True Blood Wins Big at the Scream Awards!

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True Blood Takes Home 4 Scream Awards Including Best TV Show

Alan Ball Accepting Scream AwardThe cast of True Blood attended the Scream Awards in Los Angeles on October 16th where they took home four Scream Awards including Best TV Show. Alan Ball accepted the award on behalf of the cast and crew, but cast members Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Alexander Skarsgard, Rutina Wesley, Kristin Bauer van Straten and Sam Trammell were all on stage with him. The award was presented to the cast by Marilyn Manson.

Stephen Moyer and Mariana Klaveno started the evening off winning the award for the Holy Sh*t Scene of the Year for that infamous head turning sex scene. Next up was Alexander Skarsgard who won for Best Horror Actor and rounding out the evening was Anna Paquin winning for Best Horror Actress.

Be sure to watch the full award show on Spike TV October 19, 2010 at 9:00pm EST.

Congratulations to the cast and crew!!

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  • Melissa


    • Melissa


  • KS Rose

    I will not say it again. If you cannot simply congratulate all the winners or even just congratulate whoever your favorite is for winning their Scream Award without taking a potshot at other True Blood actors or other True Blood fans then say nothing. The next time I have to edit this thread the offenders will be blocked from posting on the site and if I know or can find out their Twitter names they will be blocked from our feed.

  • jaxx

    Can’t we all just be happy that TB has won multiple awards this year? Does it really matter who won them, as long as they are part of the cast and are team players??? We should be happy for everyone who wins an award no matter who is your favorite, jimo.

  • Nia

    Congratulations to all at True Blood. The best show on television as well as some of the finest actors around.

  • KS Rose

    The bickering about Alex and Stephen will stop now. I have deleted and edited some comments and I will delete the whole thread if it continues.

    Technically, Alex was a guest actor in season one and a supporting actor in season 2 and 3. Stephen is the lead actor and as far as I know at this time will continue to be throughout the series. Whether Alex will become a lead actor or not I do not know yet. These are very specific job titles having to do with their contracts and the story arc and having nothing to do with acting ability. The Scream Awards however are not official industry awards and as such who is in what category is decided by the committee with the input of the submitting studio house, in this case HBO. Also, the voting itself has little to do with acting ability either. It is far more related to fan enthusiasm which can be generated by a million things from personal body style preferences, to hair color, to the story arc, quality and quantity of dialog, make-up, lighting, who you liked in the books etc. etc. etc.

    From the very start HBO has encouraged the Eric vs. Bill argument in order to garner publicity and ratchet up fan activity. However, here at we do not allow or encourage these types of discussions because real people live behind the comments and their feelings can be hurt as well as the feelings of the actors who play the roles. In addition, we know from experience how quickly these things get out of hand having been hacked repeatedly by overly enthusiastic fans.

    We really do appreciate that you come here to read and comment but you must obey the commenting policy and we prefer that you comment with a generosity of spirit toward your fellow fans and the wonderful cast and crew that have, together, created True Blood.

    • val

      Hey sorry Rose-this has certainly generated a lot of interest! Well whoever is “lead” or “supporting”,its obvious we ALL think our guys and gals of Trueblood are top of the heap! As mentioned,they were not alone in the list and they still got some great awards! Maybe “Scream” isn’t the Emmys,but Trueblood is moving up slowly but surely,and who knows what it can do next year! Go Trueblood!!!!!

      • KS Rose

        I think it’s the best damned show on TV in the last 20 years..but that’s just my opinion 🙂

  • Shannon Byers

    Does it REALLY matter if Alex won over Stephen? I’m team Eric, but if Stephen had won I would still be happy because OUR SHOW was recognized by the win.

    We all have our favorites, but in the big scheme of things if any of True Blood’s actors win an award it really doesn’t matter to me who it was because it shows just what good taste the voters have in enjoying what each person brings to their part.

    • Jaimie Dalton

      I agree 100%. We should be happy True Blood won and is being recognized. They weren’t the only 2 in the category so its not like it was a Bill vs. Eric competition.

  • lizzie1701

    Congratulations True Blood for all your wins!

    OZ is fast tracking this event and will show it on 30 Oct!!!! That is real fast tracking, eh??

    Wish Stephen won the Best Horror Actor award. Maybe if Alex was in the Best Supporting Actor section [edited to remove unnecessary comment that can be misunderstood at attacking an actor], both lot of fans would be winners. It was not to be, alas.

