True Blood Versus Twilight Showdown

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Among True Blood fans, there are those who are highly competitive about the show’s superiority to other vampire stories. The comparisons between them are to be expected. Certainly some people enjoy more than one, but others have chosen their favorite and are fiercely loyal to it. One Canadian newspaper, the Times & Transcript, matches True Blood up against Twilight and comes down firmly on the side of Sookie Stackhouse and her fascinating world.

They argue that the characters, setting, and story are all better in True Blood than in Twilight. Where Bella is a whiny teenage girl who seems to have no reason for falling in love with Edward (and no qualms about dating a vampire), Sookie is “the down to earth, feisty, independent, brave waitress who can take care of herself.” The first night she meets Bill, she’s the one to save his life, and in their relationship, she often struggles with his dark vampire side. The show also features many complicated and relatable supporting characters.

With True Blood taking place in the small southern town of Bon Temps, Louisiana, the setting itself takes on a life of its own, whereas the rainy, blue-tinted Forks, Washington, in which the Twilight saga occurs, seems more like a convenient excuse to keep the Cullens from sparkling in the sunlight.

Most importantly, the story of True Blood is compelling and well-written:

“The language is gritty and realistic (lots of cussing) and there is occasional nudity and lots of sexual content, so True Blood certainly appeals to an older audience than does the teen centric, angst-ridden Twilight. Throw in some violence, lots of blood, some dark magic and a bit of cynicism and (just like me) you will be hooked on this show, which has already been recognized with an Emmy and a Golden Globe.”

Their criticism of Twilight is that it is repetitive and paints a pathetic picture of love. To be fair, neither the books nor the movies make any bold claims about trying to win awards. The story is entertaining to its audience, and that’s all there is to it. If fans must choose just one vampire story (which, of course, they don’t), then True Blood has more to offer mature viewers. And it was the Twilight obsession that kicked off the vampire craze, which has without question made True Blood more successful. So if we’re judging a fang-off between Edward and the Twilight vamps, versus Bill, Eric, Pam, and the True Blood vamps, there’s no question over who would win! But millions of people enjoy both, so we shouldn’t try to stop anyone from doing watching/reading either one!


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  • lice 96

    non c’e’ nemmeno paragone… twilight e’ 1 delle solite stupidaggini… 1 vera falsa… w true blood!!!!!!!

  • Antonio

    In New Moon, Bella traveled 5000 miles to save her beloved Edward. She was willing to risk her Own life to save her vampire love. Will Sookie be willing to put herself on the line to save her Bill? Will she be willing to risk her own life to save him?
    Or will they have grown apart somewhat when and If she does find him? I’m thinking in Bill’s absence, if she becomes attracted to either Eric or Alcide will she still Want Bill?
    Could Eric become her New vampire boyfriend??

  • Seriously? I’m sick of this whole comparison thing. It is getting on my nerves.

    You CANNOT compare them! One is for young adults and the like, and the other is CLEARLY meant for a more adult audience.

    Why are people still bothering with trying to compare them? I mean, REALLY?!?!?! Get over it…

  • Jessica

    Ok—so I have to say that until about 2 weeks ago I was very against anything Twilight, because I assumed it was a whinny teenager and what not. I was a die hard TB fan, read all the books and everything. I borrowed the first Twilight series book from my older sister 2 weeks ago and read all four of the books within in 72 hours. They are written well, a little better than Charlaine Harris, and the stories really bring out the love and compassion that you don’t necessarily see. It’s true that they are “younger” but in all honesty, they are great! I love the movies which I saw also…After reading the TL books I am now rereading the TB books just to compare. The visions of each author are different of course, but that’s what makes it interesting…who would want to read a whole other series that is exactly like another one? It’s entertainment value…you don’t have to choose. You can like each one for different reasons. There is more love and passion in twilight than there are in Sookie Stackhouse books….Edward and Bella love each other more than anything, and for them there are no lies or betrayal…it is their complete and undying (haha) affection for each other that makes it that way. Whereas Sookie in the show and in the books will pass between numerous other “men”….
    I like both. I will continue to read all the TB books and watch the show, and at the same time, I will keep my teenage angst alive with the new movies for Twilight!

    Power the women writing these novels and to the actors portraying their said characters!

