True Blood Withdrawal: How to Deal

October 23, 2009 by  

690424_IMG_0619It’s been 40 days since Season two of True Blood ended. There was so much double meaning in the title of that finale episode, “Beyond Here Lies Nothin’.” The beginning of Sam’s search for his family, the shooting of Eggs, the kidnapping of Bill, and then nothin’!

For the better part of a year, we would have no more of this show that, to many of us, has become more than just a television show. We have fallen in love with the characters and become invested in the story. We have bonded with family and friends–and made new friends–over times shared watching and discussing (and rewatching, and discussing some more!).

True Blood offers so much to enjoy in its bizarre, sexy fun, but also portrays genuine relationships and emotions that we can all relate to. And then we are reminded that it is just a TV show when it goes on hiatus. We are left wondering about what “the future” (a.k.a., Alan Ball) will bring for Sookie and everyone in her world.

hboericOf course, as difficult as it seemed at first, life has gone on as usual. While we no longer have a new episode to look forward to each week, True Blood hasn’t just dropped off the face of the planet. The Internet is still abuzz about the show and the actors. There is a perpetual #TrueBlood conversation happening on Twitter. The point is, millions of fans are still enjoying the show as they wait for it to return. So how do we cope with our withdrawal? Here are a few ways:

1) Read the books. If you haven’t gotten around to the Sookie Stackhouse series yet, now’s the time! Charlaine Harris has such a great imagination, and her writing is very funny. If you love the show and the characters, it will be easy to jump into the books. The stories are like parallel universes of each other. Some events will be different–it’s better that way and keeps things interesting. Nine books might seem like a daunting task, but they go by so fast. There’s a reason that Alan Ball always says he got addicted to them like crack!

2) Get a friend hooked. This is partly an excuse to watch all the episodes for the umpteenth time. For the most part, though, it’s fun to experience the show with someone who has never seen it before. Because everything is new to them, they bring a fresh perspective and might make you think about things differently. Bringing more people into the True Blood fandom not only helps the show, but it also gives you withdrawal buddies!


3) Have True Blood parties. There doesn’t have to be a new episode on to get together with fellow fans. Make up a drinking game and play with the TruBlood beverage (plus any other desired ingredients). Watch an episode and take a sip any time somebody says “vampire,” or whenever Bill says “Sookeh.”

4) Make a playlist of True Blood music. The songs used in each episode can be found on the HBO website. As you listen to the playlist, it can remind you of your favorite scenes, or how happy you get dancing to “Bad Things” during the opening credits.

What about you? How are you dealing with those True Blood cravings? Assuming the third season premieres around the middle of June next summer as it did this year, we only have about 234 more days to wait…

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  • CeeJay

    I already (in my mind) have an actor picked out to play the “were tiger” — Dwayne (can’t remember his last name) “The Rock”. He is who I pictured playing the part while I was reading the books. I think Charlaine described him to a tee!

  • antonio

    Looking back Now, There just seem to be So Many memorable moments from S2. I had not seen a lot of S1 Only 2 episodes
    The first taste..Which I thought was kind of Gross! LOL and mine which may be 1 of my most favorite episodes of the series!
    Memorable moments from S2 for Me:
    1. Jess goes home—attacks her dad—Bill comes to straighten things out—Yells at Her—Yells at Sookie—Sookie storms out of car Classic!!
    2. Sookie is attacked by a “monster” in the woods Bill Takes her to Eric for help He agrees to help save her but for a price He wants Sookie to go to Dallas to seach for godric who is missing.
    3.Jess Meets Hoyt in Sam’s Bar This is just Wonderful Classic!!
    4. Sookie,Bill and Jess in Dallas in a “vampire” hotel Really Cool!!
    5.Lorena restrains Bill and wont let him go “I am Your maker You will NOT overpower Me!” So Cool!!
    6. Sookie/Bill/Eric triangle started Eric protects Sookie in a bomblast caused by Whacky Luke MacDonald. He then Deceives her into drinking his blood. Sookie thn has a vivid sex dream of Eric.
    7.Lafayette scene in Eric’s office Eric Pam and Chow Feed off of Laffy! A bit graphic but So Cool! I love how he said “Pam,Chow Its Mealtime!”
    8. Sookie has a big fight with Bill when she is going to walk out on him he stops her by blocking the door “Sookie Ah Caint Looz You” “Ah luv you” Hes able to win back her heart BOY Did HE!! LOL Hot vampire sex Whoa!!
    Did I mention that Both Bill and Sookie are butt naked in this next scene? LOL
    9. Sookie and Bill faceoff against Maryann Bill attacks her and tries to make her submissive to him she laughs and he gets Very Sick and vomits black…EWWW! Gross He then bites into Sookies arm so that he could get some of her blood to feel better!
    10.Sookie,Sam and Bill are finally able to Nix Maryann! Bill takes Sookie out to a nice restarant for a night out and proposes marriage after which he is abducted.

