True Blood Triangle Ignites!

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aussiello-filesThat may have got you guessing True Blood fans, jump to no conclusions just yet…
The Aussiello Files just posted this video interview from Comicon with True Blood’s Anna Paquin (Sookie Stackhouse), Stephen Moyer (Bill Compton), and Alexander Skarsgard (Eric Northman). Hmmm… wonder how much more things are going to heat up; jeez I already need a cold shower after some of these episodes!
Enjoy this fun little talk, they all play off each other well in interviews they are a fun group to watch!

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  • pbartteacher

    Just trying to point out the contrasts in the characters that Alan Ball and his writers have continued to develop. Just trying to start a conversation about the differences in Sookie’s men. All the men are great. As I mentioned, Bill and Sookie’s sex scene was hot. It was interesting to me how Sookie imagined sex with Eric would be.

    • BLF

      OK, i have to give my opinion on this 🙂

      From Sookie’s perspective, she has only had sex with Bill during which their tends to be a blood exchange. So while dreaming of Eric, why would she dream he would follow the same techniques? In fact the dream, Fantasy Eric was pretty much the opposite from the personality traits and mannerisms she has with “real” Eric.

      The scenes with Sookie/Bill and Sookie/Eric are all hot.

      I love both the books and the show; and fully appreciate the differences. I try not to be a shipper, but its all good entertainment to see the comments fly back and forth 🙂

  • pbartteacher

    Was our love triangle hot enough for everyone last Sunday. “I Will Rise Up” was by far the best episode yet. Of course, I say that every week.

    One thing I did notice, granted E/S was a dream scene from Sookie’s self-conscience but her version of sex with Eric was quite delightful compared to Bill.

    Please let me explain before you flame me. S2E1 of this season, I loved the hot sex scene with Bill and Sookie. But did you notice how Bill had the fangs out and almost attacked her for the makeup sex. So much for mainstreaming.

    When Sookie and Eric got together (in the dream) it was much more loving, caring, humorous and mild by comparison. Eric didn’t even have any fangs, smiling, etc. “This is the beginning!” Sookie’s words? This is what I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about. Wish I could remember that dream. Just food for thought.

    • Nia

      Well, pbartteacher, the white hot flame rears its visage only to right an injustice. As I have also explained, in the past, I admire all the actors but still have my favorite. Which is the way it should be. If we all liked the same things it would be a boring world. Its the name calling and derogatory comments that I, and others, cannot abide and lately, ignore.
      Since we are going over past episodes, remember the wonderful love scene by the fireplace??? Bill was so upset when his fangs came out, and would have stopped had she wanted him to. He waited for her permission. Each time he bites her she has invited it. To quote our wonderfully comical Jason, “I think she likes it”.
      I understand all the Eric lovers are looking for any reason to justify the Eric/Sookie hookup, and that its right. It is happenning. It was inevitable. So lighten up people. It doesn’t mean I or others will start calling Eric names. I love his bad boy character and his importance to the show. He was also wonderful in the dream sequence.
      So, nuff said, lets all just enjoy True Blood and be grateful to the HBO gods that be, and each and every wonderful actor who does such an incredible job to make us feel so much passion.

    • Val

      Boy Phar-I completely agree with you! I couldn’t sleep for three nights replaying that love scene! Also did you notice how Bill was sound asleep when she came back to herself?Ho Hum-excitment over for him! I was also impressed with the amazing exit scene and how wonderfully played it was! Allan Hyde said they had only minutes to do it in so they could catch the sun rising! A/E was incrediblely compelling-begging for Godric to change his mind-I was mesmerized!

  • I have not read the books…don’t plan to.. I love the show and all the actors..Esp.Stephen Moyer…I think the video was fine and kinda cute..I did’t notice Stephen getting all upset ??..over Anna or Alexander..or Alex making faces about, the 5% remark ?! What ever…They seem O.K. to me?? Again…Great Show…that’s just,me.