    Enjoy!!! 🙂

    • Antonio

      Thanks Jessica I quite agree!! I appreciate your comment on how you think that there is more passion and love in the Twilight books than in the SSnovels. I haven’t read Any of the Sookie Stackhouse books..So I wouldn’t know how they compare to each other. 1 thing I’d like to say ~~And I mean No offense to TB fans or fans of the books~~~ Is that the 1st Twilight book is so vividly and incredibly descriptive about Bella and Edwards affection and deep desire for 1 another! Their love grows over time and intensifies! I agree Jessica At No time does Edward Ever disrespect her,talk down to her,yell at her…belittle her in front of others etc. At one point Edward even catches her kissing with Jacob in a tent! And yet he does Not yell or scream or even act upset He simply says “If This is What you want I will back away I will leave You to make the choice” As much as it would hurt him to lose her to Jacob, He wants Her happiness much more than His Own! In the 1st Twilight book,Edward is always there watching over her. Even when he is not physically there with her she can still feel his gaze on her.
      He hums his “sweet lullaby” to her at night and plays the piano for her as a means to express his love.
      Bella and Edward do not have to express themselves sexually for their love to be conveyed to the reader. Edward does not feed off of her or expose her to danger. Yes,Jessica between Them there are No lies or betrayal! The Only reason Edward leaves her is because he believes that she would be better off if he(and his family) were not in her life! He loves her far too much to see her be put in harm’s way …even if its him shes needs to be protected from!
      This does Not mean that Edward and Bella have a better relationship…After all, the road to true love is Never smooth for Anyone!! They have their share of problems,too!
      Plus Bella has to make the ultimate choice…Life as a human without him or un-life as a vampire with him forever!
      It seems so far Ms. Stackhouse never had to make such a choice.
      I realize that True Blood is on HBO and it Does have strong adult elements…it informs the viewer before the episode begins what it contains it is then up to the viewer to make up their mind whether or not they want to watch it.
      True Blood is a good show…prolly the best on Tv now!
      It is However for a more mature audience I’d say 19+
      Maybe even 21 and older? True Blood is probably more realistic and gritty. It shows the dark, harsh visceral realities of vampire “life” as opposed to romanticizing it.
      They are 2 different stories and there are fans for both and Of both. 1 more thing, Human couples fight,argue disagree vehemently Why then does it seem like Sookie and Bill have a mortal looking relationship? I thought that Only mortals fought and made-up? Isnt Bill supposed to be above that intellectually?
      He is a vampire,after all.
      No Offense to any of the TB fans, I am after all 1 myself
      I agree with Jessica and others here that say 1 can enjoy Both for different reasons! I wish there were people like Sam,Tara Sookie, Bill,Terry Edward Jacob Bella in the real world it would be nice!
      The question Isnt Which Do You like Better? The real question is What Do You Get out of These stories/shows??
      I think that if these books/films/tv shows make you to feel something then the authors have done their job and that includes Alan Ball.

  • TruEricFan

    I love both. I love each for different reasons.

  • Val

    Can’t we all just get along? Some like potatoes and some like tomatoes-I like Trueblood but thats my thing.
    Variety is,as they say.the spice of the—undead !!!

  • You Wild and Crazy “True Blood fans!!” (As am I!) What the Heck!!?? You totally get in to ….Stuff…..Cool….

  • Antonio

    Great Article Janie! Most thought provoking.
    In the Twilight saga, Bella does save her vampire love as well!
    Bella risks her own life to come to the aid of Edward who provokes the Vulturi~~an ancient ruling vampire clan~~in Volterra,Italy. In book 1(as in the film) Edward saves Bella,too! He saves her life and falls hard in love with her.
    In the books,Bella also becomes gutsy and headstrong as she fights alongside her vampire love and his family against warring vampire factions,vindictive vampire vixens even the Volturi.
    In the end,she proves herself to be a great asset to the Cullens.
    Whiny teenager? Sure But Sookie Stackhouse is Also given to fits of temperament,moodiness, and petulant behavior!
    I wonder if these couples couldnt go on a double date sometime?
    BTW, the cloudy,overcast blue tinted Forks as you put it is Metaphorical for whats going on in Bella’s life at the time.
    The cloud cover and gloom are symbolic of the emptiness,confusion and depression Bella is feeling being in Forks and trying tolive another life both with her dad And with Edward and the Cullens.