    Feel free to add some of your own fave moments from S2

  • antonio

    A Cool way to deal would be to go over to a site like youtube and look for a video Entitled Wild Horses. Its an older song from the early ’90s used in a Buffy episode I believe. Its a cover song by The Sundays an alternative rock band from the UK Who enjoyed Some popularity..I wonder if Steph has heard of them?
    Anyway, Play the video if you can..You Wont Be Disappointed!
    This Mesmerizing song is playing in the background while clips of Bill and Sookie’s Love moments are playing out.
    This video is So Cool its also Deeply moving and Very Romantic!
    It Moved me to tears! Everything that I love about the Bill-Sookie relationship is captured there wonderfully!
    There are clips from Both seasons. I’d recommend it highly
    If You’re Sentimental about B&S and their love for each other you might want to have some kleenex handy!!

  • Donna

    I have read 9 of the 10 books about 8 times in a row. The new one only once so far. I can’t seem to stop reading them. Once I finish the 9th book I start all over again. I don’t have HBO but I did get Season 1 on DVD. Now I’m just waiting for Season 2 to come out. I WILL have HBO before season 3 begins. It’s driving me crazy not knowing what happened in season 2. I have watched the clips but they just don’t give enough.

    • antonio

      Donna A LOT happened is S2! I think my favorite part was the Jessica/Hoyt storyline. Plus More Eric. I will tell you that Sam endures A Lot of Stuff! A new love triangle seems to begin between Sookie/Bill/Eric this 1 is gonna be Really Cool to see!
      There is this Weird thing kinda goin on Between Sam & Maryann You’ll See! In fact Sam Sookie and Lafayette Pretty have a bad time in S2 You’ll See! Sam is a good guy He has a pretty tough time. Again,Jason Andy are made to look foolish.
      Its a heck of a roller coaster ride! Tara finds a new love
      but its clouded by enchantment. Of Course,Jessica Hamby acts up and Bill Has to deal with her. There is a scene where Jess “goes home” to her parents THIS Scene Is Classic!!
      You’ll See There’s a lot goin on in Bon Temps in S2
      Too Much If You Ask Me!! LOL

      • antonio

        Plus Eric contracts Lorena to go after Bill..Man,Does She!
        There are flashbacks that show what Bill was like when he was with Lorena back in the day Probably 1 of the Best episodes of S2! Sookie get attacked by a “monster” in the woods. Eric becomes More interested in Sookie. The scenes with Jess are Really Cool! Jason is led to join an organization Only to find out it was just a scam to weed out “fangbangers”.
        There Is LOTS goin on in S2!
        If you can borrow tape from some1 who may have recorded some of the episodes I think you would enjoy that. It Certainly was Not dull! In fact I think that S2 Is Much Better than S1 Some of which I did not particularly care for.

    • Donna

      I just read in an article about S3 that Eric is going to have a new love interest that is not Sookie. That did upset me ’cause I would like to see Eric and Sookie together. It would definitely be different than S1 and S2 but the leaks on S3 may not all come to fruition. Hopefully this one won’t. I don’t want to see Eric with another woman.

  • Amy

    I am seriously going through TB withdrawal. I hope Alan gives us more spoilers once they start shooting. Until then gotta read book 3 again 🙂

  • Billshuman!

    I cannot wait for season 3 tho start…Im readign the novels so I can still keep with the show!!! totally with my VAMPIRE withdrawl…

    Bills human!