    • Nia

      Hey lani may, always good to hear from you. I have read the books and love the show much better. Stick with the show, so much more enjoyment. Some people who have read the books get all bent out of shape and tend to ruin the show experience for the rest of us with their complaints and sometimes rude cmments. What we should ALL be doing is supporting the show and the wonderful actors who give their all for our pleasure. We are lucky to have this show at all.

  • val

    Well now that Stephen and Anna are engaged I wonder what Alan will do with the triangle?I hope he sticks at least loosly to the books.I’d love to see Eric with a woman!(Though he seems quite devoted to Godric!)

    • pbartteacher

      I don’t think that Stephen and Anna’s engagement will effect the story lines at all. All the actors involved are consummate professionals. Alan Ball has already begun writing season 3 and plans on starting filming before the December break.

      As far as Eric is concerned, I am with you they really have made us wait for the love triangle to form. They could have at least given us some sort of hot steamy scene with Eric. Alan Ball has not really shown much of the Eric story line until this season.

      As far as Godric is concerned, Eric is very loyal to his maker. Without Godric, Eric would have died from his battle wounds a thousand years ago. In Eric’s world, loyalty is very important. He speaks of loyalty more than he talks about love, lust or anything else. His life has become so mundane that even feeding on the willing no longer satisfies his hunger.And we all know how he feels about “TruBlood” the beverage. I think this is why he is so interested in Sookie. She does not act as other “breathers” do. He finds this quite curious. There is something very exciting about the idea of Sookie to Eric. He continues to do his homework about humans by interviewing Isabel about her attraction/interest in Hugo. Even though he tells Isabel that he is not interested in Sookie, we all know differently. By employing Lorena to keep Bill occupied, Eric has now positioned himself to save Sookie and discover what is going on with Godric.

      Not all is as it seems in the Dallas Vampire Culture.Can’t wait for this week’s episode and the following week-bullet sucking scene.

      • Nia

        I can’t wait for that myself. I am a self proclaimed Bill lover but there is nothing wrong with sampling from the smorgasbored!

  • pbartteacher

    You are right Nia,Stephen does have a great sense of humor.As does Anna and Alexander. And your right. They are probably ready to pull their hair out about the love triangle questions. Having to keep those plot lines a secret for such a long time, can be at best difficult. I know the whole “Lafayette” plot line must have driven everyone to drink before the start of Season Two.

    But for us Truebies, the need to know is very important. Some of us feel like we have a vested interest in this show. Our characters are important to us. People have feelings one direction or another. Eric and Sookie. Sookie and Bill. Sookie and ?

    Well, can anyone say “bullet scene”. Two more weeks.

  • jay

    Someone else picked up on their body language too! I’m not an expert and I dont know what certain positions mean? But I noticed that although AP is sitting close to SM, and he almost has his armed drapped around her most of the interview. Her entire body is not fully facing in SM direction. Her legs and feet are actually closer to AS. AS is sitting towards AP direction. Which tells me AP and AS are both comfortable in each others space. But I wouldnt read any further than that.. Just shows they are comfortable around each other. I guess if you have that with your fellow cast members. Then it will be easy to portray on screen. Which is great because if the show does follow the eric/sookie relationship like the books (not to total detail ofcourse). At least, AS and AP are comfortable and close off camera, so on camera should be relatively organic.. I think all three are getting bored with the love triangle questions. Im guessing all three are now eager for the triangle to finally get into gear, just so they can move on to something else and answer different questions for a change! I dont mind what the show does with the love triangle. I know the show will do it justice.. Allan did say in an interview they are going to play out the love triangle like it is in the books. So we may most likely see sookie/eric action. But the question is to what extent? cant wait, all makes for great television.

    • Nia

      Interesting Jay. I think we have here 3 very professional actors who are comfortable with each other and will do what is necessary for the show. I do hope for the triangle to really get under way. It has somewhat started already.
      Yes I imagine they are all sick of the questions about the triangle thus the fun comment from Stephen about the Eric/Bill hookup. The man is too funny. Knows when to throw in just the right amount of humor. Bring it on Alan B.
      Team True Blood!

