True Blood Vampire Overlay Fan Art

April 10, 2009 by  

Our new resident graphics designer Andrea for has created some wonderful overlay pictures using the characters from True Blood. We are very happy to have Andrea on our team to provide True Blood fans beautiful and creative Fan Art for your enjoyment and a way to drift off into the imaginary world of True Blood. In this post Andrea created 4 overlay pictures which we know you will and enjoy and please comment back so Andrea knows you appreciate her creativity.





(Photo credit: HBO Inc. / Creation: Andrea)

  • Jenna Bela

    I appreciate the creative thought process, though the photos seem to be low resolution accompanied by unsharp mask to compensate for the lack of clarity. overall i think there needs to be more play with the negative space, the characters dont have to touch the top and bottom of the screen.

    man how can i get a job like this?? i LOVE True Blood.
    i hope my constructive criticism didn’t offend the creator, I just think the fan art should match the amazing quality of the show. cant wait for season 4! so much waiting!

  • TrueBlood2009

    I love these pictures. Dreamy!!!