    • antonio

      Steph Is Human Bill Is a Vampire! He certainly seems to be a most seductive and charming 1 at that with the “ladies”. I guess thats good in case he needs blood if Sookie is not around,He can just get blood from some1 and just glamor them afterward. Hey Bill should You ever need blood I’ll give you my cell#! LMAO 🙂

  • antonio

    It will be a long wait..To be sure. As is usually the case, By the time it Does come around We will be busy or involved with something else…usually related to our daily lives. Case In Point, Once when The Sopranos went on a Very long hiatus…16 Months.. I thought What will I Do for all that time? But Somehow, I moved on through it Watching re-runs on tv,Reading about in Tv Magazines And Online. Renting seasons which I had not previously seen. When the time came when the season did come on, I was busy with Other things and had almost forgotten about how much i wanted to see new episodes!
    In Fact My attitude was: I’ve waited This long waiting a bit more wont be that difficult! Life goes on. Surely there will be interviews with the cast Between Now and Then. I’m sure that you might see Alex Or Sam Or Steph on the Letterman show or Conan. 1 or more of them may turn up on Ellen or maybe even Oprah?

    • antonio

      And Of Course, There is always a Larry King type interview. Where several members of the cast of a tv show sit and talk about what they think about it.Those are Always enjoyable.
      You sometimes get to hear callers phone in questions or comments.
      So and So from Milwaukee wants to know……
      And So on.

  • jaxx

    I agree. I have made new friends because of this show. It’s been great. I enjoy talking to people all over the world about this show. While we might have differences, that’s ok, that’s what makes the world go around. It is agony to have to wait for 234 days to go by, Agghh!!! I’ve tried to keep busy with other things, Vampire Diaries, New Moon coming out, reading other books, but I always go back to TB and the Sookie books. I’ll have to start reading Book 3 again to coordinate with Season 3, but once I start I’ll probably finish all 9 again, waiting for Book 10 in May. I can’t believe how everyone just loves this show. Even people who have never heard of Sookie Stackhouse, once they watch the show, are hooked. I’ll just have to be patient. We’ll get little tidbits soon as I hear they are going to start filming Season 3 in a few weeks. Can’t wait.

  • Loleaf

    I agree that it will be a downright excruciating wait for all of us!! I already miss my on demand episodes that HBO has already taken off. Even though we probably won’t be seeing the Second season on Dvd until May. Oh well, absence makes the heart grow fonder I guess.. During Last seasons hiatus I read all the books like three times and had to stop or go crazy! LOL!!
    Thankfully we have this site to get our fix when needed, and can chat with other addicts about our opinions and thoughts about the upcoming season. Oh goodness will our fingers be tired from blogging for the next 234 days, but we will push on somehow like real troopers!!

    • Janie Logan

      LOL, I know exactly what you mean!!! When Season 1 was put back on HBO On Demand a few months before Season 2 started airing, I was watching them over, and over, and over, and over again. And reading and re-reading the books. It felt like I was in a Sookie-verse coma or something! And like you, I had to “stop or go crazy” 🙂

      As Jaxx mentions, though, Season 3 starts filming in LA in just a few weeks, so hopefully we will start hearing some news from the set to keep us going until June finally arrives!

      • Loleaf

        Same here Janie! I think that we may have accounted for at least one million of the views of TB on demand episodes!! LOL!! At this rate we will have to buy new remotes( DVD and on cable) to replace the ones that will be worn out during the break.. I don’t know about you, but the spines on my books are looking pretty worn.. Can’t wait until May for so many reasons: the new book and the Season two dvd!! I think it Charlaine and HBO are out to make us go crazy, making us wait this long in between our installments.. It’s a conspiracy I do believe, OR a very well thought out plan to keep our attention!! The jury is still out on that one…

        • antonio

          BTW Janie That avatar Is So Cool!! Steph and Anna really do make a great looking couple!!

          • Janie Logan

            Thanks, Antonio! It’s one of my favorite pictures of them. Bill is definitely hot, but Stephen looks SO good in person without all that pale vampire makeup, LOL. And Anna’s beautiful all the time. A gorgeous couple to be sure!