True Blood vs Twilight The Battle Is On!

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Ted Casablanca of  “The Awful Truth” posted a poll called “Whose the Rob Pattinson of True Blood” Now I am obviously biased.  I saw “Twilight” and although I liked the movie,  I would rather see the poll called who is the Stephen Moyer,  or Alexander Skarsgard of “Twilight.”  You know what I say NO COMPARISON! That’s right (no,“Twilight” fans you may not have my address) you heard me.  Poor Edward,  he and Bella can’t even have a relationship because he will eat her?  Our Bill Compton can control his impulses, Eric Northman hmmmm… after that little feeding frenzy, well it was only one time, that’s OK.  We all have an off day.  He did try to kill Eric right ?? You saw That.

As far as I’m concerned the winner should be either Eric or Bill. The way I see it, “Dear and Precious” should not be used in the same sentence as vampire, terms such as let’s see… smoldering hot, sexy, dangerous and a few others but “DEAR” never.
Remember ladies this is all fang in cheek (could not resist) so let’s keep the comments on a nice note.
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Who’s the Rob Pattinson of True Blood?

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  • Hein

    Err…I’m only here to ask Alan Ball if he could be tempted into marrieing me…please 🙂

  • Renee Heart

    Thats what I tell everyone, I know that has seen both Twilight and True Blood. There is no contest! Not even close to being a contest! Twilight is for kids and young teens. While True Blood on the other hand is for adults. I know True Blood has sex scenes in it, but even without it its still way better! Twilight makes you go “Oh what happens next, I can’t wait for the next one”. While True Blood is a attention grabber, tear jerker, gasp goddess, edge of your sit king! It will have you screaming for more and more till there is nothing left!

  • antonio

    Let’s just put a stop to this right now…There IS NO battle and NO comparison! TB WINS!!! TB All the way!!!
    Twilight has its moments i suppose but its for kids!
    TB is for Adults!!

    • val

      I agree with you Antonio-this is like comparing apples and oranges(well more like apples and crab apples)some like Trueblood and some like Twilight.I have seen and read both and personaly like Trueblood better because it is much more for adults than Twilight.I know there are people who like BOTH.
      Even though both stories are about Vampires,they are radically different,so why are we arguing??!!

      • Tracy

        I think the only reason we are arguing is because it is obvious that the author for twilight copied alot of the ideas from the Sookie Stackhouse series. She is rich off of someone elses ideas. And I saw her on Oprah and she claims the idea came from her own brain? So she is not only a copy cat but she is also a liar. She wrote Twilight about four years after the Sookie Stackhouse series. So she is a lamo!!!! Just like the Twilight movies.

        • lilkirby

          I could not agree with you more! I wish that more people understood that the Sookie Stackhouse books came first! I know too many Twilight lovers that always say ‘oh that’s just like Twilight’. No people Sookie was there first. Even the Vampire Diaries books came before Trueblood. I haven’t noticed too many similarities between Trueblood and the Vampire Diaries. But again there are things that Twilight took from those books too. People make money off of others’ ideas all the time but to keep saying it came from her? Give me a break!

  • antonio

    A Battle between Twilight and True Blood? You’re kidding,right??
    TB Wins Hands Down!! NO Contest!! Twilight is for tweens and teens. TB is for adults. I like the Twilight books~~Although the 3rd book and the 1st are my faves. The movie was ok but NO Comparison to TB!! TB Rules!!! You just Cannot compare the characters of TL to the characters of TB!! Eric and Bill would mop up the floor with RPatz and they would eat Bella and her goofy friends for breakfast!!! Absolutely NO Comparison…At ALL!! TB ALL THE WAY!!!

  • Dee Dee

    Twilight was not written for young adults! It was written by a mormon with a childlike writing ability. What vamp doesn’t have sex?!?! She has never even read Bram Stoker’s Dracula and she doesn’t watch rated R movies! But I see why people would get that mixed up 🙂

  • Nia

    True Blood is just so amazing. No comparison!

    • pbartteacher

      “Twilight” is what my 5th graders talk about. “True Blood” is what the adults talk about. Come on can we really compare the two. Remember Charlaine Harris wrote her books first. By far the best series on television. Do you think they would consider a big screen version of True Blood sometime? Watching True Blood on the big screen would be awesome. Stephen and Alexander 25 feet tall. Now that would be a dream come “true”.

      • Nia

        Unfortunately only after the show wuold end would we see a movie. 25 feet of both of these men would be incredible!!!

  • ashleigh

    Well twilight and true blood are two completely different things but if i’m being honest (and it’s notjust because i’m on the true blood site), i think true blood is sooooo much better. It’s got more twists and suprises than twilight and it sticks to the more classic kind of vampires that we have always known and loved. so yeah that’s my opinion.

  • Vicky

    The idea of a poll called “The Robert Pattinson of True Blood” is ridiculous. I get the point they were trying to make, about who was gonna be the next big thing… but it’s stupid. Twilight is a Teen book, in the Teen section of book stores. The Sookie Stackhouse books are in the adult section. I prefer True Blood and Eric, but that’s just me…
    And the idea that Twilight is a new take on vampires is ridiculous. Just go and read the Vampire Diaries which were published in 1991. That has a conflicted vampire hottie who doesn’t drink human blood, who falls in love with a mortal girl, and he can go into the sun too….
    Twilights entertaining, but it ain’t nothing new.

    • Nia

      I agree with everything you said Vicky. I wish they would stop trying to compare the two. There is no comparison. I love Bill and Eric, the actors and the characters. They have so much passion and fire. Perfect for adult entertainment. And the True BLod storyline is so much better. I have read the Sookie books and although good, I prefer the show better.

  • taylor

    i liked the twilight books, but i hated the movie. as far as true blood, i love the books and the series.