True Blood Vampire Banner Fan Art

April 11, 2009 by graphics designer Andrea has made some more wonderful creations for all True Blood Fans.  This time she has made some great banners with Bill, Eric and Pam.  We are very happy to have Andrea on our team to provide these creations for us and for you True Blood Fans. Ok I had to add this one new overlay that Andrea just created because it is so fantastic we couldn’t wait till the next batch of overlays to showcase it.





(Photo credit: HBO Inc. Creation: Andrea)

  • Nia

    The problem is Bill really makes me want to do bad things…………but only with him!

  • Debra

    I am diggin the art work, well done

  • TrueBlood2009

    I was hoping to save some of the pictures and put on my TrueBlood wiki, but when I clicked them. it says copywrite protected. If these were created for the fans, why can’t we copy them?

    • TrueBlood2009 you are absolutely right. The copyright feature was not suppose to be turned on for the graphics post and for some reason was not disabled. We have corrected the problem and you are free to copy andrea’s wonderful art work, and please credit her work she spends long hours creating them.