True Blood Vampires vs. The Others

November 24, 2009 by  

True BloodBrilliant minds of the recent vampire genre make some transformations to the classic vampires. Vanessa Farquharson compared vampires from the classic Nosferatu to the HBO‘s True Blood series, Twilight and CW’s Vampire Diaries and looked at who stuck with the rules and how the vampires differ from one another.

1st Rule – You can only become a vampire if a vampire will bite your neck and draws blood.

In True Blood, Twilight, Vampire Diaries and Nosferatu, this is a big yes but, there are some things to consider. In both True Blood and Vampire Diaries, you must also drink the vampire‘s blood to be turned, while in Twilight, you have to be infected with the vampire‘s venom.

2nd Rule – Vampires can be killed with a wooden stake.

In True Blood and Vampire Diaries, vampires can be killed with wooden stakes. In addition, pure silver can weaken the vampires in True Blood. But in Nosferatu, only sunlight can kill vampires while in Twilight, they must be torn up and burned.

3rd Rule – Vampires wear black capes.

This is like for the oldies so only vampires in Nosferatu wear those! In True Blood, Pam, Eric and Bill are commended for their great fashion sense.

4th Rule – Vampire sleep in coffins.

In True Blood, Bill has a secret hiding place under the floor boards of his closet where he crawl into to sleep during the day.  With the vampires of Nosferatu’s generation, they sleep in coffins and from them without bending their legs. In Twilight, the vampires do not sleep and in Vampire Diaries, the vampires aren’t shown sleeping.

5th Rule – Vampires can be repelled by garlic, holy water and crucifixes.

This doesn’t apply in True Blood, Twilight, Vampire Diaries and it’s not even seen in Nosferatu as well. But Bill‘s does get irritated with garlic. Remember the bathtub scene in Season 1 when Bill told Sookie about it?!

6th Rule – Vampires must be invited in before the can enter a house.

This works for both True Blood and Vampire Diaries. But in Twilight and Nosferatu, vampires can just easily walk right in.

7th Rule – Vampires can’t stand sunlight.

Sunlight can kill vampires in True Blood and with Nosferatu. But in Twilight, sunlight can make vampires sparkle. While in Vampire Diaries, they can enjoy the scorching sun only if they wear protective jewelry.

8th Rule – Vampires have fangs.

With True Blood, Vampire Diaries and Nosferatu the vampires have then but in Twilight, fangs aren’t visible. [Editor’s Note:  It seems the original source has the incorrect information about fangs between Twilight and Vampire Diaries.]

9th Rule – Vampires can fly.

In Twilight, Vampire Diaries and with Nosferatu they do not have capacity to fly however in True Blood onl;y certain vampires it seem can fly such as Eric however not Bill.  In all four mediums they can move at high speeds, and leap high.

10th Rule – Vampires can transform into bats.

True Blood, Twilight, Vampire Diaries and Nosferatu vampires cannot transform into bats. But in Vampire Diaries, a character named Damon can turn into a crow.


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