True Blood Vampires Would Win Fights

March 3, 2010 by  

On March 1, Stephen Moyer attended Cosmopolitan Magazine’s Fun Fearless Male Awards in NYC at the Mandarin Hotel along with fellow vampires Kellan Lutz (Twilight) and Paul Wesley (The Vampire Diaries). The men were all asked who amongst them would win in a fight amongst their vampire characters if the shows were to have a brawl.

Stephen Moyer responded that he and fellow vampire Eric Northman could easily take the other vampires. He said,

“We could take both of them [Twilight and Vampire Diaries] down at the same time! We are much older than those whipper snappers [and] just me and Eric would tear the other two casts apart in a matter of seconds!”

Kellan Lutz agreed with Stephen. He said,

“I think True Blood would kick all our asses. Eric (on True Blood) would kick all our asses.  He’s a bad ass on the show… Really, who knows. We all have different strengths and powers.”

Kellan continued by describing what had to be done to a Cullen vampire and what an attacker would need to have in order to defeat them.

Paul Wesley was of a different opinion. He claimed,

“I would win any fight, any vampire fight.”

However, Paul would prefer that his vampire character win a fight with his character’s brother and beat him instead of his competition in True Blood and Twilight.

At the end of the piece, there is a poll asking which vampire you think would win a showdown, and currently, True Blood is in the lead. Of course, we highly encourage you to go and vote anyways, since there’s no such thing as too big a lead when it comes to our favorite vampires!

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  • bill will kick eric’s & edward cullen’s butt !

  • Big Sexy

    AMEN!!!!!! TB rocks my world. Although I would like to see a good cock fight

  • jaxx

    OMG, no contest here. Eric and Bill would kick the crap out of the others. While I have to admit I do like both Vampire Diaries and Twilight (for much different reasons than TB), TB is definitely my true love as far as this genre goes. This is where my heart is at.

    • Nia

      Hey Jaxx, how the heck are ya?

      I have never seen the vampire diaries…is it good? I have seen Twilight and New Moon and enjoyed both (have not read the books though).
      But you are absolutely right about TB. Its a whole different ball game, and our boys would batter up and beat down the competition any day.

      As to where our hearts lie…TB all the way.

      For the Team!

      • jaxx

        Hi Nia!! Vampire Diaries is along the lines of Twilight as far as teen angst and romance goes but a little more edgier. They really push the limit on CWTV. It’s not a bad series. I read the books and I have to admit it is better than the books only because the books are geared at teen and tweens and the show is PG+. Concept is 2 brothers the good vampire and the bad vampire in love with the same girl present day who is descended from the brothers’ first love who happens to be a carbon copy of their love interest from 1864. There are werewolves, witches and ghosts and another creature in the books but don’t know what they’ll put in the show, although I think werewolves are coming soon. Not a bad show, I use it as a filler until TB is back on HBO. Nothing could ever replace TB for me.

        • pbt

          Agreed Jaxx. It is no True Blood for sure. I watched the first few episodes and it was like watching my son and his friends except with vampires. I will admit I thought it might fill the gap but just didn’t do it for me.

          Give me the good, the bad, the ugly and the sexxy of True Blood any day of the week.

          101 more days!

          • Antonio

            Hey Pbt I know that Nothing else would do but TB But in the meantime I would recommend New Moon the 2nd Twilight film…It will be on dvd in about 2 weeks! Its not TB but its cool I thought! The way Jacob “phases” into a Mega-Wolf Just Awesome! But then I’m a fan of TL so i may be a bit biased LOL 🙂

        • Nia

          Hi Jaxx,
          Thanks much for the review!!! Funny how Vampire Dairies, Twilight and TB have so much in common. But for us more mature ladies, TB will always rock our worlds.

          So these others for fillers I guess would be entertaining, although getting my hubby to watch another vampire show will be like pulling teeth. At least he likes TB (hooked on Jasonisms), so we watch together, at least when I am not in a ladies only TB party which was all last season.

          Of course then I would go home and just have to watch it again with the hubby. OH darn, what sacrifices I have to make in the name of marital bliss!!! LOL!

          Team True Blood!

    • Antonio

      I agree there is NO Contest here!! Bill and Eric would wipe up the floor with those other dudes! Jason,Sam Even Laffy could kick the crap out of them! (Remember that “hamburger with aids” Ep?) Laffy was So “edgy” in the 1st season. I hope that his edge and “nasty” Tara come back again!! TB Would Win No Doubt about it! I’m also a fan of Twilight. Stephanie Meyer is 1 of my favorite authors. In the Twilight world, Emmett Cullen is supposed to be the “strongest” vampire. In Breaking Dawn, He pounds a huge rock with his fist and it crumbles to bits!
      Of Course, in the TL film, Edward rips a tree out of the ground by the roots and then throws it…Hmmm Maybe there is a chance that these two could contend with Bill? For Me, Nothing else is like TB Go Bill Go Eric Go TB!! 🙂

    • Antonio

      No Contest At All! Bill and Eric would mop up the floor with those dudes! Even Andy Bellefleur could kick their butts!
      Even though I would Not want to mess with the Cullens of Twilight either! 🙂