True Blood Vampire Fan Art: Fun Banners

April 23, 2009 by graphics designer Andrea has added a few more fun banners this time with Bon Temps’ own Casanova, Jason Stackhouse and flamboyant short order cook at Merlotte’s, Lafayette Reynold.  She also decided to have some fun with our vampires from Fangtasia so click away and enjoy!  Click images to enlarge.




  • Debra

    I love that Lafayette banner, I said that pornolicious line to him and he turned red lmaol. I love Lafayette, he is just a vivacious and fun character, everyone needs a friend like him, minus the drugs.

    • Andrea

      Oh yeah I’m a fag hag I always joke if anything ever happened to my husband I would never remarry I would become a fag hag and rescue as many animals as I want i would be the total crazy lady on the block and then of course find a handsome fwb