True Blood Video: Blood Copy Report Vol. 11

March 14, 2009 by  

The Blood Copy saga from True Blood continues with Vol. 11 with clips entitled “Human on Vampire Violence Escalates”, “Vampires Next Door” and “What is the Secret with Sookie Stackhouse”. In the beginning when these ads first came out many did not know what the Blood Copy reports were and actually believed them to be true when in fact they were a remarkable viral marketing campaign that was launched before the premiere of Alan Ball’s adaptation of Charlaine HarrisSookie Stackhouse Southern Vampires series, the hit HBO TV series True Blood. Many who may not have seen them and those who have can once again get lost in the thrill of True Blood. In vol. 11 the Blood Copy Report team reports the murder of a well known elder vampire and the growing violence towards vampires. Local residents are interviewed to discuss their feelings about vampires living in their neighborhood. Rev. Theodore Newlin holds a rally in Bon Temps to defend the rights of human homeowners against vampires moving into the neighborhood. The American Vampire League open satellite offices to create dialogue between vampires and humans yet violence towards the offices continue. The Blood Copy team interview local Bon Temps waitress, Sookie Stackhouse to get her views about vampires coming to Bon Temps and how people should react if they do. Watch Blood Copy and decide for yourself which camp you are in: pro or anti-vampire. Come back tomorrow to follow the Blood Copy Report team and see what they uncover in vol. 12. It is a changing world out there, and Blood Copy is there to help you to discover the world of True Blood.