True Blood Trivia #2 Season One Episode 1

March 31, 2009 by  

1548trueblood-postersOk everyone time to test your knowledge of True Blood Episodes in Season One. While we wait for the June 14th  True Blood Season Two premiere, we will post a series of True Blood Quizzes, Trivia and Polls weekly.

We have a new set of more challenging Episode 1 quiz questions. The second set of trivia is based on Season One Episode One Strange Love. If you have watched True Blood over and over with close attention to everything on the show and with the characters, this trivia quiz will be very easy! Who could forget some of the scenes from our favorite characters in the first Episode?


These questions are super easy! No need to re-watch the episode again, right? Don’t worry the questions will get harder in the upcoming weekly trivia!

  • Gabby

    Got all of them right!! I’m an obsessed True Blood fan XD

  • Karena Boteler

    Hi there I just started watching True Blood from the first season. I wondered if anyone could explain to me how Sam could be the dog when they were both in a scene together on Sam’s porch. I am curious and mildly irritated because I thought Sam was the dog until I saw that scene and then it turns out he is the dog anyway hmmm.

    • Antonio

      Hi In Season 2 Sam explains that he can become any animal he “imprints” on. He had to see the dog first and imprint on it before he could become it. He cannot become inanimate objects like trees or cars. He cannot become people…Only animals. He is Not a werewolf He is a shapeshifter. I hope that helps.

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  • kim

    11/15 i should have done better but i need to leard never to 2nd guess myself I never realized gran read charlaine harris that rocks! LOL

  • christina

    not quite so easy, but fun

  • We are creating both easier and harder trivia for each episode. Be sure to check back weekly!

  • concertmom43

    I got 11 out of 15 – should’ve gotten 13, but I changed 2 of my answers…. Oh well, not bad considering I had to take a guess on a few of ’em!

  • aussiejoh?nbill

    great quiz!! i got all 15 right 🙂

  • waynette marques

    The questions were good I did not do so well but next time.

  • TrueBlood2009

    I like the trivia questions this time. Am wondering where we sign up for t-shirts.