True Blood Versus Twilight Showdown

January 3, 2010 by  

Among True Blood fans, there are those who are highly competitive about the show’s superiority to other vampire stories. The comparisons between them are to be expected. Certainly some people enjoy more than one, but others have chosen their favorite and are fiercely loyal to it. One Canadian newspaper, the Times & Transcript, matches True Blood up against Twilight and comes down firmly on the side of Sookie Stackhouse and her fascinating world.

They argue that the characters, setting, and story are all better in True Blood than in Twilight. Where Bella is a whiny teenage girl who seems to have no reason for falling in love with Edward (and no qualms about dating a vampire), Sookie is “the down to earth, feisty, independent, brave waitress who can take care of herself.” The first night she meets Bill, she’s the one to save his life, and in their relationship, she often struggles with his dark vampire side. The show also features many complicated and relatable supporting characters.

With True Blood taking place in the small southern town of Bon Temps, Louisiana, the setting itself takes on a life of its own, whereas the rainy, blue-tinted Forks, Washington, in which the Twilight saga occurs, seems more like a convenient excuse to keep the Cullens from sparkling in the sunlight.

Most importantly, the story of True Blood is compelling and well-written:

“The language is gritty and realistic (lots of cussing) and there is occasional nudity and lots of sexual content, so True Blood certainly appeals to an older audience than does the teen centric, angst-ridden Twilight. Throw in some violence, lots of blood, some dark magic and a bit of cynicism and (just like me) you will be hooked on this show, which has already been recognized with an Emmy and a Golden Globe.”

Their criticism of Twilight is that it is repetitive and paints a pathetic picture of love. To be fair, neither the books nor the movies make any bold claims about trying to win awards. The story is entertaining to its audience, and that’s all there is to it. If fans must choose just one vampire story (which, of course, they don’t), then True Blood has more to offer mature viewers. And it was the Twilight obsession that kicked off the vampire craze, which has without question made True Blood more successful. So if we’re judging a fang-off between Edward and the Twilight vamps, versus Bill, Eric, Pam, and the True Blood vamps, there’s no question over who would win! But millions of people enjoy both, so we shouldn’t try to stop anyone from doing watching/reading either one!


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