True Blood Makes TV Guide’s Unforgettable Moments for 2010

January 3, 2011 by  

Sookie’s A Fairy!

Anna Paquin as Sookie StackhouseWhile fans of the Sookie Stackhouse Novels knew “what” Sookie was, she remained in the dark until this past season of True Blood.  The episode where Sookie discovered that she is a fairy made in onto the TV Guide’s list of most unforgettable moments for 2010.

While this moment beat the likes of the series finale of 24 and the song and dance number that Jimmy Fallon and the cast of Glee performed at the Prime-time Emmy’s, it made the list for being, well, a little…lame. As Sookie herself quoted:

I’m a fairy? How f**king lame!

She isn’t the only one who felt this way.  The fact that Bill mentioned that another name for fairies is ‘aliens’ and that Sookie’s fae relatives could also be termed as possible ‘rapist fairies’ (once again Sookie’s quote) was enough to get under the skin of TV and radio personality Kennedy, amongst others.

The full reaction can be seen in the video footage below (around the 2:05 mark).

Source: YouTube– TV’s Unforgettable Moments 2010 Pt 3

(Photo Credit: HBO Inc.)

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