True Blood’s Allan Hyde Dishes on Stardom

April 5, 2011 by  

All Smiles for the Paparazzi:

allan hyde by paul WeaverWhile in Oslo to promote his film Exteriors, Allan Hyde (Godric) appeared at the premiere party for TV series Oslo Girls. Interviewed by Page2 at the event, Allan shares about his success on True Blood, stardom and paparazzi.

Allan mentions that he’s not stopped by paparazzi photographers often, noting he is not as well known as other show co-stars.

“It’s not so much with me. It has probably only happened four or five times. I think it’s strange when it happens, and basically a different reception than I get home.”

When asked about being harassed by paparazzi, Allan laughed and replied:

“I see big stars in the images hiding from photographers, but I just smile. In my situation it is not annoying, just fun.”

Be sure to check out Page2 for the original article and the translated article Here.

Source: – Allan Hyde Is Not Yet Tired of Stardom

(Photo Credit: Paul Weaver)