Is True Blood the New Twilight?

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Is True Blood the New Twilight?anna-paquin-stephen-moyer-couple

This “True Blood” vs “Twilight”  Question is posed from Ted Casablanca in his column from “The Awful Truth” at E-Online.

Ted goes on to let us know, although he is not giving up his love of “Twilight”  his article states “when we want to get our more scandalous Nikki Reed side going, we turn to vampire porn True Blood. The gothic HBO show has a bunch of things Summit wouldn’t dare let its presh kids partake in (onscreen anyway!): kinky sex (complete with actual nudity), blood-drenched violence and a public relationship between the main stars!”

I can certainly agree with Ted that True Blood is HOT ! It also certainly does not hurt that the chemistry between Anna Paquin/Sookie Stackhouse and Stephen Moyer/Bill Compton translates well because of their relationship off screen. It certainly helps make the scenes just that much more steamy for us.  As Ted States “We sure wouldn’t kick Stephen Moyer away i if he tried to bite us.” Personally I also would  not kick Eric/Alexander Skarsgard away from biting me , I never felt a need to choose I wouldn’t mind a bite by either one!

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  • Antonio

    True Blood is certainly Not the “new” Twilight! They are completely different stories and with different target audiences!
    I like Twilight I saw the first film and I saw New Moon about a month ago and I liked it. As for Twilight I think that the books are somewhat better than the films even though I liked the New Moon film. These are 2 different stories entirely! There are Some similarities,But thats it!
    Bella Swan is a confused, naive teen rebelling against parental authority and fickle friends. She becomes involved with Edward Cullen and his vampire family who seek to control their wild vampire ways and live as more mainstreamers who live off of the blood of animals as opposed to feeding off humans
    Bella must make a choice between Edward,her vampire love and Jacob Black, Her Were-Shifter friend with whom she also develops a relationship.
    True Blood by comparison(Not that you’d want to even bother comparing them) is about waitress/telepath Sookie Stackhouse
    Who uses her “ability” to clear her brother Jason of the suspicion of murder and learn more about the world of vampires.
    She falls for Vampire Bill Compton a civil war vet and begins a passionate romance with him.
    Eric Northman wants to utilize her special skill for his own benefit but he may also want her because he feels an attraction to her as well. Sam Merlotte,Her boss and long time friend also wants her time and affection as he is also smitten with her.
    True Blood is also about the town of Bon Temps,LA Its more about relationships of the people and how they deal with each other. Its about the stories,lives and loves of the people there.
    Its about a whole group of people…Secondary character stories are just as important as the main ones.
    True Blood is Definitely Not a new Twilight! Twilight is about a PG-13 with some violent content Whereas True Blood is definitely more for Adults Thematic elements including graphic violence and sexual content. Its for more mature audiences.
    True Blood is Not merely about 1 young lady making a choice between 2 guys who are “monsters” of a kind,Its about Sookie and her brother Jason as well as Tara,Sam,Laffayette trying to findout who they are and where they fit in to things
    Eric Northman has to be the Coolest Vampire ever!!
    Its just great writing and good acting! The cast does a wonderful job!! Bill has to contend with Jessica and her raging teen-vamp urges as well as hormones.
    So You See they Are Nothing alike!!
    Were you to see the middle of S2 with Maryann and her paagan orgies and need to control the townsfolk You would Know that!!
    Twilight is good True Blood is Better!!!
    I think TB shows a darker,more visceral side to vampire existence as opposed to romanticizing it.
    I dont think either of these stories are meant to give out the “warm fuzzies” as vampires Are predators and feed of humans for blood. The answer to the original question? NO Not at ALL!!

  • I watched Twilight..It was a pretty good show…Once was enough… Now, when I watched the first couple of episodes of True Blood, season 1..I had to buy it!! And now I’m waiting for season 2 to get here!!!So, I watch season 1, over and over…even though, I now what’s going to happen…Now that’s a good show,when you can do that…Or I’m just totally obsessed..!!! I think it’s both!! Twilight has it’s own twist(mainly for teens) True Blood..Now that’s (ADULTS ONLY) That’s the way I like it..But, the only thing they have in common..Is Vampires..But …come to think of it..their not even the same??!!

  • Firstly, Trueblood is not the new Twilight. I got into Trueblood wen it first came out and really enjoyed and am continuing to enjoy it. I tried watching Twilight and to bee honest, I stopped at mid-film as I found the story and acting just crap. I have no idea how anyone over the age of 16 can really like such a crap film. That Pattison guy looked as if he were constipated from the bit I saw. LAME LAME and LAME

  • Jennifer Johnson

    Okay, NO COMPARISON! Twilight Sucks *lol* and True Blood is AWESOME!!!!!!

  • Nia

    I am so loving True Blood. It is the only thing I look forward to on TV. I have also read the books. As for Twilight, I have only seen the movie. It was ok, very high school in its concept and making, which is the way it is supposed to be. It is for tweens, True blood is for adults. there has to be a difference between the two. You really cannot and should not compare. they are on two very different levels. Let the kids have the more sedate and sweet Twilight, give us the more sexy, outrageous, funny, and better sory line, True Blood. Thank you Charlaine Harris and Alan Ball!!!!!!!!!!!

  • clhurley

    Are you kidding me? I had quite the infamous Facebook status update.. “Twilight is for girls. True Blood is for WOMEN!”

    So true.

    • Krysta

      That is a fantastic quote!

  • True Blood and Twilight as we all know are both about vampires, but do tell two different stories. I really don’t think that there is a need to compare the two. Vampire stories have been told in many different forms, for many years. True Blood is very advanced and mature, and not for young viewers. Yes true vampire lores tells of vicious creatures who feed on human blood, and its not a pretty sight, but I can understand Stephanie Meyer telling a more innocent story, still while using the back story of other worldly creatures. Twilight tells a young love story, that many of the youth in today’s world can relate to, not by their boyfriends or girlfriends being vampires or werewolves, but of the coming of age and first loves. Its more about love then it is about animal instinct, blood and gore. Any and everyone can watch the Twilight movies franchise, while True Blood is not for the young eyes. The both have great story telling, and great actors, and I think they both stand strong in their own right. You can’t really cross the two.

  • Linda

    I mam a big fan of Twilight also. I have read all thee books.My kids and I bond over it. I am allso reading them the books.Leave TRUEBLOOD as it is. I love it more than Twilight.Its no fairy tale.And that is so cool.

  • lemor davidovici


  • Jyve

    I’m sorry, but… True Blood is superior to Twilight. As there are actual CHARACTERS and STORYLINES and not just one big “Vampire that sparkles” Love Story.

    Oh, and the heroine in True Blood isn’t some clumsy, low self-esteemed twit. End of.

    • Krysta

      Twilight is for more mature age group, and I think is much better in portraying the dark side of vampires.

      Vampires aren’t meant to be sparkling, cuddly things with fangs. They’re supposed to be demons of the night that kill humans.

      There is an actual story with True Blood that seems to be lacking in Twilight, and the characters have more depth to them than those in Twilight.

  • Lisa Tarvin

    I am a big fan of Twilight with my girls. I love True Blood books and videos ect but would never let the girls watch it. I would if it didn’t have the nudity in it. I think True Blood cheats itself of a larger audience which is why Twilight’s fans are in bigger numbers. I wish they could watch True Blood. If only it were cleaned up a bit.

    • Cleaned up a bit? This show isn’t for little kids and furthermore it’s on HBO for a reason. It’s perfect just the way it is.