason hauls the unconscious guard out of the foyer…

We then find Sam (Sam Trammell) sleeping in his truck in the woods, awakened by his cellphone ringing. The caller I.D. tells him that it is “Merlotte‘s” calling and he answers it, demanding to know who it is … but there is no one there.

Cut to Merlotte‘s, lights out and silent … Sam is slowly creeping in the door and finds the walk-in refrigerator door open with the light on … and he discovers someone has left him a very gruesome gift: Daphne, with her heart cut out of her chest. Eeeeuuuwwww! He makes a half-hearted attempt to wrap her in hefty bags and then thinks better of it, dialing 911 on his cellphone … just as the operator answers, there is a knock on the door and lights flashing … with someone calling out, “Sheriff’s Dept. … Anybody in there?” Even a vampire couldn’t have gotten there that quick!! This really freaks Sam out since he realizes that he is being set-up, bigtime.

The next scene gets my vote for the most disgusting scene on record (Yes, even worse than Lafayette and Royce’s ripped-off leg…and that is saying something!) Maryann is busy in the kitchen at Sookie‘s (and Maryann in Sookie‘s kitchen is bad enough as it is…) She is sautéing some onions and peppers in a pan, humming a little tune to herself… and what ingredient is served up next from the Maenad Chef? Daphne‘s heart! She takes it from an everyday kitchen bowl and begins to caress it, as it drips blood and she says, “Mmmmm”. Then she sets it on a cutting board and begins slicing it into bite size chunks and puts it in the pan to cook. Eeeeyuck!! It is almost as hard to write this down as it was to watch it. Enough said.

maryannLet me just pause to say I am in awe of Michelle Forbes. It really takes fortitude, tremendous courage and a willingness to be completely despised to be able to take on a character like Maryann. What is most amazing is the way Michelle allows us to fully understand that Maryann is not like us in any way, shape or form … and never apologizes for what she is. She does not have the slightest clue that there is anything wrong with what she does … in fact, she celebrates it. She shows us that Maryann glories in the power and the dark energy that she is able to summon. Maryann is one of the most talked about characters in the True Blood world … and the fact that she is able to get under our skin and make us shudder with fear and loathing shows that Michelle has made Maryann come to life in all of her evil splendor. Yes, there is something beautifully mad in the Maenad … a creature which thrives on the dark side of Life and delights in creating chaos and mayhem. It is hard to watch and impossible to ignore. Although I definitely would like to see the Maenad get her just desserts, I cannot help but be thoroughly impressed by Michelle Forbes. Brava!!

Over at the Fots church, Eric moans in pain as heavy silver chains burn into his flesh … while Steve Newlin exultantly tells his “congregation” that a few ounces of silver can betray a child of Satan to the world. Sookie looks on in horror…asking, “How can you people listen to him!!??” Eric haltingly begins to speak, “I offer myself in exchange for Godric‘s freedom…and the girl’s, as well.” Steve tells Eric that it is noble of him to offer, but Sookie is “a traitor to the human race. She hardly deserves mercy!” Looking down into Eric‘s face, Steve taunts him, saying, “Maybe we should tie her to you, so you can meet the sun together? I bet this marshmallow (referring to Sookie) would roast up nicely!” There is something quite nauseating in the way Steve seems to take such sadistic glee in torturing and tormenting those he has deemed “unworthy”. Sookie continues struggling to break free from her captors…and suddenly, Bill bursts through the doors into the sanctuary, calling out to Sookie as he does. She turns to look at Bill with relief and hope … and he tries to rush to her, but is stopped when Steve pulls out a gun and points it at Sookie, telling Bill, “One more step vampire and the girl dies,” Bill snarls, showing his fangs… telling Steve, “if you shoot her, everyone here will die. Let her go now!!” Steve looks at Sookie with disgust and wonders, “Honestly, what do they see in you?” and tells his soldiers to get out the silver chains to subdue Bill. Luke begins to take a step toward Bill and Sookie cries out, “Don’t!! He’s done nothing to you!!” jason-sniperSuddenly, Jason shouts, Newlin!!” to get Steve‘s attention and shoots him in his gun hand with a green paintball. Steve cries out in pain (I guess those little suckers must pack one helluva punch!) [Editor’s note: They do when shot that close!] Sookie looks at her brother in stunned amazement as Jason tells Steve to let Sookie go and fires another paintball, smack dab between his eyes. (Nice shot, Jason!!) Bill wrests Sookie away from her captors and hugs her close to him. She then rushes to Eric to pull the burning chains free from his skin, releasing him. “Let’s go!” she tells Eric and Bill … but Eric has bloodlust in his eyes for Steve Newlin and slams him down with a fist around his throat. “Eric!! Do not kill him!” Sookie cries out, just as Jason yells at Eric, egging him on to kill Steve. Steve says, “Martyr us … we are willing to die!!” Just then, Stan enters the church with a posse of seriously pissed off vampires … telling Steve that they will kill them first, just like they did his father. Sookie says “God, no!” when she hears this … and Steve tries to escape from Eric, screaming out, “Murderers!!” Stan tells the vampires to destroy them all … and just in time, a voice calls out from the balcony, “Enough!!”. Godric stands alone, high above the chaos … and asks Stan in the calmest of voices, “You came for me, I assume?” Stan says, “Yes, Sheriff.” and backs away from Luke, just as he was about to sink his fangs into his neck.godrics-underlings-large