      • jay

        hey nia, I think you hit the nail on the head. I probably look at body language stuff to closely LOL! Thats just me personally, I think little things in your body language and behaviour say alot. Doesnt mean I know what I am talking about LOL! You are totally correct they are all consumate professionals, also all their scenes are mostly with each other. Its so obvious that they are all comfortable in each others presence, without having to look at little intricate things like body language. Silly me! LOL. I dont think Allan Ball wont change things just coz AP and SM are engaged. The shows not just about them… I was thinking something really funny. AS said he went for the role of Bill, obviously didn’t get it. So did Ryan Kwanten. How things would have been so different if they were cast instead of SM.

        • Nia

          Hi Jay, Actually I think that your idea of body language is important. Just the way they were sitting in the interview speaks volumes. Stephen so close, Alex farther back. Anyways who wouldn’t want to look at those “bodies”. Yummy!
          I have read the books and SM looks and has the same height and build as described by Charlaine H., for Bill. Alexander is the perfect Eric. Great casting in this show. I hope we have many, many seasons to come. Happy viewing! Stay “TRUE”.

  • pbartteacher

    Yes, you’re right. They are all wonderful actors. Hopefully, Alan Ball will be able to keep the entire core cast together and no one will not be drawn away by other projects.

    When television shows use ensemble casting, it is important that the core group remains constant. The group dynamics will continue to evolve as new characters and plot lines are introduced.

    Three more nights until the best television show ever. Well that’s my opinion.

    • Nia


  • CoraLee

    I noticed that Stephen doesn’t like talking about the Sookie/Eric relationship but I don’t think it is because he is in denial. First I think that they probably get sick of being asked the question and having to say “I can’t tell you” or “you have to watch and find out” so I think he is going for comedy to distract from answering the question. I like the approach because I would rather be entertained with a comedic distraction then be told “I can’t say”. I am also wondering if there is some BIG surprise that Alan Ball has planned for the relationship which deviates from the books. If that is true it may be hard for the actors to answer the question without lying or giving away too much. I think that Alan is going to deviate from the books and maybe make Sookie and Bill a relationship like other TV shows where they break up but still get back together a few times over the course of the series.
    I love the interaction between the 3 and I find it funny that they seem to get along great but their fans are constantly trying to pit their charcters against one another.

    • Nia

      I agree with you CoraLee, we are so fortunate to have these 3 wonderful and professional actors entertaining us. We need to give them the credit and respect they are due instead of dreaming up ways to pit them against each other. Just because Anna and Stephen are an item (I do love his little possessive gestures towards her, I would kill to be sitting where she is)doesn’t mean they will not do what is necessary to continue the wonderful success of this amazing show. Stephen is such a natural with comedy, his little quip about the sexual tension between Eric and Bill, so spontaneous, a perfect distrction, priceless.
      I will put my faith in Alan B. to give us a wild ride. No matter where this show goes, Bill/Sookie, Eric/Sookie, Sam/Sookie, whatever, I will be supportive and continue to be a devoted fan.
      To all True Blood fans out there….UNITE.

  • pbartteacher

    Yes, the body language in this interview speaks volumes. SM has his hands on AP the entire time. Doesn’t want her out of his reaches. Alex looks so relaxed and sits back on the couch and is taking it all in. So laid back and just realizing what a big thing he is becoming in the States. Being away in Sweden, he is catching up on the TB mayhem.

    When asked a question, I love how AP calls Alex the immoral one. Priceless. Can’t wait to see these dynamics explored further on the show.

    Other interviews with Alex, sounds like he can’t wait either. Should make for an interesting end to Season Two and Season Three. Bring it on Alan Ball. Our “V” addiction is not satisfied yet.

