True Blood’s King of Mississippi Will Be Back

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Denis O’Hare Talks to The TV Junkie about His Current Projects:

Denis O'Hare plays the King of Mississippi on True BloodWe may have season four spoilers of HBO‘s True Blood dancing in our heads, but we certainly haven’t forgotten how season three ended, especially for Denis O’Hare‘s character, Russell Edgington. Of course we don’t think he died given that he didn’t meet the true death before our eyes, but how long will he be encased in cement, slowly going insane? That’s up to Alan Ball and the genius writers, but O’Hare himself confidently told The TV Junkie “I am so not dead.  I’ll be back…I hope!”

Other Projects:

O’Hare left the King of Mississippi frozen in cement to play a tasteless psychiatrist in HBO’sBored to Death,’ as well as a Roman soldier in the new film ‘The Eagle‘. ‘Bored to Death’ is a comedy series revolving around a writer who moonlights as a private detective, and the show returns for its third season this September. Regarding his role as Dr. Worth, O’Hare stated “it was so hilarious to be a completely inappropriate psychiatrist. I was in heaven.”

The Eagle‘ hit theaters February 11th and stars O’Hare as Roman soldier Lutorius. The film is about a young Roman soldier in Roman-ruled Britain who endeavors to honor his father’s memory by finding his lost legion’s golden emblem. Regarding the movie and filming in Budapest, O’Hare exclaimed:

“He (the director) has made an incredibly exciting, sexy, and yet historically accurate movie about what it must be like to be in 180 A.D. in the wilds of England, to be a Roman soldier.  It’s a huge movie… Budapest is a really hip, fun, young city. It feels incredibly alive, it feels very very active…I don’t drink anymore but if I still drank, I would have had an incredible time!”

Check out the video below to see O’Hare’s full interview.  ‘Bored to Death’ season three premieres in September and ‘The Eagle’ has been in theaters a little over a week. You can also see him in ‘The Good Wife‘ as Judge Charles Abernathy. Congratulations to O’Hare on his new projects!  Of course, we are the most excited to see him reprise his role in season four of True Blood (maybe!).

Source: The TV Junkie– Denis O’Hare Talks ‘True Blood’ and ‘The Eagle’

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