Godric beseeches them , “These people have not harmed me. You see? We can co-exist. Mr. Newlin, I do not wish to create bloodshed where none is called for. Help me set an example. If we leave you in peace, will you do the Same?” Steve is unmoved and tells him that he will not negotiate with “sub-humans”. He looks up at Eric and bares his neck, telling Eric, “Kill me. Do it. Jesus will protect me.” Godric tells Steve, “I am actually older than your Jesus. I wish I could have known him..but I missed it…” and almost instantly, Godric appears in front of Steve, holding him up by the collar of his suit. “Good people,” Godric says, “who among you is ready to die for this man’s badness?” It is so silent that you could hear a pin drop and Godric says, “That’s what I thought. Stand down everyone. People, go home. It’s over now.” Sookie sags against Bill in relief and says, “Thank God.” Bill tells her, “It’s alright. You’re safe now.” Steve Newlin watches all of his people silently turning away from him and cries out, “Please don’t leave me!” Luke looks stunned and deeply conflicted, but turns to leave in spite of it. Godric releases Steve and tells him, “I daresay my faith in humankind is stronger than yours.” Godric tells his vampires to come with him, although Stan is none too happy about it. Eric turns to Sookie, asking her, “Are you sure you’re okay?” but Bill angrily gets in his face saying, “She’s fine, go with your maker”.

Jason rushes to Sookie and embraces her in total relief. He says, “I’m so sorry, will you please forgive me?” Sookie asks him, “What were you doing with these people? Are you out of your mind?!” Jason tells her that he definitely was … and tells her that Steve “sucked his brain out and planted all these little babies in there.” (Say what?! Another classic Jason-ism) Steve looks defiantly at Jason, telling him, “You know nothing. On the final day of reckoning, we’ll see who goes to heaven and who goes to hell.” Jason stands in front of Steve with a mocking grin and tells him, “I reckon I’ve already been to heaven. It was inside of your wife.” OUCH! That’s gotta hurt. Jason slams his fist into Steve‘s face, as Sookie is telling him that they need to get going now! Jason throws his “honesty ring” at Steve and he picks it up, comprehension dawning on his face as he is left in his church completely alone. How poetic.


