True Blood: All About Werewolves

June 15, 2010 by  

One episode into Season 3 and our heads are already spinning in story lines. And one key introduction? Werewolves.

An article in the New York Post highlighted some facts about what it’s like on the set of the HBO series now that wolves have joined the cast.

First off, series creator Alan Ball was intent on using real wolves during filming.

“I’m not a big fan of CGI… I’ve always wanted the supernatural in this show to be a deeper manifestation of nature, rather than something that exists outside of it.”

But there are times when CGI is the way to go, like when there’s some violent interaction or simply to get the wolf‘s leash out of the shot.

The wolves the cast and crew have been working with are all very well-trained and the actors get the opportunity to make friends with their howling counterparts.

Joe Manganiello, werewolf Alcide, got to spend some quality time with his counterpart, a timber wolf named Thunder.

“I got to take him for a walk up through the mountains… He knows me now. We’re cool.”

While the wolves and actors may be cool with each other, werewolves and vampires… not so much.

Age-old legends about these supernaturals confirm that vampires and werewolves are enemies, period. And True Blood will be no different, as if the first episode wasn’t a clue. Manganiello confirms:

“At my audition, Alan suggested that when I think about vampires, to imagine the way a Jew would think of a Nazi. That’s how much they hate each other.”

Ball further explains his theory.

“Look at all the minorities that hate each other. If you’re an oppressed minority, it’s so easy – and ultimately stupid – to target the hatred you feel toward yourself on this other group.”

So relationships will be vicious this season… in more ways than one.

As we all expected, Alcide will add himself to the already potent love triangle of Sookie, Bill, and Eric. What girl wouldn’t want to be Sookie with all of these super hot supernaturals drooling over her? Speaking of supernaturals, Ball has admitted that werewolves aren’t the only new element we’ll see this season.

“At the heart of [the show], our main supernatural creatures are Bill, Eric, Jessica and Pam… But there are others with different non-human powers that we discover along the way – including Sookie. We’ll find out what she is this season.”

So much to chew on… and we’ve only just begun.


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  • Seymour

    I’m sorry but from what Ive seen so far of this new season , the weres are an utter disappointment. Instead of being a formidable antithesis to the shows vamps these Weewolves are just weak shifters who can only transform into wolves. Is it me? Where are the super strength or speed or meanness werewolves are supposed to have. This isn’t the achilles heel of the show yet but Alan Ball and the other writers could have done soooo much better.

    • Antonio el hombre lobo

      Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. As for Me,I find it to be refreshing to see a “new” take on lycans(short for lycanthropes…another name for Werewolf) I certainly would Not want to see the whole man-becomes-beast transformation stuff again! Last year, The Wolfman was remade and released to less than stellar reviews. I’ve heard that this re-make was Awful compared to the version with Lon Chaney Jr. from ’41.
      As I have said You are entitled to Your Own opinion.
      I think that whole “american werewolf in london” transformation thing has been done to death!
      In This vernacular of TB,Weres are Shifters and Not necceasrily “Monsters”.
      These weres are not necessarily “cursed” but Supes living in the natural world. AB thought that it we be More interesting if these creatures appeared to be something that you Would Find in nature and NOT Something that existed Outside of it.
      I Like AB and the writers novel take on Weres.

      Edward Cullen,James,Victoria And Carlisle Cullen may Not be the “conventional” Vampires that we have become accustomed to,But, The author of the Twilight series put her Own unique spin on the mythology…I Like That!
      Ms.Meyer also put a different twist on the Werewolf pack of La Push.
      Weres like Vamps are always evolving…always changing
      This may Not be Underworld Or The Howling(Those Weres still give me goosebumps! LOL) But,Its a Different Interpretation of the legend! GO TB WERES GO PACK!!

  • Antonio

    This is a great article. I’ve Always been a fan of Werewolves!
    I think that Joe will make a Great Were he certainly has the build for it! I agree with what a lot of what he had to say.
    In Twilight, The vamps and wolves hate each other too but they come together to form a “truce” so they can protect Bella from Victoria and Riley’s army of “immortals”. It seems that there are 2 battles in the war of “immortals” the war thats ignited between vampires and werewolves in the Twilight saga.
    I wonder if there will be as much animosity between the 2 in TB?
    Anyway, I have always liked Weres Better than Vamps anyway
    Weres are more feral,savage, instinctual creatures of brute strength! Vampers are more wiry and agile and certainly more intelligent! I wonder if Eric or Bill will come up against Alcide Coot or the other weres and how they would fare?
    According to the show,Weres feed on vampire blood it makes them high and they get a super-charged rush of strength from it.
    I wonder if Alcide would feed on Eric? hes over 1000 years old and I’m sure His blood would be desirable for a were.
    wouldnt it be interesting if the balance of power were to shift from Vampire to Werewolf?
    Alcide and the others look like they could really kick butt!
    Look at what they were able to do to Bill! Its like AB said
    “At first you had Only Vampires where the danger was at night…Now there are Werewolves and other shifter creatures Now the danger is All day and All around!”
    Cool huh?
    These Weres are gonna be Awesome!! I wouldnt mess with them if i were You Bill! LOL 🙂