True Blood’s James Frain Hides His Identity

January 16, 2011 by  

His Kids Don’t Know His Alter Egos:

True Bloods Franklin MottTrue Blood‘s James Frain, who plays the lovably despicable Franklin Mott, doesn’t tell his kids what he does at night. The British star, who has two children with actress Marta Cunningham, won’t allow his children to see his movies.  Frain has not even admitted to them he is an actor, noting that he wants to “preserve their innocence” and doesn’t want them to learn about Hollywood life before they need to.

Frain also commented on his kids, saying,

They’re still too young to know what it is that I do for a living. My three-year-old daughter still thinks people on the TV can see you…Besides, they haven’t seen anything I’ve done because it’s all been so inappropriate

I’d say for sure that Franklin Mott is not how I’d want to introduce my young kids to a job! I can think of few characters – vampire or human, less likely to be a good role model. Or more likely to give a kid nightmares.

Source:  Toronto Sun – ‘True Blood Star Hides Career From Kids

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