True Blood’s Joe Manganiello Narrates Dragon Bones – Special Offer for Readers

October 22, 2010 by  

Cover Art of Dragon Bones CDCan’t get enough of the warm tones Joe Manganiello’s voice? Well now you can listen to him for hours. Joe has narrated Trisha Briggs audio book, “Dragon Bones”. The CD has just been released by Buzzy multimedia and they are going to be selling the Audio CD at Eyecon this November 5-7th in Orlando Florida where Joe will be appearing. But it gets even better! If you’re going to Eyecon not only could you possibly get your CD autographed by Joe but if you mention you will get a FREE GIFT with every purchase.

The book itself is a real winner. The Amazon reader rating is 4.5 stars out of 5!

According to reader Edna on Amazon Briggs 2002 book:

has…interesting and sympathetic characters, a fast-moving story that doesn’t need 500+ pages to get started, let alone finish a story, and new territory every outing – were all in Dragon Bones.

And, “Simply Fantastic,” raves Mike, another Amazon reviewer. He shares:

Ms. Briggs weaves a richly detailed world, with dark overtones and obstacles that would leave the typcial fantasy hero searching for a quiet corner to hide in. Mental illness seems to be a common affliction in the land of Hurog. Ward’s father is megalomaniacle with homocidal tendencies, his mother lives in a drug-assisted psychotic stupor, his suicidal brother has chosen fugue and exile, and his sister is mute. Ward only acts autistic to avoid attrating paternal attention!

Dragon Bones – Briggs
Dragon Bones by Patricia Briggs. Narrated by Joe Joe Manganiello.

And the CD is even better earning five stars from Diana:

Just got this audio book on Friday and listened nonstop all weekend. It went from my house to the car into the supermarket back home and to the park. What a great listen. I have enjoyed everything that Patricia Briggs has written and the Hurog books were the first of her books that I ever read. Way to go Joe Manganiello (FYI he plays a werewolf on True Blood). He made my pulse race. For those who never read Dragon Bones there is a classic hero’s journey but the hero is by no means typical. Also tere are many strong female characters but this is no feminist treatise.

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