True Blood Wins At The People’s Choice Awards

January 7, 2010 by  

Last night True Blood won at The People’s Choice Awards, which aired on CBS, live from the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, California.  True Blood won for Favorite TV Obsession as selected by you, the fans, who voted online to select the winner.  Although the category was not featured during the telecast and we didn’t have the opportunity to see the cast go up onstage to accept the award, all True Blood fans should be very proud as we let our voices be heard and let the world know that True Blood is one of the best TV shows on television and that we are truly obsessed with it!

To see the complete list of winners click here.

Once again congratulations to True Blood for taking home an award! Next the Golden Globe on January 17th, 2010 where we hope True Blood will walk away with some more awards!


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  • pbt

    Thank you very much Ollie for posting this article. I had no idea that they had won. Watched the entire PCA telecast hoping to see our “True Bloods” up on stage but to no avail. It is absolutely wonderful that True Blood, Alan Ball and the entire Cast and Crew continue to receive the much deserved recognition.

    I am looking forward to next Sunday’s telecast of the Golden Globes. I gather that cast will be at the event. It is always wonderful to be able to see them in another setting other than on the show.

    Let’s keep our fingers crossed that we will get to see our favorites on the red carpet and up on stage to receive the much deserved recognition for the best show on television. Well in my opinion at least. I am sure the opinion of many who grace these threads every week also.

    154 days until the v-ddiction continues. Go Team True Blood. 🙂

    • Antonio

      It would be nice to see the cast,or at least some of them, at the GGs. As for the PCAs,Now that production has begun and the cast and crew are working on filming scenes for episodes in S3,Perhaps they could not attend because production cannot always be postponed or shut down everytime there maybe an award show of some kind. We all know that time is money and the producers of TB have a certain budget to work with. If they were to halt production for Every award show or special the episodes for the show would not get filmed as they should.
      I guess it would depend on who is off from work on the set that week! For example, if Anna or Rutina or Deborah Ann is off that week or night maybe they can attend However if that night say Steph or Sam or Alex is filming a particularly important scene then they need to stay and work.
      It would be nice to see some of them at the Golden Globes But I’d rather they stay and work on the series if the production team deems that necessary.
      Would Any of you be willing to accept an award on behalf of Mr.Moyer or Ms.Paquin?? LOL

  • Nia

    Thanks again AdoreBill,
    Always so happy to hear that the show won yet another award.
    I would have liked to have seen it as well as some of the cast there. But I guess since they have just started filming, and although they may be superbeings on the show, and in our hearts, in reality they cannot be everywhere at the same time.

    So, Hearty Congratulations True Blood!

    Again and Always for the TEAM!

    • Hi Nia,

      Always good to hear from you! 🙂 Yes you are absolutely right it is always great news to hear True Blood winning another award. I agree with you I think that with the scheduling of the episodes they couldn’t make it to the event, but we only have sevens days before we see them at the Golden Globe! 🙂

  • jaxx

    Well I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who didn’t see it. I thought I had missed it somehow. Too bad. I would have liked to see them accept the award. Oh well, Congratulations TB ensemble anyway.

  • Olivia

    1st I would like to say congrats to TB for the win!

    I was also disappointed with this show! I watched the whole thing waiting for anything to do with TB and nothing! Other than being mentioned in that horrible opening act… TB was nominated for 3 categories right? They didn’t even show the nominees for Favorite Actress in a Drama series which Anna Paquin was nominated for… She didn’t win, but they showed the Nominees for Favorite Actor in a Drama series… I am having a brain cramp, but what was the 3rd category they were nominated for that was also never mentioned? Favorite Drama??? If so they never mentioned the nominees in that category either it was just like oh BTW along with Huge Laurie winning Favorite male actor in a drama series the show also won Favorite drama. My only saving grace for the entire show was watching my favorite singer winning Favorite Male Singer. Other than that is was 2 hours of sleep I will never get back. No wonder the cast wasn’t there. Oh and on top of having an infomercial in it they also had a segment where they served pizza in the middle of the show….

  • Mony

    Sooo happy for True Blood!!!
    Jus a question ‘couse i’m not american and i don’t know….but where was the cast?’couse they supposed to be there but i’m trying to find some info and i cant’ find them!!!I guess the cast wasn’t there…….

    • Hi Mony,

      They do film in the LA area, but it could be that they were busy filming and couldn’t put off not filming that night. We have done exclusive interview with Suzuki Ingerslev who is the Production Designer on True Blood and the complexity in scheduling the sets and scenes is mind-boggling (you can read it here Also since they will be attending the Golden Globe on Jan. 17 and maybe the SAG Awards on Jan. 23 those nights they may not be shooting. Just guessing.

  • CarryOn

    Congratulations to the TrueBlood on the award that wasn’t telecast. That is the last time I waste two hours of my life watching a stupid awards show. They actually had a freaking infomercial in it. I’m embarrassed for them.

  • REally great to hear they won! Too bad by the time it aired for me, that was one of the categories that had been CUT from the show! A total disappointment from the PCA for me, but again, it’s really great to hear that True Blood won!