True Blood to Invade Australia

February 4, 2009 by  

Ryan KwantenAustralian newspapers are starting to inform their readers about the upcoming Australian premiere of Alan Ball’s very successful HBO TV series “True Blood” which will broadcast on the Showcase channel starting on Tuesday, February 10, 2009. This particular article comes from David Knox of SX and describes for the Australian audience the story line and premise of “True Blood”. Mr. Knox describes in detail the concept of vampires coming out into mainstream society as a result of Japanese scientists developing synthetic blood which can quell their thirst and need to hunt humans. He also discusses the main characters in the show and their particular problems and what makes them so interesting. Here is an excerpt of Mr. Knox’s commentary with an assessment of fellow Aussie Ryan Kwanten:

“Australian Ryan Kwanten (Home & Away, Summerland) plays Sookie’s brother Jason, a road worker and horny bad boy who finds himself as the number one suspect in a murder case. Someone is killing young women and they’re usually his recent conquests. With a ripped bod and rabid naked scenes, Kwanten is sex on a stick”

Mr. Knox’s assessment of “True Blood” is that the show is full of sexual energy with underlying tensions brewing below the surface with excellent performances by the cast. Australians should be prepared to become enthralled with this series as North American audiences have been.

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SOURCE: SX: Flesh and Blood

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