True Blood to be Reduced to 10 Episodes for Season 6!

September 17, 2012 by  

Trubies, What Do You Think of HBO’s Decision?

Hey Trubies; I for one am not happy, with True Blood only being 10 episodes for next season. has posted an article about True Blood being reduced next season. Wetpaint references a TVguide article that you can read here. In the article Alan Ball says:

“[We are] moving production to January to accommodate [Anna’s pregnancy],” but there will also “only be 10 shows next season, partly because of Anna and partly because of the economics.”

About the show in Season 6, he also states:

“There will also be some other characters maybe who we know and love who are pursuing a less than generous agenda,” Alan spilled, also noting that Jason “might be” a danger to all of Bon Temps’ vampires!”

He also had news about Sookie and Alcide possibly rekindling their very brief romance in the next season.

What do you think about Season 6 being only 10 episodes long trubies? Let us know what you think by commenting in comment section below.

Source: Blood Season 6 Will Only Be 10 Episodes!

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  • It’s a shame that HBO, or whoever is responsible, is cutting the episodes.  It looks like maybe this show has had it’s run?  I hope not because I look forward to starting my week out with True Blood on Sunday.  This would not be the first stupid move the networks have made and then paid for in spades.

  • Em

    I think it sucks 12 episodes was never enough and now there making onky 10 that’s mesed up and does not make me happy but I’ll still watch it becasue it’s one of my favorite show

  • Em

    I think it sucks 12 episodes was never enough and now there making onky 10 that’s mesed up and does not make me happy but I’ll still watch it becasue it’s one of my favorite shows

  • I wait all year for the new and even repeats of “True Blood”, don’t do this to us….

  • Don’t tell me we are only going to have 10 episodes next season of “True Blood”, what are you doing to us fans??? 

  • Tell me it is not so…I look so forward to “True Blood” all year long and I find out that I am going to only be able to see 10 episodes this next season. And I am sure I am not the only one that feels this way. Don’t do this to us!!!!!!

  • flrnmom

    Alan Ball leaving is a huge disappointment.  I wonder if he decided to leave because of the crazy decisions being made.  We only had three months out of twelve to watch and now they want to cut that as well?  They started with 8 million viewers.  Maybe if they went back and reviewed what made it a hit in the first place, they would find their audience again.  

  • Why do they want to get rid of one of the few Cable shows that actually show up in the TV Guide Ratings.  I was going to speculate as to WHY they HBO does what it does but I just don’t know.  Signed with lots of tears.

  • I don’t like it at all.  It feels like they want to get rid of something I love and wait for all year.  

  • Booooo

  • Big mistake on all counts. So let’s cut season 6 (which is most likely the last season according to rumor) to 10 episodes…then let’s have Sookie get together with Alcide,  when the majority of fans want her with Eric, and then let’s turn Jason into a psychopath…as if last season wasn’t a big enough mess and full of those already. Yeah, great decisions all around….NOT!

  • flrnmom

    No wonder they are losing viewers.  They have moved away from what made this show a success.  Cutting the number of episodes will not improve their numbers.  I realize Anna Paquin was pregnant and it was very obvious during the season.  The passion is gone.

  • I’m fine with 10 quality episodes over 6 good episodes and 6 tenuous ones (as I believe season 5 played out). Sookie & Alcide flirting and getting it on a bit is fine as long as Eric is involved in it in a love triangle way – the lack of Eric/Sookie tension was one of the key factors that made previous seasons so good.