    Plus bring on more of our swexy Swede.Yummy!

  • lee

    I’ve been in love with “vampires” since i was 12 (15 years ago). And bother my former sister in law and current sister in law have read the books or are currently reading them. If fact everyone that I’ve come into contact with has read or are currently reading the books because thy just can’t wait to see what happens. I love the books and although some differences like the big roles for Jason and Tara blend well with the show, I’d hate to see some parts of the book or general direction of the books be altered. I mean, doesn’t anyone else want to see Eric (AS) in a hot pink tank top? Talk about steamy…

    • Nia

      Eric in a hot pink tank and spandex. Who wouldn’t want to see that!! Can’t wait for the Bill/Sookie/Eric drama.


    about this interview…only 5%!!!, hahahahahaha Sthepen Moyer is crazy! please everyone knows that people began to devour books of Ch when ended the first season of True Blood and there are many people who are reading the books,Sthepen Moyer is not for unrealistic when he made this comment,No matter how hard it seems Alan Ball tries to minimize Alexander in the role of Eric…. people still go crazy for him… Notice the look on Alex’s face at Steven’s comment about only 5% of the TB audience are book readers. Almost like “WTF? Are you kidding me? What alternate universe are you living in?”…and i also think that Alexander Skarsgård has too much personality… the truth is that Sthepen Moyer overshadowed by Alex …for me in the deep Sthepen Moyer knows that Eric is the real protagonist of this story and even worse … sthepen knows that Alex knows this…is only my opinion…=)

    • Holly

      5% is absurd and clearly made up. I hadn’t read the books when I started season one but I got them, read them–then I realized that all my friends & family watching the show had already read all the books. I don’t think this is out of the ordinary. I’d say more like 50% have read the books, conservatively, just guessing. I talk about it in bookstores and shops all the time and get a fair representation, i think. Stephen has to say that to solidify his position in the series. Stephen’s sitting up on the end of the couch excited, offensive, with Anna agreeing anxiously with every word (because they’re lovers in real life). They KNOW that the majority of people following the series want Eric with Sookie. I meet maybe one person in three that prefers Bill (I’m being generous here), at the most. Alexander has twice the magnetism and even if he didn’t, Harris wrote Eric to be a major love interest. Are they just going to IGNORE “Dead to the World” in which Sookie proclaims that she has the best sex of her life with Eric? Are they going to ignore that she has flings with Alcide and Quinn? I mean, once she’s been around a bit, her beginning with Bill is belittled and even almost insignificant. He’s there to seduce her on order from the Queen not for love. He leaves her for his maker (which they’ve downplayed in the series, making HIM look like the victim). In a dozen ways he falls short in the book but the series keeps downplaying it. I think it’s a fault to break so far from the book. I wish they’d stick to the real story line a bit more. They maened is far overdone and needs to go. The black-eyed humping is old now, seriously. We don’t need another 10min every show of a blank-faced Tara being humped. I know they have to satisfy the HBO audience, but seriously…doesn’t Charlaine have ANY say in this? I’d think she’d be ashamed of what they’ve done to her story in this series. It sticks to the books maybe 10% (being generous). They were great books. I wish HBO would go with them more….. LOVE TO HARRIS******

      • Holly, it you have seen and read Charlaine Harris’ interviews she has repeatedly stated that the she does not tell Alan how to write the show and he doesn’t tell her how to write her books. Also she has stated many times she is enjoying the series and is NOT disappointed in them at all even with the changes. You keep referring back to the books various themes. You have to remember this is Alan Ball’s adaptation of Charlaine’s books NOT a recreation therefore we do not know what is going to happen next. The only thing I can say in regards to your assumptions regarding the number of book readers and majority of people who want to see an Eric and Sookie hookup is again an assumption. Let us celebrate and enjoy the series as it plays out and not play one character over the other based on preconceptions. This is Alan Ball’s creation and regardless if he follows the book or not it is highly entertaining and addictive as the statistics shows each week with the numbers climbing higher and higher by being HBO’s top show.

