True Blood’s Dr. Ludwig Says Thanks!

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Marcia deRouse True Blood's Dr. LudwigMarcia deRousse who played tough-as-nails, no nonsense, Dr. Ludwig in the third episode of Alan Ball‘s hit series True Blood, “Scratches”, wrote us to say:

“To say this has been one of the most extraordinary experiences of my life would be a major understatement! To be even a tiny part of Alan Ball’s ensemble, even if it is only for this one time, was every actor’s dream come true. But to have your interview and the ensuing love that came from it- that is beyond my wildest dreams! I would like to say ‘Thank You!” to everyone to everyone who read the interview and especially those that took the time to make comments.”

To which we reply:

Thank you! Dr. Ludwig was great! We loved hearing someone tell the handsome but pushy and dangerous Eric to “Fuck off!” and him have to take it! She adds that the preceding line, as well as telling Bill to, “Back off, vampire!”, are two of her all time favorite lines (and the fans seem to agree!).

It’s nice to see a little bit of yourself in a show you just love. I was taught first aid in the military and I’ve always said, “If there’s an emergency and you need my medical help, you’ll live, but you’ll regret it.” Dr. L seems to have the same attitude. She’ll get you through it but scars and amputations are not her problem.

Marcia deRouse True Blood's Dr. Ludwig

Marcia agrees stating, “Oh! I loved Eric‘s “soothing” mention to Bill that Dr Ludwig had treated one of Pam‘s humans who’d been mauled by a werewolf. “He lost an eye, but otherwise, he’s fine.” I can just see her digging out that eye and tossing it aside…She’s quite a gal, that Dr. L.”

On speculation that Dr. Ludwig might be a “Sup”, Marcia says:

“Is she otherworldly? Don’t know myself. But she’s surely either brave or in possession of a mighty big death wish! I really love her.”

On whether she’d like to reprise her guest staring role of Dr. Ludwig Marcia replies:

“She’s not likely to be back this season, but I’d love to play her again sooner than season 5 or 6 [Editors Note: Dr. L reappears in the Sookie Stackhouse novels in books five and six] As I said, they likely should have her on speed dial.” Later Marcia added of her True Blood filming experience and the fans reactions to Dr. L, “I have embraced and enjoyed every moment.”

So have we, Marcia! Is it wrong of me to hope that sometime in the not terribly distant future Dr. L. will get to woman-handle Eric, Bill or Sam? We could all vicariously ‘play doctor’ along with her, although it’s clear that when it comes to doctoring, Dr. L. is not playing! While Marcia feels that Dr. L. is ‘quite a gal’ we have to add; so are you, Marcia!

To read the full interview: Dr. to the Dark Side

Marcia deRouse True Blood's Dr. Ludwig with Anna Paquin Sookie Stackhouse

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  • lemor davidovici

    if the writers would write in the true blood script that there is a human that was born with the ability of the superstrength & the lust for blood & still can go out in the daytime & that human was the one that saved sookie & the missing vampire godrick.

  • Donna

    Marcia ~~ you rocked as Dr. Ludwig! Your exchanges with Eric and Bill made my husband Brian & I laugh out loud. You’re right up there with Sookie in not taking any stuff from the vampires! We hope to see more of Dr. Ludwig in future episodes of True Blood!

  • astarais

    What was the thing (monster) that attacked Sookie? Does it have a name?

  • Rebecca

    She has to come back. I just loved her telling Eric off.

  • Gill Avila

    ***I was taught first aid in the military***
    Marcie was in the military? In what capacity do little people serve, since I’ve never seen one in uniform. Certainly not combat arms.

  • Marcie,You were GREAT,FUNNY,BOLD your role was HYSTERICAL I tell people to “FUCK OFF” on a regular basis. My husband hates that I have such a potty mouth.Psht…to bad, I don’t drink, don’t smoke, have to watch what I eat.Hey I need an outlet so I speak my mind and it feels GOOD!!!!