  • Antonio

    I’d like to comment here about this. As someone who has written a few articles here comparing the similarities and the differences of these 2 vamp franchises,I feel I have a thing or 2 to say. I like Both. I saw New Moon almost a month ago and I liked it. I like the Twilight film too. Its interesting to compare them and to contrast the various characters. To try and state that 1 is better or even superior than the other would be like disregarding or disrespecting either of the ladies who wrote these book. Stephenie Meyer has her own unique vision of vampires and their world as does Charlaine Harris and her vision. In Ms.Meyer’s books, Vampires dont sleep dont lie in dirt, can walk out in the sunlight and move with exceptional speed. Ms. Harris has a different view of vampire existence also
    Perhaps vampires do not “sparkle” and maybe being bitten by a vampire multiple times would be enough to “convert” someone to become an undead themself,But these ladies write about vamps as They see it. I have read All the Twilight books. I think that book 1 and book 3 are my faves but thats just MHO.
    I like Both of these because both of them helped me to see life in a new way and love,too.
    There are Many who feel unworthy of love or constancy…I give Both Edward And Bill a Lot of credit for trying to hold on to the objects of their affections! It can be Quite difficult to find lasting love Even for those who are Not Vampires!
    The reason Why I believe that Both of these work is because they are about finding and holding on to lasting love! Love,devotion,companionship loyalty,trust and someone to protect and watch out for you..Who wouldnt want That?
    Now, Having said that, I feel there is little need to either compare Or state that 1 is better than the other.
    Are there not those who like Both Vanilla And Chocolate ice cream? What of those who like Neopolitan a mix of Chocolate,Vanilla And Strawberry? Do we tell such people they are wrong for liking this particular ice cream??
    My point here is this…People enjoy what strikes a chord with them! There are people who enjoy Both Twilight And True Blood There is nothing wrong with that.
    Bella is sought after by Edward,Jacob,Mike and even the sadistic James~~mostly because he wants her for his next snack
    Sookie is sought after by Bill,Sam Eric and who knows who else?
    Alcide? Queen Sophie Ann?
    Bella had to make a choice between Edward and Jacob
    I dont believe Sookie had to make such a choice. She loves Bill On The Show,Anyway This Is a site dedicated to the Show on HBO
    There is just something about young love,teen angst feeling out of place Surely We can All realte to that as We were All teens once! I wonder about something Would True Blood be as popular if the main characters were All under 25 or 21??
    What if Sookie was 17 when she met Bill? What if Bill had been turned at 19 instead of 27? What if Sookie,Bill Eric Sam and Tara were all 20 or younger would it be as popular as it is??
    Would Sookie have gone to her prom with Bill? with Eric?
    Did Sookie even Go to her prom??
    My point here is I do not feel I have to choose bewteen them or state which i think is superior or better. I’m sure you would Not see Stephen Moyer approach Rob Pattinson on the street and say “My Show is Far better than yours,Boy!” He doesnt strike me as the kind who would do that.
    Anna Paquin doesnt “fight” with Kristin Stewart either (not that I’ve heard of anyway)
    As I have said they appeal to 2 different audiences and Not always just to gals/ladies either! Both Mr. Moyer and Mr. Trammell have said on occasion that they would like to read Twilight if only to know more about it. This does Not make them traitors in my estimation!
    A showdown? an agressive comparison? Why is such necessary?
    We know Who and What we like. We can enjoy both
    Many would say perhaps that Twilight is for kids Do you really think so? Perhaps the storyline is but the message and the ideas behind are not Youth,stregth,vigor,loyalty,compassion,honesty,love for self and others Are these Not good lessons for kids to learn??
    Are they not good lessons for adults too??
    There are good things about Both of them!
    The New Moon film and the 2nd Season of True Blood are different
    not that 1 is necessarily better or superior Just Different
    1 Thing: Edward would not hurt Bella He would not talk down to her or yell at her or belittle her in front of anyone else
    Edward would Never talk to Bella the way Bill talks to Sookie
    That doesnt mean that Edward is better just he treats her differently is all.
    A showdown is unnecessary because people like them both people can enjoy them both for different reasons.
    Here is something to think about…Are you So sure that Edward and/or Jacob would not help Sookie to find Bill if she asked them for help??
    I’d like to think they would this is just MHO
    Thank You for allowing me to speak my mind

  • Devon

    I meant I don´t buy all books.

  • Devon

    Comparison is really stupid in case of V-stories. Everyone have their favorite(s) and why should they have to choose?

    BTW, Isis: Sookie was a virgin till she met Bill, so I don´t se ur point. And Sookie has got more life experience and she and the world know of vamps. Like to know how u would react.
    If u don´t like it, don´t read or watch it. It´s the cause I don´t watch TV anymore, nor read this girly magazines.

    To the Canadian press: Meyer never planed to write a story with the often used background of myths and legends. If I remind correctly, she hadn´t even read or watched V-stories before to create her own piece – and that she has accomplished.

