True Blood Vampire Fan Art: The Girls of True Blood Banners

May 1, 2009 by graphics designer Andrea has added a few more fun banners this time with the two sassy girls of True Blood: sharp-tongued Tara Thornton, and rebellious newly-made vampire Jessica. We think you will enjoy posting these banner around especially when you want others to know not to push you around or else. Click images to enlarge.



  • *giggles* I do love askin’ him that 😉

  • Andrea

    Thank you !!! I am glad you enjoy .I LOVE Tara’s character also…I have made my husband stop and told him No Wait Watch this you have to see her deliver this line ..I have done the same with Lafayette “The Burger Incident” is also another fave of mine!!!!

  • rainlily

    Oh my goodness, these are great! 🙂 I love them! Good work, Andrea!

    Tara is my fave character. I didn’t realize how pretty Jessica was until she “changed”.

    Thanks for sharing.