True Blood Video: Blood Copy Report Vol. 9

March 12, 2009 by  

The Blood Copy saga from True Blood continues with Vol. 9 with clips entitled “Undead Action in Shreveport” and “What Else is Out There?” In the beginning when these ads first came out many did not know what the Blood Copy reports were and actually believed them to be true when in fact they were a remarkable viral marketing campaign that was launched before the premiere of Alan Ball’s adaptation of Charlaine HarrisSookie Stackhouse Southern Vampires series, the hit HBO TV series True Blood. Many who may not have seen them and those who have can once again get lost in the thrill of True Blood. In vol. 9 the Blood Copy Report team takes a look at the newly opened Fangtasia nightclub in Shreveport that is vampire friendly and owned by a vampire. The Fellowship of the Sun Church protest the opening of the Fangtasia club and the death of two of it members during the interview. Later on the Blood Copy team interview various people to ask the question “what else is out there”. Some people express their opinion about what other creatures may be in existence and why it is so difficult to prove them. The Blood Copy team interview local Bon Temps residents Lafayette Reynold and Sam Merlotte the bar owner of Merlotte’s to get their impression about the vampires. Watch Blood Copy and uncover the mystery surrounding the existence of vampires. Come back tomorrow to follow the Blood Copy Report team and see what they discover in vol. 10. It is a changing world out there, and Blood Copy is there to help you to discover the world of True Blood.