It’s True Blood vs. Twilight!

July 10, 2009 by  

Today we’re adding another Trendrr poll (Thanks Trendrr!).  This time we’re going to look at the tweets of True Blood vs. Twilight!  As always, this is a dynamic poll and YOU can affect the day to day mentions on Twitter.

As always: No SPAMMING!  These are general comments taken across the Twitterverse, sending your opinions in any form to will not change these numbers and if you did so repeatedly you’d get yourself auto-blocked for spam.   Indeed, you can get your Twitter account suspended for auto-spamming. We’re only gently encouraging you to increase your discussion of #trueblood.  In addition, we would like to recommend that with every True Blood related Tweet you include the word #trueblood (and if you’re feeling supportive:  For those that don’t know, the hash mark creates a searchable term for others to find your tweets on that topic.

As you can see, True Blood Spikes on a certain night of the week [Sundays!]  but is generally much more twittered than Twilight.  Can we keep it up?  Only time, and our graphs, will tell!

Source: Trendrr