True Blood: Vampire in America Video Report Promo

March 26, 2009 by  

The True Blood Vampires in America Report promo lets viewers take a glimpse at the revealing news report about the existence of vampires and how everything is different now that they have “come out of the coffin.” John Hanson’s In Focus: Shedding Light on Vampires in America report will examine the changes that are occurring in the world. Is this for real or part of some elaborate viral marketing scheme for a TV series to air on HBO? Tune in and find out? The world is changing. Are you ready for the world of True Blood?

  • Anonymous

    I think if there is such thing as a vampire, that it is a good thing that they are here. I think vampires can help us and we have to learn to live in peace with them and give them the same rights that we have. We’re all different than each other in some way or other, this just happenns to be the way that they are different from us and we need to learn to accept that. I would love to live around or even better, become a vampire.