    Have you seen the pics? Love that one of Alex pashing Stephen’s neck. Probably saying sorry for winning – these two are such great mates and to have them pitted against each other was cruel.

    Next year I will learn how to robo vote to give Stephen a fighting chance!!! Lol!! Only Joking!!!!! With my old machine and limited computer skills, I would not go far plus robo voting is cheating!!

    • val

      Well Lizzie just have to add my 2 cents on this one-Season one and two Eric WAS a supporting actor.But in Season 3 he was right up there with Sookie and Bill!

      • svmaddict

        I agree Val! It’s just like in the books -Book 1 he was a secondary character, in book 2 he gains ground both in plot and in importance but in book 3 he is a protagonist right up there with Sookie. Book 4, needless to say is his book -and even though I seriously doubt there’s a chance for Bill to be sent to Peru, no matter what plots the writers come up with, I’m confindent Eric will have plenty of air time next season and his importance as a character as well as his relationship with Sookie will continue to grow.

        If anything, after book 3 if someone is a secondary character that’s Bill. Not gonna happen in the show but the three of them ARE the main characters. That’s why it’s called a love TRIangle afterall.

        IMO, Alex’s name in the credits should have been right up there next to Anna and Stephen since the last season. Should most definitely be there in S4.

    • Lizzie, I write for a True Blood portuguese blog and I try my best to be as impartial as I can be, but I can’t help to notice that here in Portugal, where the books are as knowed as the TV show, most comments are about Eric’s character and Alex performance. Like 90% to 10% of Bill, Sam and Alcide together. I truly don’t believe in the robot vote theory, sorry.
      I was also very passionate for Lost and I’m happy that True Blood have won. Lost didn’t deserved any award after that horrible last season they’ve delivered us.

    • Jaimie Dalton

      Well the voting eligability was from July 2009 to July 2010 which would have included Season 2 and only a very small portion of Season 3 and he was in Season 2 a lot. Either way I think he’s a major character. I think Bill, Sookie and Eric are all leading characters in the series.

      • LOL yes and they took one of the most interesting part of Season 3 (Twisted Sex scene). Glad that Stephen and Mariana won for that one. 🙂 Well now we have to wait many long months till Season 4 to find out what storyline Alan is going to weave for us and how Bill, Sookie, Eric and yes Alcide will play into it. As someone mentioned somewhere I do believe season 4 will have alot of Sookie and Alcide interaction.

    • svmaddict

      On the contrary. There were 3 Best actor categories.

      Best Sci-fi Actor had both Mathew Fox and Josh Holloway in it
      Best Fantasy Actor had both Pattinson and Lautner
      and Best Horroe both Askars and Moyer.

      I think it was deliberate. And the committee consisted of some of the bigest names in the industry, I don’t think they “made a mistake”. They knew what they were doing.

      I’ll say it again: They are called love TRIANGES for a reason people. You can’t have a triangle with only 2 corners.

      • Violetskies

        *nods* The industry will play off ‘teams’ against each other to give the awards more exposure. Not wanting to take anything away from ANY winners of awards from this event – letting the public vote has been, and always will be, about who has the most fans.

        A very small percentage of votes will be based on performance alone. I voted in all of the categories and TBH, I’m pretty disappointed that the Bill/Lorena sex scene won over the Hit Girl/Big Daddy shooting scene – a father shooting his daughter was far more shocking to me but hey-ho, the fan girls have the last say as it seems.

  • jaxx

    Once again, TB has shown the world how great a show this is. This show just keeps winning awards. Soon everyone will come to know this show and love it just as much as us “die hards” already do. Congratulations AB and cast on your wins.

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  • svmaddict

    Congrats to the show and all its wonderful actors!

    Best TV Show second year on the row! And with “Lost” competing on the same category that’s no small feat.

    Glad to see that Alex won Best Horror Actor -not that I didn’t like him winning the Best Villain award last year (if for nothing else then for that hilarious speech he delivered and the memorable purple socks) but the “villain” category for Eric had stuck in my throat. He was in the right category this year -finally.

    I hope we’ll see Denis O’Hare as Best Villain next year. He nailed his part as Russell and his storyline was the best this season.

    Congrats to Stephen Moyer and Marianna Klaveno for the head-twisting scene. Definitely a “holy-shit!” moment.

    And any idea what happened with Best TV Performance? It’s not mentioned anywhere…