    I started reading V-stories with Anne Rice, so I´m not to be compared to those freaked out people who throw themselves at the actors and claim to be fans of vampires for a lifetime. -.-
    It´s fun reading this genre, though I don´t buy anything. TW was really important to me during a long period and still is. And so are others.

    To Mony: I like ur kind of mind set, though I´d like to say, that Eric is nothing like Edward. Sure he is protective, but he knows, what Sookie is capable of and has got a hilarious kind of humor. And though Bella and Sook are both very down-to-earth people, Sookie is the bravest woman I ever read about : still sarcastic and refusing to be with Eric (that will be later).

    • Mony

      it depends on you look at it..for me Edard and Eric are very similar…of course not phisically…i don’t know how to explain myself well…it’s more a deep thing, they wau they act with the one they love, Edward is young Eric not of course, but sometimes i compare they way the act and feel and for me they are similar….it’s just my opinion^^

      Twilight is good….i liked it when I read it, before Charlaine Harris but i’ve never compared them so much….
      Twilight is good for a girl, if I had a doughter i would suggest to read them not Harris, and maybe the day she’ll be 20 or 25 i would suggest to see TrueBlood or read Sookie….

      I liked many vampires books, not to much Rice, she kind of annoying me, but I love so much Hamilton with Anita Blake and I love so much Jean Claude…^^

      My suggestion is to love both of them and not compare…..^^

  • annm1969

    As an adult who watches True Blood, has seen Twlight, read both series of books and has a pre-teen daughter: I have to say that to me Sookie is a better role model than Bella. Bella is a whinny teenager. When her first love leaves her she goes into a depression and then does dangerous things just to hear Edward’s voice. This is not a great image to project on our girls because it teaches them to be dependant on men and to ignore coping with life’s problems. Sookie is more independant of her men, if the series follows the books, she handles the eventual end of her relationships and new problems with a realistic but positive,upbeat attitude. This attitude shows our girls to depend only on themselves and it prepares them to be more sucessfull in coping with life’s problems. I wouldn’t deny my daughter if she wanted to see Twilight but I have explained to her that Bella’s behavior is not the best course of action. I don’t let my daughter watch True Blood but it’s only because it is so sexually graphic and for adults but I would much rather she follow Sookie’s example.

  • Of course IMHO True Blood is better. There’s no plot about teen virginity (which is completely unrealistic for a majority of teenagers). In addition, in True Blood, people do occasionally listen to each other, and Sam, Bill, and Eric are all protective of Sookie which makes for some very interesting storylines.

    • Antonio

      There is more to the story than just teen abstinence from sex.
      Like TB, Its Also about hope,forgiveness,acceptance..of self And Others, re discovering life,love and seeking some form of redemption. Both Edward And Jacob are troubled by what they have become and try to evolve beyond it So as to be better for their beloved. Edward And Jacob have this in common with Bill and Sam. Bella is strong in her own way,too! Ok maybe cliffdiving,riding motorcycles,walking alone in the woods and associating with vampires is Not such a good idea,But She is just a teenager and teens Do unwise things sometimes!
      I’m grown…Not a teen! I have found that Both stories draw the reader into a world where people are struggling to find hope and redemption perhaps even forgiveness definitely acceptance.
      For me, the basic storyline between them is Let Go of the Past and Learn to Love Who You Are! I think these are wonderfully important lessons for people of ANY age!
      Again this is just MHO.

  • Mony

    sorry for my mistakes…i was writing very quickly and i’m not english….^^

  • Mony

    ok….i’ve to say I read both of them and even Twilight Saga the Movie…I like both of them…but i don’t get when they are compared….I mean Twilgight is for a young audience and it’s cool becouse is so romantic, First Love Forever…..True Blood or Southern Vampires are for adilts..becouse Sookie is not Bella, she’s not in love with her first bf forever and the books are not about love all the time, are complex, talk about sex, violence, racism, religion, and a woman wh’s trying to know which place she has in thsi world…a woman who go on even after all the terrible violence and abuse she had and she so on even in her love life searching for the one and falling in love again as she did….
    Even if a think Edward and Eric are very similar becouse both of them are paranoical and selfish with their lover, they both are scared that she could die or be hurt badly and save their life always (Bella and Sookie), they both want to protect them and even made sometimes decision for them….Comapare Twilight and True Blood doesn’t makes sense for me….I love both and i’m not going to choose…and and don’t know WHY i have to choose…..^^

    • Hi Mony,

      LOL! you are absolutely right no one has to chose. There is enough love to spread to all the vampires out there. 🙂