True Blood In The UK: “It’s Brilliant; It’s Filthy”

July 19, 2009 by  

bill_compton_season_1How can you not love an article on your favorite show with that kind of intro! Caitlan Moran of The Times Online in the UK, wrote a colorful review [Author’s Note: which I loved] Of  Alan Ball’s True Blood.
Here are few tidbits from the article and what the author had to say in his review of the show.

“It’s brilliant; and it’s filthy. Set in the fictional north Louisiana town of Bon Temps — all bayou, margaritas, Spanish moss and hot pants — True Blood exists in a fractionally different world from ours, where the development of synthetic blood, and the Vampire Rights Amendment, mean that vampires live openly in Scandinavia, and the US. Angelina Jolie has adopted a vampire baby.”

If there was a ‘best description’ competition his discription of Stephen Moyer, who plays Bill Compton, would have won it saying:

“Nonetheless, when Bill Compton’s (Stephen Moyer) smokin’ piece of undead ass walks into Merlotte’s Bar, it’s the first vampire the backwater town has ever seen. “That is trouble, looking for a place to happen,” says Tara, one of the barmaids and, coincidentally, the “Categorically Most Enjoyably Arsey Woman” ever to have been portrayed on screen.”

I love this authors take when he walks the readers through the show. On the shows sex and sexiness the writer had this to say:

“And as for the sex — well, as one of the bar regulars says: “I read in Hustler that everyone should have sex with a vampire before they die.” Within the first 20 minutes of True Blood, there’s groping on the sofa, rough sex on the edges of beds, coupling on a dressing-table as mirrors break and perfume bottles go flying, and erotoasphyxiation in the front room. Combined with the simultaneously woozy and hyper-real Kodachrome cinematography — the trees drip, the sky is mad with stars, Paquin’s bum has very little room for manoeuvre in those hot pants — if you don’t feel troubled and restless at the beginning of the show, you surely will by the end.”

Here is what I will leave you with, the full article can be read by hitting the link, but if you are going to comment on their site: NO SPOILERS! Don’t ruin their fun discovering the show as we did here in the USA!

“Vampires, in other words, live in a state of crack-like, obsessive love. Their sensuality is so highly pitched, it spills over into the human world like the pollen off the bayou, and makes any forthcoming box-set an absolutely terrible idea to watch with your parents.”


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