True Blood In The UK: “It’s Brilliant; It’s Filthy”

July 19, 2009 by  

bill_compton_season_1How can you not love an article on your favorite show with that kind of intro! Caitlan Moran of The Times Online in the UK, wrote a colorful review [Author’s Note: which I loved] Of  Alan Ball’s True Blood.
Here are few tidbits from the article and what the author had to say in his review of the show.

“It’s brilliant; and it’s filthy. Set in the fictional north Louisiana town of Bon Temps — all bayou, margaritas, Spanish moss and hot pants — True Blood exists in a fractionally different world from ours, where the development of synthetic blood, and the Vampire Rights Amendment, mean that vampires live openly in Scandinavia, and the US. Angelina Jolie has adopted a vampire baby.”

If there was a ‘best description’ competition his discription of Stephen Moyer, who plays Bill Compton, would have won it saying:

“Nonetheless, when Bill Compton’s (Stephen Moyer) smokin’ piece of undead ass walks into Merlotte’s Bar, it’s the first vampire the backwater town has ever seen. “That is trouble, looking for a place to happen,” says Tara, one of the barmaids and, coincidentally, the “Categorically Most Enjoyably Arsey Woman” ever to have been portrayed on screen.”

I love this authors take when he walks the readers through the show. On the shows sex and sexiness the writer had this to say:

“And as for the sex — well, as one of the bar regulars says: “I read in Hustler that everyone should have sex with a vampire before they die.” Within the first 20 minutes of True Blood, there’s groping on the sofa, rough sex on the edges of beds, coupling on a dressing-table as mirrors break and perfume bottles go flying, and erotoasphyxiation in the front room. Combined with the simultaneously woozy and hyper-real Kodachrome cinematography — the trees drip, the sky is mad with stars, Paquin’s bum has very little room for manoeuvre in those hot pants — if you don’t feel troubled and restless at the beginning of the show, you surely will by the end.”

Here is what I will leave you with, the full article can be read by hitting the link, but if you are going to comment on their site: NO SPOILERS! Don’t ruin their fun discovering the show as we did here in the USA!

“Vampires, in other words, live in a state of crack-like, obsessive love. Their sensuality is so highly pitched, it spills over into the human world like the pollen off the bayou, and makes any forthcoming box-set an absolutely terrible idea to watch with your parents.”


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  • How great was this write up! I laughed all the way through I wanted to comment on the writers page. This women spoke balls out no holds barred in her review of the show and I loved it.Crap there was not even a place to send her a note she is hysterical!

  • pbartteacher

    Exactly what all of us here in the US have known since last September. True Blood is the hottest television show on the planet. Period. With the cast of hunky men and beautiful women,we are all in line for our next “V”fix this Sunday night. Enjoy the ride, UK, it will be a bumpy ride!

    • Nia

      pbartteacher, we definitely seem to be on the same page, cut from the same cloth, etc, and all the other cliches. I am sure with one of their own hunks (the handsome, has won my heart, Stephen Moyer), True Blood will be No. 1 in no time. They will probably be saying next, “wasn’t this really our idea”. Bless HBO and Alan Ball.