True Blood Withdrawal: How to Deal

October 23, 2009 by  

690424_IMG_0619It’s been 40 days since Season two of True Blood ended. There was so much double meaning in the title of that finale episode, “Beyond Here Lies Nothin’.” The beginning of Sam’s search for his family, the shooting of Eggs, the kidnapping of Bill, and then nothin’!

For the better part of a year, we would have no more of this show that, to many of us, has become more than just a television show. We have fallen in love with the characters and become invested in the story. We have bonded with family and friends–and made new friends–over times shared watching and discussing (and rewatching, and discussing some more!).

True Blood offers so much to enjoy in its bizarre, sexy fun, but also portrays genuine relationships and emotions that we can all relate to. And then we are reminded that it is just a TV show when it goes on hiatus. We are left wondering about what “the future” (a.k.a., Alan Ball) will bring for Sookie and everyone in her world.

hboericOf course, as difficult as it seemed at first, life has gone on as usual. While we no longer have a new episode to look forward to each week, True Blood hasn’t just dropped off the face of the planet. The Internet is still abuzz about the show and the actors. There is a perpetual #TrueBlood conversation happening on Twitter. The point is, millions of fans are still enjoying the show as they wait for it to return. So how do we cope with our withdrawal? Here are a few ways:

1) Read the books. If you haven’t gotten around to the Sookie Stackhouse series yet, now’s the time! Charlaine Harris has such a great imagination, and her writing is very funny. If you love the show and the characters, it will be easy to jump into the books. The stories are like parallel universes of each other. Some events will be different–it’s better that way and keeps things interesting. Nine books might seem like a daunting task, but they go by so fast. There’s a reason that Alan Ball always says he got addicted to them like crack!

2) Get a friend hooked. This is partly an excuse to watch all the episodes for the umpteenth time. For the most part, though, it’s fun to experience the show with someone who has never seen it before. Because everything is new to them, they bring a fresh perspective and might make you think about things differently. Bringing more people into the True Blood fandom not only helps the show, but it also gives you withdrawal buddies!


3) Have True Blood parties. There doesn’t have to be a new episode on to get together with fellow fans. Make up a drinking game and play with the TruBlood beverage (plus any other desired ingredients). Watch an episode and take a sip any time somebody says “vampire,” or whenever Bill says “Sookeh.”

4) Make a playlist of True Blood music. The songs used in each episode can be found on the HBO website. As you listen to the playlist, it can remind you of your favorite scenes, or how happy you get dancing to “Bad Things” during the opening credits.

What about you? How are you dealing with those True Blood cravings? Assuming the third season premieres around the middle of June next summer as it did this year, we only have about 234 more days to wait…

(Photo credits: HBO Inc.)