True Blood Wins at the MAE Awards

February 1, 2010 by  

Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV vampire series True Blood won the MOSAEC Audience Excellence Award for Best Television Drama Series which was announced on January 31, 2010. True Blood was chosen after two weeks of online voting, in which the public chose from lists of eligible nominees in traditional “Best of” categories as well as several contemporary categories.

The MOSAEC Audience Excellence Awards are announced in January of each year where entertainment products released from January 1 through December 31 of the previous year are eligible for awards. There are two classifications of awards: “Artistic” and “Entertaining.” Each of the awards in the “Artistic” category is presented annually to entertainment that is viewed as the “Best of” in traditional award categories. The “Entertaining” Awards categories are subject to change each year, depending on entertainment released during the year.

Launched in 1999, MOSAEC is an online destination for those seeking fresh, irreverent and witty perspectives on things artistic, entertaining, and cultural. In addition to reviews, feature articles and forums, the site includes streaming media tidbits from personalities discussing their work and is based in New York City.


(Photo credit:  HBO Inc.)

  • Totally agree Nia. It is so tiring hearing all the staid, respectable shows winning over and over again yet no one wants to see true craftsmanship in the writing, ideas, acting and choice of actors etc that is True Blood!

    Well done for the win. I hope those stuck ups get to see all the awards other shows are winning! I still think The Scream Awards are the best, though!

    Go True Blood!

  • Nia

    Hi AdoreBill,
    It is so very good to hear TB has won for best artistic and entertaining, at the MAE’s, after a so far dismally disappointing awards season. But of course this win also comes at the hands of the voting public not some stuck in a box, stuffed shirts, behind a desk. We have spoken and it is good to see our voices heard.

    Although I am always grateful for all the nominations TB has recieved, this wonderful show and its actors, deserves to win so much more. It is the best and brightest and has the best and brightest.
    I will always be hopeful as the seasons progress, that we see the public response taken into true account for all the awards.

    Thank you for posting the good news!

    Team True Blood!