True Blood’s Miss Jeanette: Aisha Hinds

August 19, 2009 by  

aishahindsMiss Jeanette is the voodoo and drug store lady who apparently put an end to Lettie Mae Thornton’s (Tara‘s mother) longtime alcoholic sufferings which, according to them both, were caused by demons. She was also able to drive away Tara Thornton’s demons, but not for long since Tara found out the truth about Miss Jeanette. But before Tara’s findings about Miss Jeanette, she made us believe that she cured Lettie Mae. And thanks to her because so far, Lettie Mae has been doing quite alright away from her past alcoholic troubles.

On the other hand, the short-lived character of Miss Jeannette is superbly polished by the actress herself, Aisha Hinds. Hinds, whose physical attributes include being bald-headed, full-lipped and having a plump figure, is undeniably one of the unnoticed talents in Hollywood. As you may have noticed, she enunciated every word she uttered just like a local black woman from Backwoods, Louisiana. She was also able to put something of a real voodoo charm to Miss Jeanette’s character who frightened me a bit during her first appearance. At first, I thought her character was mysterious yet in the end, we find out she is  just a typical human being trying to make ends meet.

Truth is that Hinds, already in her middle 30s, is not a newcomer at all, yet she is still given mediocre roles. Even so, her versatility as an actress never fails to produce ingenuity which she envelops into each character she portrays. This must be the reason why she nailed Miss Jeanette’s character magnificently. And 2009 is, I think, her breakout year. She appeared in quite a handful of series which kept her busy  — which is a good thing because as she said, she is afraid of “stagnation”. In an interview with Urban Thought Collective, Hinds said,

“Stagnation. The day I stop learning, growing or being challenged is the day I stop existing … I must GROW, every moment I am graced to do so.”

I think Hollywood is packed with superficial actors who always get roles that are supposedly for the unnoticed who can act naturally and superbly — just like Aisha Hinds — who always leave an impression in every character she portrays.

For me, the unexpected death of Miss Jeanette in the True Blood series marks the arrival of Aisha Hind’s true bloody moment in both True Blood and hollywood history. More breakout roles should be given to Hollywood’s unnoticed talents, especially Aisha Hinds.


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