A True Blood Weather Advisory

August 20, 2009 by  

map_spectrop03_ltst_6nh_enus_600x405We here at TrueBloodNet.com wish that no one gets hurt or injured in these storms, but we couldn’t resist reporting this story.   As True Blood Season 2 intensifies with each episode, Hurricane Bill continues to grow strength in the tropics and Tropical Depression Ana brings rain to South Florida.  It’s ironic how as Season 2 develops so have two storms named after a character (Bill Compton) and an actor (Anna Paquin) from the show.

Hurricane Bill is currently staying offshore and trying not to hurt anyone, much like Bill Compton.  Hurricane Bill is classified as a Category 4 storm with maximum sustained winds of 135 mph, but the forecasters still predict that it will veer away from the east coast.  That reminds me of last Sunday’s episode, I Will Rise Up, when Bill had the power to end a human life but chose to set him free instead.

Tropical Depression Ana has dissipated over Puerto Rico.  Ana reached tropical storm intensity but weakened back down to depression status.  Ana caused minimal damage and consisted mostly of light and moderate  rainfall.  Just as Bill called Sookie (Anna Paquin) tenderhearted, Tropical Depression Ana was rather softhearted herself.  And for those of  you that are wondering if there is a Hurricane Eric looming… the answer is no.  However, statements about the nature of the storms have been cited by hurricane specialist Eric [Blake].  If it is a very active hurricane season, we may see other storms from the list for 2009 that include the names Erika and Sam.






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  • Nadeen

    Hi Ya’ll let me just make it clear that I was not making fun or taking light the effects of Hurricanes!!!

  • TreasureCoast

    I hear ya Graven, I’m in FL too and hurricanes are no laughing matter.

  • Rachel

    For those of us who have read the books, there’s also Hurricane Victor this year, LOL.

  • Thanks for taking the time to read my article! Nadeen…I think the same thing when I hear Hurricane Bill on the news. Kelly…I did notice the name Erika for this years hurricane. There is also a Sam. Graven…I hope you were not offended. I have friends and family in Florida, and I have had damage done to my house from a hurricane. I know it’s not a joking matter. No offense, just trying to write a story with a twist since the opportunity presented itself. Neonskyq1, I want no parts of Hurricane Lorena…or Hurricane Mary Ann…that would be too much! Thanks guys for reading!

  • Nadeen

    I live in NJ and everytime the news says Hurricane Bill,I think Vampire Bill!! Dam True Blood!

  • Kelly

    Did you notice the E name this year is Erika? The female form of Eric?

  • I live in Fla.Hurricanes are no joke.

  • Neonskyq1

    What aBout Hurrican Lorena! that one will whip out every Thing!