True Blood Town, Doyline, Evacuated Due to Discovery of Explosives

December 6, 2012 by  

6 Million Pounds of Explosives Found

HBO True Blood Promo PosterLast Friday, the town of Doyline, Louisiana was evacuated due to approximately 6 million pounds of explosives (M6 artillery propellant) were discovered at Camp Minden, a former army ammunition plant, originally stored there by Explo Systems Inc. who reside currently in South Korea.

Doyline is most famously known for being the town where scenes for HBO’s TV show, True Blood, are filmed. The police department have released the following photo of the explosive powder and claim that it will be a time-consuming process.

The explosives are not expected to be fully cleared until Tuesday. Local schools will be shut on Monday and possibly on Tuesday also.

The explosives were discovered after a follow up enquiry to an explosion on October 15th at Camp Minden. It was then that not only the explosives were discovered, but that they were incorrectly stored.

So far there have been no casualties.

Source: – True Blood town evacuated after 6 million pounds of explosives found

(Photo Credits: HBO Inc. and State Police via AP)