True Blood Has Top Ratings

January 2, 2010 by  

True Blood has hit the top again! Today, it’s not really a list, but ratings highs. True Blood took the top over many shows, including Burn Notice, South Park, and Sons of Anarchy. According to TV by the NumbersTrue Blood had the highest number of viewers per first airing of each episode in the ranking of adults 18-49, with an averaged 3.552 million viewers. It was followed by Burn Notice in second, and Sons of Anarchy in third.

Broken down into male and female viewers, True Blood was in the number 2 spot with 1.751 million male viewers and in the number 1 spot with 1.770 million female viewers.

When it came to adults aged 18-34, True Blood remained the number 1 show with 2.013 million viewers, followed by South Park in second and Sons of Anarchy again in third.

When breaking down the viewers by gender in the 18-34 range, True Blood was not among the top three shows for men (those were South Park, Sons of Anarchy, and Entourage), but placed second behind The Secret Life of the American Teenager for female viewers, with 1.035 million views.

True Blood deserves its place at the top of the ratings, and I’m sure it will continue its reign in ratings with Season 3 when it arrives next summer!


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  • Antonio

    Has Anyone heard where or when the Season 3 Premiere will be?
    Just curious. I’m thinking it should be sometime in May perhaps later May? Will it be in were many of the Sopranos premieres? Will the event be covered by this website?
    Again Just curious.

    • jaxx

      Hi Antonio, I believe S3 will air on June 13th, a Sunday, which is close to when S2 aired last year. 5 more months to go, can’t wait.

    • Hi Antonio,

      The premiere for season 3 is in June but no specific date yet. As Jaxx said mostly likely June 13 as that is around the same time season 2 premiered last year. Most likely the premiere will be in L.A. as it was last year but anything is possible. Yes we covered the premiere last year and we will be covering it this year as well.

      • Antonio

        Hi Ollie I’m so glad that you understood What I meant. I wasnt speaking of the Season 3 premiere date I Was speaking about the Season 3 premiere Party or Gathering Where the cast parades down the red carpet responds to random on-the-spot interviews and such. I recall that some of the premieres for the Sopranos took place in NYC I suppose because HBO HQ was there. The Sopranos of course was based in NY and NJ So I guess it would make sense to have a premiere party there.
        If it was in L.A. Last year then thats where it will prolly be this year,too. My question was When? The 1st week of June?
        Sometime in Late May maybe?
        Its great that you will be covering it! It would be ccol if you could record some interviews on video and then stream them from the site. They are shooting the 3rd Season Now Just cant wait to hear more buzz about it!

  • jaxx

    I have a good feeling about S3. I think it will attract the most viewers ever. Everyone is catching on and that’s great. It means this show will go on for a very long time.

    Here’s to S3, old and new characters/friends alike. Season 3 should be action packed. Hoping HBO will consider extending the season just a little more. 12 episodes is just such a short season for us diehard fans.

    Please keep sending us news. June is still a long 5 months away.

  • lizzie

    Yes!!! Happy Dance!! Go True Blood! I see it draws the chicks mainly, but guys like it too.

    Go True Blood!

    • cictrubie

      When you look at the raw numbers, you’re right. But if you take a comparison of the total raw numbers for viewership of shows like like South Park, Entourage, and Sons of Anarchy; then break them down into men v women viewers; and then convert those numbers into percentages: guess what? True Blood is almost even with those shows for male viewers.

      I think that is the real story behind the numbers. Almost everyone that frequents sites like this one think the vast majority of viewers are female. The truth is quite the opposite. There is almost an even split between men and women viewers. I really knew there was no way TB could be so wildly successful unless its appeal was based on cross-cutting demographics. The numbers prove that.

  • Nia

    Woooooo WHooooooooo!!

    Doing a Happy Dance!
    Thanks Isis, The numbers do not lie.
    True Blood is the best adult entertainment on TV.

    Thanks for Posting!!

    • When I was assigned the article, and I read it for myself, I did a happy dance too! So glad to see my favorite show take top ratings! No other show deserves the accolades that True Blood does.

      I hope that True Blood gets even more notice for what is going to be an amazing Season 3!

  • Antonio

    Its not surprising its a good show with great writing that is crisp,smart and funny. We fans have much to look forward to here
    In S3 there will be a lot to take in im sure. Werewolves will be introduced, perhaps other shifters, Other vampires. Then there is the question Who abducted Bill? It had to be Lorena Or Eric right? Perhaps not? AB just might surprise us.
    Will Sookie search far and wide for her beloved Bill? Will there be an attraction to others? To Eric? To Alcide?
    How will meeting his natural family affect Sam? What of Jason and Tara? Will they come together? Will Alcide The Weres and Debbie Pelt blow into town and stir up trouble?
    So Many questions Guess We will have to wait and see!
    Happy New Year to All!!