        • Nia

          Thank you for that reply AdoreBill. I agree with you completely. As do many others. Well said!

  • Elizabeth

    Poor Steve! He is keeping close to Anna in this shoot! They all look good together and you can tell they are a tight group. It is a fun interview and I wish it went longer. I absolutely love Bill and Sookie together – I don’t want sex between Sookie and Eric, but would love some interaction between them all! That, in my opinion, would be great drama!

    PS Love Steve’s hair!

  • shortyamv

    I’d agree with 5%. Most of my friends and almost all of my coworkers watch this show and none of them knew that it was based on a book series.

    • Nia

      Nobody I know personally have read the books. I have turned a lot of people to the show, which they love, but they are not interested in the books.

      • pbartteacher

        After finishing the season one last fall, I knew I was not going to be able to wait until June for my next “V” fix. I proceeded to buy all the books and started reading books 1-3 in just a few days. Since then, I have enjoyed reading all the books and rereading certain passages over and over and over again.
        The DVD and DVR will have to sustain me until next June after the season two is over. I know one of the HBO DVD releases that I am anxiously awaiting is “Generation Kill”. I’ll get a chance to watch my Sexy Swede in a different context. So gorgeous.
        I do enjoy what Alan Ball and his writers have done with the Charlaine Harris novels. He took a good story, characters and plot lines and has only improved them. Having said that, I do hope that some of the plot lines remain the same from the books. But just give them a good twist and shaken not stirred. Wink, wink to James Bond.

  • a cake

    I’m so glad they’re not following the books religiously. I think the deviations from the books have actually been my favourite parts of the series so far. Besides, the show has developed and invested more in the Bill/Sookie romance than the books so it’s would make little sense to drop it and go in the opposite direction. That said, I’m all for some dramatic tension and interesting Eric storylines!

  • Options

    5% hahaha… SM is in denial lol.

    • nia

      Actually, according to the interview, when Stephen said “5% of tv viewers that watch the show have read the books”, it was information given to him. How could that put him in denial?
      In fact here and in past interviews, both Alex and Stephen have always said that the show needs that sexual tension and where the story line should go.

      • Options

        Nia I can see you’re a fan of Bill, but my friends and I only read the books before S2 started. Believe me we were surprise by the Bill story line. I think the 5% was for S1 but not so much for now. Visit CH’s website.
        Gotta tell you that the books are great! CH did an excellent job and I can see why AB chose to do the show based on those books. And if its true what he says: that he is staying true to the spirit of the books… there are some story lines that he cant change.
        Eric is a fantastic character and AS is incredible portraying him and it doesnt hurt that he is delishh. 😉
        Also IMO, SM seems uncomfortable talking about the Eric/Sookie/Bill triangle that’s why I said he is denial.

        • nia

          Hey Options, thanks for the reply. I am a fan of Bill but also of Eric. They are two amazing actors and wonderful characters.
          I have read all the books. I started a few months into the first season. I have to admit I like the show a bit better, thats just me. I like the journey Alan Ball is taking us on. I like to be surprised. Even Alex said the show should be different. Yet you know there will be great drama between the threesome and for that I can’t wait. I respect all the Eric lovers (I am one in my own way)as I do the Bill lovers. But even though we all may see things a little differently and we love our respective vampires (how boring it would be if we all thought the same), I would like to think that we all are supportive of this amazing show!
          Happy viewing!

  • Paulina

    Is it my impression or Stephen is always so unwilling to talk about Eric and Sookie situation?
    It will be hard for him to see Anna and Alex in any steamy scene…
    I´m agree with him that the books have to differ from the series but Eric and Sookies relationship is an undeniable and unavoidable important part since Club dead.

    Too fun! what else can I say 🙂

  • nia

    They are so beautiful, funny and so in tune with each other. True professionals. I look forward to more and more True Blood.