True Blood vs Twilight The Battle Is On!

June 26, 2009 by  


Ted Casablanca of  “The Awful Truth” posted a poll called “Whose the Rob Pattinson of True Blood” Now I am obviously biased.  I saw “Twilight” and although I liked the movie,  I would rather see the poll called who is the Stephen Moyer,  or Alexander Skarsgard of “Twilight.”  You know what I say NO COMPARISON! That’s right (no,“Twilight” fans you may not have my address) you heard me.  Poor Edward,  he and Bella can’t even have a relationship because he will eat her?  Our Bill Compton can control his impulses, Eric Northman hmmmm… after that little feeding frenzy, well it was only one time, that’s OK.  We all have an off day.  He did try to kill Eric right ?? You saw That.

As far as I’m concerned the winner should be either Eric or Bill. The way I see it, “Dear and Precious” should not be used in the same sentence as vampire, terms such as let’s see… smoldering hot, sexy, dangerous and a few others but “DEAR” never.
Remember ladies this is all fang in cheek (could not resist) so let’s keep the comments on a nice note.
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Who’s the Rob Pattinson of True Blood?

(photo crerdit: HBO inc.)