Meanwhile, back at Merlotte‘s, Sam is being interrogated by Bud (William Sanderson) and Kenya (Tanya Wright). Sam tries to get them to tell him who called them to come to Merlotte‘s in the first place … but Bud tells him, “That’s why it’s called an anonymous tip, we can’t tell you who phoned it in.” Sam tells him, “They wanted you to find me! Why would I keep a body in my own refrigerator?” Kenya tells Sam that there is a rumor that he has been seeing Daphne…which he doesn’t deny. Kenya seems very suspicious because Sam doesn’t “seem too beat up about it” and Sam tells her that they “sorta broke up.” (I am sure that he is probably thinking, if he told them why he really “broke up” with Daphne, they would probably throw him in the loony bin!) Finally, Sam tells them, “Listen, you’ll have to trust me. This is bigger and crazier than you can even imagine.” Kenya says, “I’ll say… this is the second time in two weeks that a woman has been found at your bar with her heart missing!” Sam is beginning to get pretty aggravated by now and tells them, “C’mon Bud, Kenya …listen to yourselves! You know me!” Bud tells him, “I’m not sure we do. You got no birth records. No social security number. We can’t even find out where you went to high school.” Sam tells Bud that it’s hard to explain…but Bud tells him, “Save it, son. Nothing about your past ever checks out…” Just about then, Andy (Chris Bauer) walks in … still disheveled and looking more than a little crazed… (Okay, is it just me, or is this more than a little ironic that Andy is actually the only one in law enforcement who has been actively investigating what is going on is this town…and he is also the only one who seems to be interested in finding out the real truth, no matter how strange it might be … the irony being that he has pretty much lost his badge for telling the truth, which Bud and Kenya assume is just the drunken ravings of a madman. It might be wise if they were to open up their eyes and their minds to what Andy is trying to show them…)

andy-budq03Andy tells Bud and Kenya that they have got the wrong man … going on to say, “Sam‘s not the one you want. He’s a victim. I saw him nearly get killed last night..” Bud asks, “By who?” Andy says, “The Bull.” Kenya says, “The What??” Bud then says, “oh Andy… (speaking to Kenya) …he thinks he saw some kind of a bull…” Andy says, “with claws! A bull in a dress…with claws!!” Bud tells him he is just babbling again…and Kenya tells Bud to let her shut Andy up! ( I have to admit, it sounds completely nuts when he tells it, even though it is true … Poor Andy!) Then Andy tells them that the vic (Daphne) was a part of this whole group of crazy people who were trying to get Sam. He tells them that he tried to fight them off, and points at his cast on his arm, calling it a “war wound.” Andy looks at Sam in desperation, “I’m corroborating here, Sam, tell ’em!!” Sam looks miserably at Bud and Kenya and says, “If I told you that’s what happened, would you believe me?” Bud and Kenya just look at them in silent disbelief. Andy finally realizes how crazy it really does sound … and says, “Ohhhh, shit!” It is indeed a crazy world when the guy who appears like he has lost every last marble in his head is actually the voice of reason. I am rooting for ya, Andy!! [Editor’s Note: Me too, all he’s ever wanted was to be a hero!]

Over at Sookie‘s, Tara and Eggs are back on the couch … trying to figure things out. Tara tells Eggs he is not the only one who has “blacked out”… she has, Arlene has. She wonders if maybe there is a gas leak or something (this is really grabbing at straws here, Tara!!) Eggs says, “What about Andy Bellefleur? He said he saw all of us…” Tara dismisses this entirely, saying that Andy is the only one they know who is out of his mind! Eggs continues to insist that he has a sick feeling that he has done something bad…and then, “Knock Knock!!” Maryann tells them that she hopes she isn’t interrupting anything…” (Yeah, right!!) Eggs tells her, no…they are just trying to piece together everything they have been doing the past few days. Maryann tells them that it looks like somebody’s been enjoying themselves a bit too much (talking about herself actually!) Then she tells them that maybe they should all ease up on the partying and take it easy… both Tara and Eggs just sit silently, obviously distressed. Maryann then says, “Hey!! Snacks ready!” Tara and Eggs wander out to the kitchen and Maryann brings a baking dish to the table, with a big grin…”Hope you’re hungry!” She tells them that it is “hunter souffle”. Eggs says he didn’t know hunter’s made souffle’s…and she tells him, “most don’t… Dig in!!” Tara cuts into the souffle to serve it up and blood comes oozing out (come ON, girl, doesn’t that just look Wrong??!!) Eggs feeds Tara a bite sized piece of…the meat? Tara says, “Damn! What is in that… is that the rabbit you caught?” “Among other things …” says Maryann. (Like Daphne‘s heart, for instance!? ICK.) Maryann grins as they start to devour the meal, then she laughs right out loud. Her minions are being sooo cooperative! They start to get giddy and Maryann just rocks in her chair in delighted anticipation…


