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As we have rung in 2010 a great way to start the New Year is to look at all the accolades that are still keep coming in for Alan Ball‘s fantastic hit HBO TV vampire series True Blood and for the cast and crew. Not only are top websites recognizing True Blood‘s outstanding writing and acting but so are international media outlets.

One of Canada’s largest and well-respected newspaper, The Globe and Mail, listed True Blood in its “Top 10 TV Shows That Mattered In 2009.”  True Blood comes in at number 5 on their list and is described as one of best shows on TV because of its “cleverness, wit and originality.”  The Globe and Mail writes,

“Further proof that television can easily outpace film for cleverness, wit and originality. While the vampire craze caused by the Twilight movies at first made sense only to adolescents, True Blood strutted onto the air with an adult swagger. Dead sexy, funny and often sublimely satirical, it’s the best twist on soap-opera shenanigans since Twin Peaks. Even the opening credits are worth watching week after week. And Bill and Sookie (Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin) are the cutest couple in TV.”

The Daily Beast states that True Blood is one of the “23 Shows That Changed Television” with TV networks taking bigger risks in their programming and finding shows the were compelling enough to draw in audiences.  HBO’s True Blood was one of those shows that sucked people in and held them by the jugular.

“Debuting at a time when once all-powerful HBO had fallen on hard times (thanks to encroachment from basic cablers, regime change, and some head-scratching development decisions), Alan Ball’s True Blood started off rocky but quickly became a much-buzzed sensation, representing the dawn of a new, perhaps more populist, era at HBO. Kick starting the latest vampire pop culture cycle, True Blood preceded the launch of the Twilight film franchise as well as the CW’s Vampire Diaries and offers its viewers a sex- and violence-laden Southern Gothic soap. While some view it as just a bodice—and neck—ripping melodrama, others find in it frequent allusions to persecuted minority groups. The show playfully injected unexpected humor and lashed out at the gay-marriage debate and inequality in America today.” looked at the the “Top 9 of ’09” and examined their favorite spooky, scary and bloody shows for 2009 and of course True Blood made their list.  One of their favorite episodes was the season 2 finale “Beyond Here Lies Nothin‘.”

“Season finales are expected to be big, and this one delivered.  Evil Maryann is finally taken out in a literal orgy of sex, blood, violence, and bulls.  After Andy and Jason trick the revelers into believing Sam has been killed, he returns as a bull.  Maryann believes this to be the god she has been waiting for, but it is Sam, who impales her violently in one of the literally goriest scenes of the series.”

In 2009 True Blood made a big impact in television and for season 3 in 2010, True Blood fans can expect a spectacular year with more amazing acting and storylines from Alan Ball, the writers and the talented cast.


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