True Blood Vampires The New Bad Boys In Town

August 30, 2009 by  

bill-and-sookie-posterGone are the days of leather jackets, bad attitudes, and cigarettes.  The new bad boy just has to have fangs.  With True Blood and Twilight gaining so much popularity, it has females viewing vampires as sex symbols.  Stephen Moyer, the actor who portrays Bill Compton on HBO’s True Blood, expressed his thoughts in the latest issue of Nylon.  He says:

“The thing about vampirism is that it taps into a female point of view-you have an old-fashioned gentleman with manners who is a f***ing killer…it’s an interesting duality, because in our present society it would be an odd thing for a woman to say, ‘I want a man to be physical with me’…It’s difficult for a bloke, but a vampire gets away with it.” listed the top five reasons they believe vampires are the new bad boys.  They are as follows:

  1. They’re bad, but not too bad. In books and movies, vampires are dangerous. But since most of us aren’t dealing with vampires in real life-it’s a safe danger to fantasize about.
  2. Substance abuse isn’t sexy. Sure, drinking blood is kind of gross, but it’s also fantasy. For many teens, a fictional need to suck blood is easier to stomach than rebels with serious abuse issues like drinking, drugs, and DUIs.
  3. Eternal youth means eternal hotness. Vampires never age, therefore making them hot young things-like Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt circa Interview With a Vampire-for all eternity.
  4. Vampires=4-eva. Along with that whole eternity thing comes the possibility that vampire love can last forever. No commitment issues here!
  5. They’re dark and mysterious. The whole concept of vampires appeals to fans of conspiracy theories and the idea that an unknown world just waits to be discovered.

I believe that this appeal has grown, because vampires are finally being portrayed the right way on the small and big screen.  With vampires, you have to bring sexiness and romanticism and less gore.  They are after-all supposed to be the ultimate sexual creature that can captivate and sweep you away just by gazing in your direction.  That’s the fantasy in it all.  And I say fantasize away, it’s a lot safer than the real bad boys of the world.


(Photo credit:  HBO Inc.)