Meanwhile, at the Dallas vampire nest, Godric is receiving visitors, who are lined up to greet him. Stan tells him, “Welcome home, Sheriff. We are all very relieved.” Godric just looks at him in silence. Jason is next up and somewhat nervously tells Godric that he is so sorry for what the Fellowship put him through. Godric replies, “You have saved many lives today, Mr. Stackhouse. Please know that you have friends in this area whenever you visit.” Jason tells him he doesn’t know that he will be wanting to come back to Dallas anytime soon. Jason turns to walk out of the room and almost bumps right into Eric. Eric says, a bit sarcastically to say the least, “Hail the Conquering Hero.” Jason tells him that he is no hero, but Eric tells him, “You are in this town. But in my area, we know you as a buyer and user of vampire blood and that is a very grave offense.” Jason assures Eric that he doesn’t do that anymore and Eric tells him that all things considered, they can call it even. Jason is in a hurry to end this conversation, but Eric looks him in the eye and tells him, “You won’t be doing that again.” Jason nods his head and Eric just shakes his head and Jason tells him, “No. No, I got it”. “Good boy.” Eric says, “Run along.” As he leaves, Eric just grins.

Elsewhere in the house, Sookie confronts Bill, wanting to know why he did not come to rescue her sooner. She says, “You’ve avoided being alone with me all night…” Bill replies, “Nonsense, with all the commotion there’s hardly been time…” Sookie tells him, “Bill, I was in that basement for two days. You don’t even want to know what almost happened to me down there. Where were you?” She goes on to say that he has always come running whenever she has needed him, even in broad daylight. He finally replies, “I was held.” Sookie replies, “Held? You mean kidnapped? By who? By Eric?” Eric walks over to them, “Hmmmm, I heard my name. I hope you were speaking well of me.” Sookie looks at him defiantly, “Why should I? You let me walk into a trap.” Eric tells her that he regrets it and if he had known that would be a possibility … but she cuts him off mid sentence, saying, “You did know. But because it was Godric, you’d risk anything.” Eric replies, “The bond between a vampire and his maker is stronger than anything you can imagine. Perhaps one day you’ll find out.” Bill looks daggers at EricSookie looks at Eric and then both Sookie and Eric look at Bill. Hmmm. Quite a cat and mouse game going on here. It is amazing to see the way in which truly gifted actors such as Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer and Alexander Skarsgard can communicate so much without saying a word.

Hoyt & His Newfound Love InterestBack in Bon Temps, Jessica and Hoyt have arrived at Bill‘s house and they barely make it in the door, kissing passionately. Hoyt looks so happy… and yet, a little worried about what might happen if Sookie and Bill arrived any minute now. Jessica is not about to be denied and tells Hoyt that she can’t believe she waited so long and warns him that they are, “gonna do it every night, whether you want to or not”. Then, Jessica throws him onto the couch and jumps on his lap, all at vamp speed … and Hoyt has pretty much stopped protesting at this point! Things are progressing rapidly … and suddenly, Jessica yells out in pain … it seems she is doomed to “be a virgin forever” since vampires heal immediately. Poor Hoyt looks like he is not sure what to say and promises her that it will always be beautiful and that every time will be like the first time. Jessica is distraught and Hoyt looks like he is a bit flummoxed as to what he can do to comfort her…

Meanwhile, at vamp headquarters in Dallas, we see Eric walk around a corner and Bill grabs him by the arm. Eric tells Bill that he does not like to be touched. (I hope he just means by Bill!) Bill tells him, “Believe me, I do not like touching you. Your contact with Sookie will cease from this moment.” Eric tells Bill that is hardly his decision. Bill then says, “Calling in my maker because you couldn’t win Sookie for yourself was feeble and desperate, even for you.” Eric just grins at Bill, and asks him, “Are you picking a fight? I’d like to see you try.” Bill tells Eric that Sookie will never be his and there is nothing he can do. Bill says, “In this you are powerless. Accept it.” Good grief, just get out the measuring tape and get it over with already. I guess boys will be boys, even when they are vampires!


