True Blood Named in Top 5 TV Shows in 2009

January 16, 2010 by  

As if True Blood fans would expect anything less, our beloved series has once again been chosen as one of the top shows of 2009. just listed their top five television shows of 2009 and True Blood is at the top. The Web site hails the show as being exactly what a vampire show should be: brutal, sexy and foul-mouthed. They list the most memorable moment from the show as being our not-so-bright Jason Stackhouse playing the hero towards the end of season two and being given some of the best lines in the show:

“Do you think Sam could turn into a chicken and lay his own eggs?”

Who could forget that memorable moment! True Blood is joined on the list by the shows, “Torchwood,” “Being Human,” “Leverage” and “24.” We all know that True Blood is made out of something special and that is why it continues to keep us entertained and begging for more!


(Photo credit: HBO Inc.)

  • Antonio

    That picture,BTW, of the group is So Cool!!! 🙂

  • Antonio

    I’m really not surprised. This show has touched so many. It has definitely struck a chord with so many of its fans! I’ve called it a “guilty pleasure”..because its fun and entertaining to watch. It certainly is Not a horror “soap”. Much of the writing conveys messages that are relevant to our day and it speaks out to us about things such as diversity,hope, and acceptance! The writing is crisp,thought provoking and uncompromisingly frank. This show speaks to people on many levels. Plus, the 2nd season was a doozy! What with the whole Maryann~~wanting to take over the town and its people thing.
    Sam,Sookie and Lafayette were All targets of violence Not to mention betrayal! Sam and Daphne,Jessica and Hoyt, Bill and Lorena his maker who held him captive, The storyline with Eric and Godric his maker There was So much going in it certainly was never dull! People like good Tv They like something that entertains them And makes them think!
    Its just a great show and while it may be graphic it certainly holds your interest! As 1 person had stated on the HBO website regarding the show “I’ve Never had So Much Fun being scared and turned on at the same time!” 🙂 🙂

    • missyella

      Here, here, Antonio.

  • jaxx

    Not surprised. As more people catch on to this series, it will be voted in the top categories, even eventually making it to number 1, over and over.

    Go TB!!

    • missyella

      Hiya Jaxx,

      It has been ages since I was last on and I am now very calm lol……..

      Good to see our favourite show doing well. At long last others are seeing it’s merits…

      • jaxx

        Hi Missyella *waves*. Glad to hear from you. We all need a break every now and then. Hope to see TB for many many seasons to come.

        • missyella

          Hi Jaxx waving back.

          The Christmas break was okay sort of, I had a cold, sore Throat over it to the point of losing my voice and being laid up in Bed for two days.

          Now back to work and the sore Throat is still a problem.

          Anyway enough of me, I have been receiving the TB alerts and reading all the postings, but did not feel the need to respond, but will from now on.

          • jaxx

            Missyella, I hope you’re feeling better soon. It’s cold here too. Everybody is getting sick.

            Well, there’s lots of TB news coming in. Should be a lot to talk about and speculate about. Can’t believe it is still 5 months away. Hopefully, it will go quick.

            Did you see the TB cast at the Golden Globes?? It aired here Sunday, not sure it also aired Sunday for you with the time change and all. They all looked great. Alex’s hair is much darker. I’m wondering if they are going to do the Leif character with him when he was in cognito at the Club Dead protecting Sookie or if they are just changing his hair color again. Hmmmm.