True Blood’s Deborah Ann Woll Shares Secret Vampire Knowledge

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Everyone’s Favorite Baby Vampire Chats With Rolling Stone About What She’s Learned

Deborah Ann Woll as babyvamp Jessica Hamy Photo Credit: HBODeborah Ann Woll sat down with Rolling Stone’s Vanessa Grigoriadis and talked about what she’s learned from playing Jessica Hamby on HBO’s True Blood. When asked if she thought sex would ever become pleasurable for Jessica, Woll said that perhaps if Jessica could “let go and allow it to be that moment of pain that leads to greater pleasure, then that’s a very adult, grown-up way of looking at sex.” She aded that she wasn’t sure her character was at that point yet, but hoped she one day would be.

Woll has grown up no stranger to blood and death. She shared that she has always loved science fiction, fantasy, and horror. She’s “been a big nerd [her] whole life”, and added that she loves horror and monster movies. Salem’s Lot is on her current reading list (a re-read for her, she commented).

The vampire myth was something that Woll researched quite a bit before taking on her role as one of the few characters added to the show by Alan Ball. She explained:

Back in the 18th and 19th centuries, they didn’t have a lot of definite experiments that would tell you for sure, “this person is dead,” and I imagine there were probably plenty of accidental burials where people woke up and they had been buried. So they would find scratch marks on the insides of coffins and assumed that this was reanimation, that people were coming back to life, and they didn’t know about decomposition. But the fact is that during decomposition, when there were gases in the body, the body bloats up, and the skin decomposes faster than the nails or the teeth. The skin recedes, which makes the nails look longer, makes the teeth look longer, makes the hair look longer. At the same time, as the inside juices liquefy, they come pouring out of the lips and the nostrils in a red juice, so when you open a casket after a body has been in there for a couple of days, it looks like it’s engorged. It looks like it’s fed, it looks like it has a rosy cheek, like it’s been alive. There’s even blood issuing from its mouth. You can imagine how scary that would look to someone who was maybe a bit ignorant of how bodies change after they die.

The interview moved on to discuss what other monsters drank blood, and what separates humans from animals. “Not having fangs is something that really defines us as humans, separates us from animals,” she said, continuing, “Most animals have enlarged incisors, and we do not. Something about being a vampire reawakens that animal side of millions of years ago.”

And lastly, she let us all in on a little secret. The interviewer asked Woll what supernatural being she would be if given the choice. Her response:

Someone asked me about it at Comic-Con this year. I decided I’d like to be a witch, because I feel like there’s a humanity still alive in there, and also there’s a skill, a learned skill that’s kind of interesting. Plus, you don’t have to be an eternal 17-year-old like I’m stuck with as a vampire. That gets a little tiresome after a while.

Source: Today on MSNBC – Secrets of a baby vampire

Photo Credit: HBO, Inc.