Cut to Isabel bringing Hugo in to kneel before Godric. She says, “Here is the one who betrayed us.” Godric asks her if Hugo is her human and she tells him that he is. Godric asks, “Do you love him?” Isabel looks heartbroken and tells him, “I thought I did.” She weeps and hangs her head in shame. Godric says that it appears she loves him still. She says, “I do. I am sorry.” as Stan shakes his head in the background, looking disgusted. She tells Godric that he is her Sheriff and he can do with Hugo as he pleases. Godric looks at Hugo with compassion, telling him he is free to go. Even Hugo is shocked to hear this. Stan protests and Godric repeats, “The human is free to go….and do not return. I fear it is not safe for you here.” Stan tells Godric that this is a travesty and Godric replies, “This is my verdict.” Godric calls Eric to escort him out, asking him to be sure that Hugo leaves unharmed.

After Eric has taken Hugo out of the nest, Sookie confronts Bill once again, asking what that was all about…and he misunderstands her, thinking she is talking about Godric and Hugo. She tells him she is talking about Eric, wondering why Bill was just talking to Eric if he is the one who kidnapped him. Bill tells her that it was not Eric. She looks a bit exasperated at this point and is just about to ask him who it was when Jason interrupts and asks Bill if he can speak to him in private. Sookie looks more than a little frustrated that she is being foiled once again in trying to get some answers from Bill … but Bill consents after Jason tells them that he must say what he needs to say…or he never will.

sam-sadBack in Bon Temps, Bud is locking Sam up in the jail … and Sam tells him, “I know everyone says this, but I’m not the guy you want.” Bud tells him, “If it’s like you said … that there’s something out there that’s fixin’ to getcha, then jail’s just about the safest place to spend the night.” Sam sees a couple of people he knows in other cells… Jane Bodehouse and Mike Spencer (who has apparently done something unmentionable to a pine tree!) Kenya tells him it has been a helluva night and it must be a full moon. Sam tells her he’s pretty sure it’s not.. (which is pretty funny since Sam the shapeshifter would surely know!) and Bud locks Sam up in a cell, leaving him looking pretty miserable…

In Dallas, Jason and Bill are having a little heart-to-heart talk … and Jason asks Bill to forgive him. Jason tells Bill, “you love my sister… and there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to. All this time I let my own stupid ignorance stand in the way.” Bill looks pretty taken aback, but says, “Thank you… but I am also in your debt for helping rescue Sookie.” Jason tells him it is the least he could do after all he did to screw things up, saying, “I am just sorry it took me so long to wake up to it.” Bill reassures him, “Well you did. Just in time.” Jason is so overcome with emotion that he grabs Bill and gives him a hug. After a couple of awkward moments, they pat each other on the back and Jason asks Bill, “Was that okay for you?” and Bill tells him, “It was fine.” So sweet and funny and touching! A classic True Blood moment for sure. [Editor’s Note: Bill looked so uncomfortable as to be hysterical, he needs to be hugged more often!]

Elsewhere in the house, Eric goes to Godric to talk with him alone. He tells him, “The human has been dispatched. I told him not to stop driving until he reaches the Mexican border.” He tells Godric he has arranged for an AB Negative human for him, which is extremely rare. Godric tells Eric that he is not hungry, looking as though the weight of all the world is on his shoulders. Eric tells him he has to feed eventually, and tries to lighten things up, telling him with a bit of a grin that he is sure that the Fellowship did not have much to offer. Godric is silent and looks off into the distance. Eric senses his mood and asks him why he would not leave with him when he came to rescue him. Godric tells him that they (the Fellowship) did not treat him badly… and that Eric would be shocked how ordinary most of them are. Eric looks angry, telling Godric that, “The Fellowship does nothing but fan the flames of hatred for us.” Godric then looks sadly at Eric and says, “Let’s be honest. We are frightening. After thousands of years we haven’t evolved. We’ve only grown more brutal. More predatory. I don’t see the danger in treating humans as equals. The Fellowship of the Sun arose because we never did so.” Eric asks him, “Is that why you wouldn’t fight when they took you?” Godric tells Eric, “I could have killed every last one of them in minutes … and what would that have proven?” Eric seems to be struggling with conflicted emotions, but is listening intently to what his maker is telling him.

