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godric_03_800The name Allan Hyde is a fairly unknown name to most of us, but that is the name of the 20-year-old Danish actor that portrays Godric on HBO’s hit series, True BloodGodric is the 2,000-year-old vampire that came onto the scene for season 2 as Eric‘s (Alexander Skarsgard) maker.

Though Allan is unfamiliar to most Americans, he has starred in several Danish films and has stage credits.  He voiced Ron Weasley in the “Harry Potter” movies for his native country.  He has also appeared on the international soundtrack for Disney’s “Camp Rock”.  When asked about preparing for his role on True Blood, Allan says:

“[Preparing for the role was] hard because obviously you can’t imitate a guy with wisdom of a 2,000 year old person because that’s impossible.”

However, Allan was able to find a part of himself from the past that he could use to tap into his role as GodricAllan says:

“I found stuff in my own life that I could compare to. I had stuff in my early years of primary school where I was kind of a bully. It’s nothing compared to the stuff Godric went through. I came to a realization where I was just like, ‘Whoa, this is just wrong!’ And the way I felt bad about myself for doing this stuff was the equivalent of Godric‘s feeling just on a smaller scale.”

When asked about how he landed the role of Godric, Allan states:

“The auditioning process was almost non-existent. I got a call from a casting director in Hollywood saying that they cannot find a guy to play [the] part. I had never had the idea of doing anything outside Denmark at that point.”

True Blood Season 1 had not even premiered in Denmark at the time that Allan auditioned for the part of Godric.  He was clueless to the fact of what it meant to be working with the Oscar-winning director and creator of True Blood, Alan BallAllan says:

“Within a few days everyone within the Danish industry had heard about me auditioning for this thing. I received calls from different people I had worked with before who were just like, ‘You have to say ‘Hi’ to Alan Ball for me’, because they were all like huge fans and I was like, ‘Ok, this guy is quite a big deal.”

I found Sunday’s episode to be extremely moving, especially the final scenes with Godric and SookieAllan, Alexander Skarsgard (Eric), and Anna Paquin (Sookie) had only minutes to film Godric‘s death scene.  They, along with True Blood’s filming crew, were racing with time to capture the morning’s natural light.  Allan told Access Hollywood:

“It was amazing, not just because it was such a touching scene. The performances of Alex and Anna in that scene were so amazing just to watch.”

Last night, Godric sought forgiveness and felt joy as the sun rose atop a Dallas rooftop with Sookie by his side.  Though his body burst into flames and blew away in the wind, I don’t think Allan Hyde will be disappearing from the acting scene.  Though Allan only appeared in four episodes, he now has an American fan base that wants more!  Allan says:  “I just want to work. I just want to act. And I don’t care if it’s here or if it’s in Denmark. It’s just about doing good stuff, doing stuff you like.”


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  • Melissa Saldana

    Yes I would love to see more of Godric in his more primitive past with Eric! Some Eric memories of his youthful years with a more vampirish Godric. Two very sexy vampires running amuck through the centuries. Guaranteed high ratings!


  • We do love you Allan! And yes, Alan Ball just HAS to put Allan Hyde in another episode or two or three or ten! 🙂

  • Nadeen…I too was so moved by this episode! I shed a couple tears. I was so glad to have the opportunity to write this article! He is very talented at the age of 20. Pearls and Rebecca…who knows what Mr. Ball may do…hopefully we will see more of Allan Hyde somewhere. Thanks for reading guys!

  • Nadeen

    Allan Hyde moved me with his performance as Godric. I will be very excited to see whats next for him. He’s just 20 and has such a commanding force on screen. Please Alan Ball give us flashbacks with him and Eric! OMG they were together for 800years!!! Flashbacks!!!

  • WE LOVE YOU ALLAN HYDE! Have Alan Ball put you in some flashback scenes of Eric’s! We want more of you!

    • Rebecca

      I agree with you. Hope to see more of Allan in the states.