True Blood Up For a Webby Award

April 26, 2010 by  

Great news for True Blood fans! This phenomenal hit show has been nominated for a Webby Award in the category of Integrated Campaigns.  True Blood became an amazing hit and fans everywhere fell under its magical and mysterious spell but it wasn’t enough for fans to only be able to watch this world of True Blood they wanted to really experience it and HBO realized that when it began its campaign to promote season two of the hit series.

HBO decided to try something they called “Hacking Reality” where they would find a way to integrate vampires right into the midst of our society and blur the line between reality and fiction. They did this in one way by the creation and distribution of the drink, Tru Blood. Many companies followed suit and targeted their campaigns to include vampires and take a bite out of this newly created vampire phenomenon. A lot of these companies used the True Blood name and included links back to HBO in their campaigns. HBO hit a bullseye with this because they allowed companies to run their campigns and ads as they normally would but with a bit of True Blood mixed in. HBO stayed in the background and this was a smart move.

HBO then moved its attention to its online campaign. You had such infamous websites, such as BloodCopy, which made the shocking move both on and offline of transferring to Gawker Media which made it the first site officially ran by a vampire. People also started sites that “represented” The American Vampire League and the Fellowship of the Sun which are opposing factions on the debate for vampire rights on the show and people began their own lobbying online. Once again fans had no idea these sites had anything to do with HBO until they found links bringing them back to the HBO site.

HBO also did an amazing job with their teaser and ad campigns and hit up big time companies such as YouTube and The Los Angeles Times to make sure the word got out there. The summit of their advertising campaign came down to Comic Con. This was where all aspects of their campaign collided and gave HBO the best opportunity to reach their fans.

Some of True Blood’s competition in the Integrated Campaigns category are “6 Beers of Separation”, “Boostup”, “Recruitment 2009”, and “The Starbucks Love Project Campaign”.

All in all HBO proved that they knew how to truly bring True Blood to life and reward not only their die hard fans but new viewers as well.

To vote for True Blood in this year’s Webby Awards you can go here and cast your vote. Remember, the show is up for the Integrated Campigns category. Good Luck to HBO and to True Blood!

We here at are so excited to see one of our articles (written by our very own administrator Ollie Chong aka AdoreBill) featured in the video submission about True Blood and are honored that was included as one of the websites involved in helping spread HBO‘s successful ad campaign.

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