The writing in every scene with Godric is pure perfection … (Thank you again, Alexander Woo!) and Allan Hyde is such a joy to watch. As Godric, he perfectly illuminates the nature of compassion and mercy and the value of setting a peaceful example. You can feel how weary Godric is of the violence and the war between vampires and humans. It will also be very interesting to see how Godric‘s example and influence might manifest itself in Eric‘s life in the future …

Swinging to the far polar opposite from the peaceful example of Godric is the scene which follows with Tara and Eggs … an exceedingly disturbing scene that I had a very hard time watching. After consuming Maryann‘s “hunter’s soufflé” they are at first giddy and then increasingly agitated… culminating with a sickeningly violent confrontation which morphs into sexual frenzy. [Editor’s Note: I hated this scene, it was just all kinds of wrong, as Tara would say, “That’s some fucked up shit, there!] All the while Maryann is watching them, throwing her head back, laughing in satisfaction and delight. I am wondering if she is influencing them physically with who-knows-what-all ingredients in all the food she makes for them … but I feel she is also supernaturally influencing them, filling them up with her own dark energy and feeding off of their emotional response.

Back in Dallas, the tension mounts as we see someone exit a vehicle and walk slowly to the house…

Cut to Lorena, entering the house in a flaming scarlet evening gown … she searches the room and finds Sookie … heading straight for her. They exchange a couple of pleasantries in introduction, but Lorena‘s “claws” don’t take too long to emerge! She tells Sookie, “You’re what all the fuss is about.” Sookie looks a bit confused and says, “Excuse me?!” Lorena looks her over and says, “Aren’t you a morsel?” Sookie then says, “I’m sorry…who are you?” Lorena says, “We have a mutual friend.” The smile has left Sookie‘s face by now and she gives Lorena a hard look, saying, “Bill?” Lorena smiles like the cat that ate the canary and tells her in a sickeningly sweet voice, “That’s right. Funny he never mentioned me. I practically made him what he is today..” Suddenly, Bill rushes into the room and Lorena says, ” Oh hello darling … I was just getting to know your plaything …” (Meowwwww!) Sookie looks at him and says, “Bill? Is this your maker?” He tells her that Lorena released him years ago and no longer has any hold over him. Lorena then sinks the claws in a little deeper and says, “Oh I wouldn’t say that…we had two marvelous nights together in your hotel room.” OUCH! She then tells Sookie that Bill hit her over the head with a plasma television earlier that night … adding some ridiculously ironic remarks about there being no excuse for “domestic violence.” [Editor’s note: I think Lorena made a mistake admitting that Bill fought her, up till then, Sookie was worried] Bill tells Sookie what Lorena has failed to mention is that she was holding him prisoner. Lorena says, “Pshaw! We were just catching up is all…you must’ve been worried sick, wondering where he was” in a voice guaranteed to make any woman want to scratch her eyes right outta her head! She then tells Sookie, “I admit, it got a bit.. heated. But you know how old lovers can get sometimes…” and reaches out to touch Bill‘s face. Sookie has had more than enough of this crap by now and grabs Lorena‘s arm, getting right in her face, telling her, “Do not touch him.” Even Stan looks impressed! Lorena says, “My. We’re feisty too.” She then laughs in Sookie‘s face, telling her she is no more than a “blood bag” and that she cannot win this. Sookie stands right up to her, telling her, “I’ve already won. Bill chose me…and yet, you still won’t give up. Don’t you have any shame?” This is beginning to freak Bill out just a bit and he begs Sookie to stop… Lorena says, “I’d listen to him …” and gives her a dismissive wave, telling Sookie, “Run away, little girl” as she walks toward Bill and then says, “William and I love each other…” Bill grabs Lorena and tells her she has gone mad … Sookie rushes toward Lorena and tells her, “Maybe you do love him, who am I to guess? But he doesn’t love you. He never has… and that, we both know!” Lorena‘s fangs come out and she demands that Sookie takes back her words, or they will be her last… Bill separates the two of them, and Sookie is seriously pissed off now, telling Lorena, ” Go find someone else, you effing bitch! You’ve lost this one!” Lorena throws Bill aside and is about to sink her fangs into Sookie‘s neck when suddenly, a fist grabs Lorena around the neck and it is Godric, telling her, “Retract your fangs. Now.” Godric tells her, “I neither know, nor care who you are…but in this area and certainly in this nest, I am the authority. Do you understand?” Lorena tells him, “Yes, Sheriff.” Godric releases her and turns to look at Sookie, telling everyone that “this human has proven herself to be a courageous and loyal friend to our kind…” and then turns to Lorena, telling her, “… and yet you treat her like a child does a dragonfly, pulling off wings for sport?? No wonder they hate us.” Lorena is controlling her vicious temper with visible effort, telling Godric through clenched teeth, “She provoked me.” He looks her right in the eye and says, “..and you provoke me. You disrupted the peace in my own home. I could snap you like a twig … and I haven’t . Now why is that?” Lorena concedes, saying, “It’s your choice.” Godric agrees, “Indeed it is,” shaking his head. He tells her that he can tell she is an old vampire and has had hundreds of years to better herself and yet she hasn’t. He tells her, “You’re still a savage…and I fear for all of us, humans and vampires, if this behavior persists…” He tells Bill to escort her from the nest and tells Lorena to leave his area by dawn.

