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trueblood_jessica3Deborah Ann Woll who plays Jessica on HBO‘s True Blood sat down with Jace over at TelevisionaryTV and talked about her role as Jessica, what it’s like to be involved with True Blood and the relationship between Jessica and Hoyt.

On the forbidden aspects of the show:

“Woll: I definitely like a little bit of darkness, a little edge. I get a little bored when things are maybe too simple or too… expected. The best characters and the best stories are the ones that surprise you.”

On her role as Jessica:

“Woll: Oh, not at all. I had no idea [that Woll would become a regular]. When we shot the second to last episode and that last episode [of Season One], they probably could have just dropped me. (Laughs) I guess they could have after that second episode I shot, but after that last [one] it was nice to hear I would at least come back in some small way. But it was a huge surprise–and a pleasant one at that–that I was going to get to be a larger part of the story.”

On Jessica and Hoyt:

“Woll: Jim and I kind of guessed in the same way that a lot of fans had, when he had that line in an episode of the first season about looking for a nice vampire girl his age. So Jim and I had some sort of inkling about maybe this is somewhere they are going to go with it. But we didn’t really meet officially and have a conversation until we shot Episode Three [“Scratches”], so I think within five minutes of officially meeting Jim Parrack, we were making out. (Laughs) But he’s just such a sweet person that it couldn’t have been easier”
On actresses she admires:

I love old-fashioned movies, so [Greta] Garbo is a hero of mine so I think she’s lovely. When you watch her in a time period where things are over the top, she’s very beautiful, and subtle and reserved but still very strong. A lot of actors or actresses, you might not know their names but they are kind of in everything and you certainly recognize their faces but they play different roles in everything. Allison Janey would be one as well, I think she’s great.

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