True Blood’s Vampires The New Bad Boys

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hbobillandsookie Maisy Fernandez from takes a look at the fascination behind vampires and how these creatures of the night have changed and adapted to the modern world and how they are represented in film and television. Presented before in its entirety is Ms. Fernandez’s assessment using Alan Ball’s hit HBO TV series True Blood and Stephenie Meyers’ Twilight.

Centuries-old legends about vampires largely paint them as super-scary killing machines that should be avoided at all costs. But thanks to a few modern novels, which have been adapted into hit television shows (True Blood) and movies (Twilight), vampires are quickly emerging as contemporary sex symbols. Garlic, wooden stakes and protective crosses are the last things on women’s minds when they’re around the likes of Bill Compton and Edward Cullen. Sure, today’s badass, bloodsucking, boy toys can kill someone on the spot — and even though you’ve got no chance of outrunning them, would you really want to? They are too intriguing to resist.

That’s why we are counting down the days until we get to see Bill Compton, the main vampire on True Blood, again, when season two of the show begins on June 14.
Part of what makes the modern-day vampire so tangible, if not lovable, is the way that legends and personas have been manipulated for the new millennium. Today’s vampires are old souls with modern problems and ideals — and we love the mixture.  So, we took a look at True Blood and Twilight in several categories, rating the right-now-ness of each on a scale of 1-10.


The main vamps in each series, Bill Compton and Edward Cullen (Twilight), both make every attempt to live normal lives among humans without hurting them.  However, each have their crosses to bear. In True Blood, the townspeople are aware that vampires exist, but they are met with extreme prejudice. In Twilight, Edward must hide his true self from everyone but his vampire family and girlfriend, Bella. Can you say stressful?
True Blood: 8
Twilight: 7


While Bill’s hungry, he sips the synthetic drink, Tru Blood, so as not to feed on living creatures. A beverage invention like that seems so 2009. The Cullens, meanwhile, feed on animals in the forest instead of humans.
True Blood: 10
Twilight: 7


Like most traditional vampires, Bill sleeps in a coffin during the daytime. Ho-hum. Edward, however, doesn’t require sleep. Ever. Can you imagine how much you could get done if you never got tired?
True Blood: 2
Twilight: 8


Twilight is geared toward young adults, and romance prevails over sex. Bella and Edward can scarcely make out before he pulls back to avoid his natural instinct to inhale her scent and then suck her blood. Frankly, it’s nice to see teenagers who aren’t having sex for once. The vamps on True Blood, meanwhile, have insatiable libidos. Their graphic, lighting-speed sexual activity can be a little jarring, but at least they can have sex with humans without becoming overwhelmed and killing them. Hey, if you’re going to live forever, there have to be some perks.
True Blood: 7
Twilight: 9


You’d think an unemployed person — alive or undead — would A) take public transportation; B) drive a jalopy; or C) just walk everywhere. But Bill drives a black BMW, and Edward’s got a shiny, silver Volvo. Even vampires want nice wheels. Plus, they both have the power to move at lightning speed. Pretty convenient if there’s a traffic jam or something.
True Blood: 9
Twilight: 9


In most stories, including Twilight, being bitten (but not killed) by a vampire usually means that you’re doomed to the same immortal fate. But on True Blood, vampires can bite humans (during sex, for instance) and not change them. Likewise, humans can take hits of vampire blood to get high, but are still safe from transformation. Creative and interesting.
True Blood: 10
Twilight: 2


You won’t see any cloaks with high collars here, like many vampires of olde. Bill’s usually wearing button-down shirts, jackets or long sleeved Henley tees with pants. Edward adopts the vibe of his Pacific Northwest home, opting for casual t-shirts and jeans to complement his messy, gelled-up hairdo. Fashionable? Meh. Inconspicuous? Totally.
True Blood: 8
Twilight: 7


Bill’s intolerance to daylight means that his skin melts off in a gruesome fashion. Scary! But when Edward is in the sunlight, his skin sparkles like a million diamonds. Bling!
True Blood: 4
Twilight: 10


Despite the fact that vampires aren’t human — something that Bill and Edward continually remind their partners about — both seem capable of true, unwavering, loyal feelings of love with their human girlfriends. Bill fell for telepathic, outspoken waitress Sookie Stackhouse, while Edward is smitten with Bella, a smart, cute high-school student who is sometimes insecure about their relationship. Despite the 100+ year age difference, both relationships seem built to last, probably because of the men’s old-school values. We don’t expect to see either couple on Divorce Court.
True Blood: 10
Twilight: 9

Source: Vampire Fetish: Bloodsuckers Are The New Bad Boy

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