Lorena and Bill walk out of the house and she is crying tears of blood, saying that she has no idea how things have gotten this way. She tells him, “I can’t help it that I still love you…you know I do!! But now, it’s become nothing but a constant humiliation” Bill tells her that the pain she suffers she has inflicted upon herself. She asks him when they will see eachother again and he insists, “Never.” She tells him that they are immortal and their paths are bound to cross eventually… Something tells me that Bill should watch his back…forever.

Inside the house, we see that the Luke-inator has come calling upon the vampires of Dallas. Jason tries to talk to him and he shakes him off… He calls out into the room, “Excuse me everyone! If I could have your attention…My name is Luke MacDonald and I am a member of the Fellowship of the Sun… and I have a message for you all..from Reverend Steve Newlin” as he unzips his jacket to reveal that he is strapped with a bomb, laden with silver bullets and wood and silver chains…


Up next!

Bill is outside of the house in Dallas when an explosion blasts out of the windows…

Maryann wants to know how much they have had to drink this time…and Tara tells her that she has never been this out of control. Maryann tells Tara and Eggs that “We need to be out of control. We crave it…”

Sam yells at Bud that he has no right to keep him locked up in jail…

Tara is drinking shots while Lafayette wonders, “What’s wrong with you Tara? Is you even in there..??”

Nan Flanagan is meeting with the vampires in Dallas, telling them, “this is a disaster. We should drain every one of you…”

Lorena, alone in a throne-like chair, looking a little too happy about something…

Sam still in jail…and is that Maryann, at the jail?!

Bill is sinking his fangs into someone…

Lafayette and Eggs fighting over Tara?

Jessica and Hoyt…and is that Jessica with her fangs out, looking seriously angry?

Tara hauls off and slaps Lettie Mae!

Maryann, walking into Merlotte‘s telling everyone that the god demands his sacrifice and where is Sam Merlotte???


Hold onto your butts, the True Blood rollercoaster ride which has already provided non-stop thrills and chills galore is about to get even crazier!!!

(Photo credits: HBO)

(Digital Imaging: S.Easterly / Captures: J.Chin)


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